Caroline as usual,with a deep cough,mucus and stuffy nose, was looking over my shoulder trying to see what my silly little Oregon senior blog was doing.”You think we got an epidemic? already?or it’s going to come?” she said. “How come we don’t really see the CAUSE OF ALL THIS ADVANCED ILLNESS? NOT IN THE NEWS?” “We saw the movie “Contagion,”with Gwyneth Paltrow,what do you think about that film?”I said.boohoo

“It was very realistic and scary,” replied Caroline, “too realistic!!The Rain Forest is hiding all these strange,old,and different bacteria,flora,and  diseases we probably MIGHT NOT have immunity from.They are cutting down all the Rain Forest,anyone could get the weird stuff from there,on  them.and carry a very infectious  thing everywhere on the planet(like the movie)and millions of  people in the world would die, before they ever found a shot to render it harmless,and us immune. I guess it was TOO REALISTIC alright–like a warning “._kaboom__by_cookiestarz

“Yep,” I replied,:”That is why I read all the scientists very public info. that is made public,any way I can get it;on the web, or Scientific American magazine; science websites, ect. science magazines.” “How come that famous crippled guy,who wrote a book about the universe,never talks about this?” “I don’t know that he hasn’t,”I replied.”I am bad about latest books coming out,and all the popular stuff–I can’t even keep up with latest news!! _gesundheit__by_Tesslar

But I explained to Caroline, what I had read about all glaciers melting, that have been freezing weird diseases and “other stuff” for a long time,that we have no immunity to,and it is (they say) getting on critters,who eventually get connections to us. AND WE GET IT, if we don’t have immunity to it.–Which we usually do not. “It sounds like an old X-File episode,:” mused Caroline. “That is because real life often copies science fiction. “I replied, smiling. :”So it is really getting on US NOW?”,emoted Caroline, looking scared. “It is very likely, they warned us, didn’t they?”I said, grimly._flee__by_punkyb

The govt. and the Media are probably being told,”There is not Global Warming, so there cannot be any effects on people from it.”–The Media does what it is told,often censors a lot,and you can’t get info. on ,unless someone inside spills the beans.But if you talk to a real epidimoligist, (expert on diseases)(SPELLING!) expert on epidemics, they would probably be honest enough to say this; huge changes in weather,that affect the physical environment we have to live in, can cause huge releases in disease,bacteria, stuff hidden in forests till our huge forest fires, and melting of the glaciers.I_love_nature_stamp___template_by_luckylooke

All of this huge weather change, can affect human beings’ HEALTH.THINK ABOUT IT._IceClimbing__by_DEVlANT

we have to breathe forest fire smoke, from huge fires, in Oregon, & we have Los Angeles literally all burning down, you do’nt think that will release all kinds of stuff from plastics, man-made materials, old buildings, and what ever is hiding in Los Angeles real estate? OF COURSE IT DOES. its logical. Any thing that is released into the air, sooner or later, some human being has to come in contact with it, usually breathed in. –or caught in other ways.flamedyoudamote37 (1)

How is our FOOD BEING AFFECTED? HOW ABOUT ALL THAT LOVELY ORGANIC VEGETABLES? –they usually have to breathe the same air we do.(so to speak unless they are hydroponic.) It is well known, that extreme actions of the weather can cause a lot of unusual illnesses in the human being.If Oregon used to have a very bad storm, all the people would often end up with bad INFECTIONS and had to go to doctors. My mom got caught in that, she got very sick._FireBreathing__by_DEVlANT

All over the United States, the weather has become very upset, hysterical,and extreme , eh?You bet. You think that does not effect all of our HEALTH? YES, IT GETS TO US, ALL OF US. The extreme weather changes are making us SICK.THIS BUNCH OF ILLNESS at least has not killed a lot of people, (yet) and our medical system is very strained, not being able to always deal with all of it, but it could be worse. THIS COULD BE the very infectious disease atmosphere and environment that scientists are very worried about–which could easily happen._Electrocuted__by_DEVlANT

–.where the movie “Contagion” becomes a reality, hitting one person out of 12 in the world, and they all die. Even the FLU has had strains(not mentioning them all here, but you can get that info.)increasing the chances of death. The “winter flu” has become deadly already.firebender_avatar_by_mixedmilkchocolate

