OK, MY DRAGON DOES NOT WORK ANY MORE;AND I AM NOT BUYING NEW CRAP.I will upgrade this old hulk,instead of buying a new ‘puter. Everyone tells me my ‘puter is too old—and so is my computer.(wink)magicalkiss (1)

OK, to make it simple, ALLUC.COM is now (NOT) a big fake;you join,(if you can actually do that,we failed here)and it promises new or old movies,and all you get is ADS ADS ADS, AND FISHNETS that throw you off online,it looks really good;but all the “sponsors”are tricking you,none of them have the movies or for free._airquotes__by_brokenboulevard(BUT SEE BELOW, we finally found moo-veees!!!!yahoo!!!)tabby_is_happy_about__fav_by_tantetabata-d74n1kh

there are no free movies on alluc, (YES, BUT YOU GOTTA DIG FOR THEM.)nothing but lies and ads,ads,and horrible malware.it PROMISES, and that’s all you get.PROMISES. WE tried it over and over(YES, THEY EVEN HAD, FINALLY, “LA L;A LAND.”),but all their sponsors just fuck you over–a big waste of time.Alluc.com is owned by sponsors,not movie buffs,and you wind up with a lot of computer pain,and no movies–unless you are in India.–and maybe they even fuck over the Indians–don__t_be_cocky_by_poisonedcandyapplex3-d59hjyi

–but no, you just cannot win on alluc.com.(YES, YOU CAN GET MOVIES THERE, you just gotta try hard.)it PROMISES AND PROMISES, and its sponsors fuck you over.(the sponsors can be pretty bad.)forget it;we had to.(watch out for nasty Microsoft popups, capturing yer ‘puter, so you have to turn the whole ‘puter off.)

(Sandraminadotty, in Oregon).When_Sputnik_Attacks_by_Phoenix_Pyre


WHOOOAH!!!! THEY DO HAVE MOVIES!!! crowd I WAS WRONG about some alluc programs; the movies are allusive, but they ARE THERE. go ahead, you might get some favorites,and some 1973 movies are too rare even for alluc.I tried to get “Slither”,1973week_2___scary_movie_by_blissfullysarcastic-d4lo8b0,cause it was so funny, but no free website has it–you can get NEW MOVIES AND TV.–MOSTLY, GO TO THE “trending” page,and look.try their archives;;reddit seems to have some older films

–I would say,Veehd.com has some old movies,but that site is mostly British,with hackers and terrorists; I got all my info. hacked on Veehd.com, –and I was the one who got banned–for complaining!!!commission_asheshorror_caek_by_happy_gurl-d59vp2l

THANK GOD THEY BANNED ME!!!.ANYWAY, the site is owned by some guy in Hong Kong,but the managers(??) are in Mission Bay, Northern California—HEY, FBI, CATCH THESE HACKERS!!!.(Never going to happen, they are too busy doing other “important things” like going against the current Prez. of the US–and trying to _fail_o_copter__by_joyjoyfultherabbitjustify their existance after 9/11 and especially the Boston Marathon murders.)

“HEY, MULDER, WHAT WERE YOU DOING???WATCHING UFO’S instead of working??!!”WHAT IS THAT PROTECTION we pay so much for??HUH??Spaceship_by_hsn2555

Hey. Pres. Trump, copy Reagan and give us all a TAX BREAK!!!angrymobplz

ALL OF US, not just the guys on Wall St.!!!–OTHERWISE, besides watching moo-vees on alluc.  we notice the American natives are restless, cause they all WANT THEIR DAMN JOBS BACK from OVER-SEAS.–so they can go back home from work, feel useful again, kiss the wife)husband) and feel that their govt. and president–political party–is watching out for them,.–OTHERWISE–tea_party_by_mirz123

It happens in other nations, and in South America; they revolt and even stop paying their taxes.—and sometimes they become “Banana Republics ” and I do mean the nations.super_smash_emotes_by_ville10-d38ms5r

PRESIDENT TRUMP, don’t say it can’t happen here—moo-vees are great, but jobs, work, and an income are better by far!!–We voted for you, unapoligeticaly, so we are not backing down. You ever see the movie”Whitehouse Down!”?Me neither, but talking about our daily reality, we seniors and other agers, have to deal with now, probably cannot be solved by “Batman and Superman-get friendly!”–more like, “screw globalization, go back to a bigger, far apart world again.travel_the_world_by_MenInASuitcase

It was good enough for our ancestors.(A senior idea)seniority_rulez_by_de_mote

(If you wanta  go into the moo-vee biz, Prez, Trump, after you retire from being a very young 70, I will buy a ticket!!)!But, yes, there are FREE MOO-VEES ONLINE, AND WE WISH YOU ALL WELL THIS SUMMER!!!!  don’t get sunburned, like we kids did, picking rows of strawberrys. –and green beans._piratehotairballoon__by_KimRaiFan

(Sandramina, trying to sew,getting more positive about life.)









it’s Sunday, and my feet really hurt. I was exercising them in rubber –  soled sandals to give them a workout. Unfortunately they got too much of a workout. And now they are really hurting, because I have “broken toes” or whatever they call them. Very bad arthritis, all through my feet, and I have to watch the amount of walking I do..  That really cuts down on my exercise, so I tried to get my poor feet in better shape. Did not work.

but I’m sitting here, watching South Park,, enjoying my “Sunday brunch” which is a big bowl of yogurt with blueberries and strawberries. And a whole-grain bagel with almond butter and honey, and both of these are liberally sprinkled with SPLENDA. On my diet it’s “Sunday reward food”. But now about the damn computer!

Ever since I renewed my Firefox. .,tthe administrator, whatever that is, has been refusing to let me go to certain websites. That’s true! I don’t know if it was the new chrome that I got, which started it takes the computer over, and I deleted most of it; but then after I practically returned the whole computer to DEFAULT, it is still doing it. THE ADMINISTRATOR is bossing me around, forbidding me to go on certain websites, and telling me where to go and what I can’t do online.

that was the reason that I got rid of the new chrome browser.I even went online and  went to the Chrome website, where I saw instances of other older computer users, who were out of their minds,  screaming and yelling online, because thechrome  sabotaged all their work! So I wasn’t the only one who was really fed up with chrome. Other people were much worse off..

and now once again, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn’t recognize my VOICE!.so don’t expect me even finish this little story. This is the main reason  I’m really sick and tired of computers, and anybody who is a senior, who  goes screamING and yellING on the CHROME website, because the monster ruins all their work – – can understand this.

I hate computers. I’m never going to get a new one again.I used to be the person who really liked computers and liked doing things with them. NOT ANY MORE.The only thing I’m going to do, is go to a repair guy and get it upgraded when I have to, so the old one still works. I’m not going to spend a lot of money on a new one.. Forget it! You now have no freedom on the Internet