I doubt that I am just being paranoid and a worry-wart; all the epidemiologists are feeling the same way.(right spelling).–and they have the facts to back the worry up. What the REAL PROBLEM IS, is that the media, once again, is censored from telling you this. YOUR GOVT. IS COMPLETELY MUM, and denying any type of “extreme weather changes from the changes on the planet.”Oh, it’s just an unusual winter, not a big deal,:” sighs the stupid dumb president,and all his dumb crooked dishonest fed. govt. (that now demands MORE TAXES OUT OF IT;S MIDDLE CLASS. just for trying to get the fed. to be HONEST ONCE IN A WHILE. )fire_extinguisher_rocket_emote_by_joyjoyfultherabbit-d3332g4

If a bad epidemic does happen, here or in the world, all our leaders,and our fed. govt. and president will sit on their hands AND DO NOTHING. LET IT HAPPEN. YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN. They screwed up on Katrina, and they will just be absent during a bad epidemic. Do not count on the world health system to function as well as it did during the film”Contagion.” They really showed the mildest side of an epidemic, even though it was scary. If you want to know how bad epidemics effect the society, nations, cities, look to history. The Black Plague came back on soldiers from the Arabic nations, to  Europe, and it decimated the population.OH_SHI__by_KimRaiFan

Just becaUSE we have very advanced medical help, don’t be stupid about the reality of our medical systems.MEDICAID is failing, Medicare has been cut to the bone, for seniors and disabled,and it costs more to get it, for LESS SERVICES. –Eventually we all will probably have to go to doctors, and PAY THEM CASH. IT IS VERY LIKELY.moneygif3c61d38d617e7e24f45c7ed92473b0da (1)

All the insurance companies are a bunch of crooks,and if you get renal failure, on a very expensive insurance company you have paid into all your life, they will drop you like a hot potato when you get sick.(True story from witness.) No one enforces the laws of the country,or health laws, insurance laws, it is all a slippery slope you slide into, and never get out of. –because the public no longer has any control over the fed. govt. (or often even local govts. like Lane County, OR) and they do not have to follow the laws of the nation they suck money out of. –Insurance companies can do anything they like.(True stories from regular media.).smoking

Do I have to say more?Yes,we got all those tons of brown air from China’s filthy air supply,in the jet stream, and it did slide into us also. WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT WILL DO?MAKE US ALL YOUNG AGAIN ?HA HA. we are breathing it too,and so is all of our environment. I may be a stupid old Oregon native, but at least I am telling you all the truth. The facts are there,and there are scientists to back this up.(They are probably being threatened with death, or prison,if they really say too much.)No, I am not paranoid; I wish it was paranoia,and not just filthy truth. _salvation__by_web5ter-d4kdujg

As the environment gets less healthy,and the weather more extreme, there is every chance of the movie “Contagion” becoming reality. Perhaps the worse the weather, the sicker many of us may get. DEAL WITH IT. I have. It’s not fun, but at least you know the truth,.I am not going to bullshit you like the fed. govt.,and lie lie lie. –They do usually just look at me as a harmless old fart,who never gets any hits or comments.–And it’s true my blog is not popular;I don’t even know if stupid
Google or DuckDuck Go ever lists any of my subjects of my articles._gray__by_darkmoon3636.gifpaintworld

This particular title was meant to be picked up by the web,but it probably won’;t get anywhere but to me. Sigh. I was never cut out for this over-technologied world,and I really do not like it that much.Maybe if all the popular, needed software was not so STINKING BAD AS HELL it would be easier.Once again, humans fuck up everything. It’s an old story.   🙂    _seasons__v2_by_synfull

((..(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon, wishing I had married a doctor after all!–considering the increasing shortage of older doctors,why not cuddle up to your own? ) ;).   act10.gifhugkiss






“satire is our middle name!!!:”

But, no satire of “conservatism” could possible be as “progressive Democrat” as the Pres. Trump tax changes, that put we elderly tax payers right back in the Democrat camp again! We were completely fooled! 

we thought we voted  in republicans who would stop taking all the money away from work class and semi-middle class old people, by fucking  them over, and giving all their tax deductions to the RICH AND HUGE CORPORATIONS!  

WHAT IS the definition of “conservative ” in the USA? IT IS ” the party who reduces taxes on the work and middle class American, and does not further increase badly the national debt.”

We no longer HAVE CONSERVATIVES IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY any more; we have “soak the middle class and work class tax payers, and give all their money to the rich, and raise the national debt, up,further, than even  the Democrats could imagine.” Obama is laughing up his sleeve, right now, and whispering,”You guys  who voted in Trump? Bet you did’t know he is my TWIN BROTHER!1  HAA HAA HEE!”,’ 

“TRUMP is makin poor Hillary,and her raping husband, look like choir boys!–yeah, that is true about poor Hillary–she’s still a Hell of a lot better than voting in “FAKE CONSERVATIVES” who raise up the national debt.(just like me) and then over tax the elderly,middle and work classes, and give all their money to the rich and corporations! (Also like me.)”

“Trump is sure makin those liberal democrats look good now! At least Democrats don’t pretend they are “conservative”!  –and we don’t pretend we’re gonna stop “taxation without representation” like Trump did!–as you suckered middle and work class,and elderly just found out–“

And I am sure Obama and Hillary are on the phone to each other, jokin and laughin about how California voters who are republican, will probably resign from  from the Republican party and become “swing voters” from now on–or just stop ANY party affiliation any more–and do what?–


There IS NO CONSERVATIVE PARTY ANY MORE.  NONE. NOT a real one! There’s just “Democrat party # 1,:” and “Democrat party # 2.” And if we taxpayers stop voting or joining either one, we’ll have more time to rally secret revolutionary groups, make a new agenda of GOING UNDERGROUND, forming gun-practice, military practice, and studying how to become underground future militant troops and deciding when and how, we will over throw the fed. govt.–

–planning to recruit ex-and present US Military -members to secretly join us–and plan the day we take over by force.have a  successful coup,and get rid of those nasty dictatorial politicos–who are only a bunch of rich Banana Republic  CROOKS IN HIGH OFFICE—NOT REPUBLICANS–NOT DEMOCRATS–AND NOT CONSERVATIVES at all.

They are all just South American  assholes, we tax payers need to exterminate. Stop pretending they are any more than billionaires’ shills.–stop pretending they are even different—just a bunch of crooks and servants of the rich and huge corporations–that is ALL THEY ARE. Europe is having the same problem,we read, big fat greedy dictators–not leaders.

THAT is probably the future, and we need to stop pretending we voters run the fed. govt.–and that we own it. Excuse us, big pig politicians, if several million of we PEONS can’t pay our fucking  tax money  any more–

–its because we have to buy bigger armaments and more of them,ammo, and lay in plans for when we decide to take Thomas Jefferson’s advice:-

“We should have a revolution every 40 years.”.

That’s probably going to happen eventually when people can’t buy food any more or put a roof over their kids’ heads.Don’t say it can’t happen here. –who knows, we old people won’t HAVE TAX MONEY to pay taxes with, at some point, cause Pres. Trump and the republicans don’t even KNOW the definition of “conservative”. –we all stop voting and stop paying  our fucking taxes.  THAT can happen when you can’t even pay the mortgage any more.–but —


(just Sandraminadotty, not voting for anyone any more.)




(satire is our middle name!!)

When you are an old person, and it’s inevitable, you might be up late night, watching some very great old but terrible, black-and-white monster movies, the Outer limits, or Boris Karloff – – in other words, really healthy and informative type movies that out do  today’s documentaries. After all, who else is going to teach you about werewolves?

only another werewolf.

but most of all, the commercials that come on really late at night, can bug the hell out of you.it’s not just the sleeping pill companies.It’s also the other unexpected little things – – as I do relate one to you, gentle person.

“now, you don’t need any money, you have the equity in your home!”  Blared the commercial; “and if you don’t have a home, we’re going to tell you the special wonderful new method for getting your own home – – and you don’t need any money!” About that time I sat up and listened..

“first, we will take you down to special mortgage headquarters!” As it went on. “And you will see that the equity in all the apartments you used to rent, had  fed back into the federal government so far, that they can afford to give you special offers on mortgage is, very safe ones, that you don’t even have to pay for anymore!”he paused with a very good toothy grin.

” That’s right, you don’t have to pay anything down,, no deposit, no security, we don’t investigate your credit; in fact, it’s better if you have no credit at all and you’ve always been in bankruptcy!” another pause.

“Former president Obama, has it fixed so that, even though the federal government gets all its money stolen by all of its politicians, they still have enough money in the fed, to give you a free  mortgage!!oh yes, and we’ve taken billions of dollars out of Medicare, that old people don’t really need – – just to give you the spectacularly cheap and wonderful mortgage that you are about to get!.and it’s FREE,FREE,  free!” I glared at the TV screen.

“So here we have the typical person who needs a home and doesn’t have the money!” Showing the white announcer, and the black person who looks poor.” Now, we fixed this person’s whole life so that they can finally afford a home, all the United States  has similar  people, and you don’t have to pay a penny of it!”

“what could be more wonderful than that?a country that has free mortgages and free housing,, and all you have to do is put your entire life and your children’s, on the dotted line!”I thought to myself, I wonder what the hitch is? This was scary.

not the movie I was watching, “the life of a monster” in black and white, but I was watching a real monster – – free mortgages for people who couldn’t pay them – – and wasn’t that why we had that FINANCIAL CRASH in the first place?YES, and it looks like nothing has been fixed. It’s just as bad, all the banks own everything, and they will make it all crash again, simply because– –

the BANKS have become the “monsters” in your retro movie.they are in color not black and white, but there’s no way to stop them.They are just TOO BIG. . out of the humans’ control!!– –   You know the newspapers,! “!its one side only.”(GEE, WHY is that? weren’t there supposed to be MORE than one side?”

  human beings never change they do the same mistakes over and over; and they try to make it look like this is completely new. – –As if they were MUCH BETTER,and  PROGRESSIVE.”

But then if you look at the present government and the present powers, just calling them “PROGRESSIVE” does not make  any sense–what they mean is”BETTER, AND THE ONE AND ONLY.—NO COMPETITERS ALLOWED.”

do you know what they, the Nazis,  called themselves? “Better than any other class of people! The only class of people! Further advanced than any other people!and, the “progressive” advanced super people, who did not need any competition or other governments or philosophy of any kind! “

“Only the Nazi party, could be PROGRESSIVE.so, it was ONE PARTY, and no others than the Nazi party! Wipe out every other party! Get rid of them! Destroy them in the news, on the streets, in newspapers,ARREST THEM ALL, and every sort of public vehicle!(sound familiar nowadays?get rid of all the conservatives!  )

“in fact, find out all their conservative errors, and throw them in prison! Build up the case against them showing that they are evil but not US!” (definitely sounds very familiar.) “They are (notably, then it was Jews, now it’s conservatives) so inferior, we must ARREST them all and throw them in prison! Obviously they are inferior to the SUPERIOR PROGRESSIVE  PARTY.”

then what happened was, one party took over Germany, and there were no competitions anymore. IF the other side got elected, they got “done away with” anyhow.– – you can’t have competition when ONE PARTY is superior and needs to rule the country.-“-THE SUPERIOR, PROGRESSIVE RULERS!!”That was how the Nazi party was presented.”The super-man.”

I was too sleepy, and too horrified by the similarities.I realized that there would be ONE PARTY, because they were superior and PROGRESSIVE – – and the conservatives would all be done away with very cleverly. There was no need for competition!after all, ONLY one party would rule the government, and should rule the government.–the ones that are only “politically correct.”

And Hitler was very “Media savvy”—he spoke on the radio–had his own rioting, violent “protesters” and rallies, (but in brown shirts, not t-shirts) that went everywhere, physically clobbered any one they hated(thank you,Berkeley and liberal rioters) and physically killed or “made to dissappear” people or groups they hated–the regular police were “supplanted”–now they were the SS not the friendly neutral cops–(as  today,Chicago, regular police are the “bad guys”.)

The public violence and violent “protesters against the “inferiors” got worse.–everyone who wasn’t (progressive) or Nazi), was too scared to speak up.The ordinary citizens stayed indoors,didn’t go out,in cities,because of the “t-shirts–brown-shirts) take over of universities, cities, (Chicago, Berlin).

Once there was only ONE PARTY IN POWER, you had to shut up–( here, the anti-fur people can close down your fur-shop and put you out of business.there, they busted up your newspaper,destroyed your press,and could beat you to a pulp.)

It was the same—voting went out of style.“Progressive and “superior humans”had to rule only.  “No choices” any more. (Sound familiar?no choices?)I went back to my black and white monster movie; I stopped counting the REAL MONSTERS in real life, and tried to forget them. They always show up again, same goose-step, same violence, same rioters and “unofficial P C police,” getting rid of the PAID POLICE, –because they were determined to “make disabled” the real police.

Don’t be “Jewish–or conservative” that makes you EVIL. (everyone knew the JEWS–REPUBLICANS)  had a corner on all the money!!

Yes, then it was “world-Jewish-bankers—now it’s “National-rich-republicans.”the (brown-shirts-democrats-liberals) were the be the ONLY CHOICE. I hate that–living in a “Democracy” with no choice!!?


(SANDRAMINADOTTY, in Eugene Oregon a putsie little “socialist” community, but I can’t say that in public,I’m afraid to.)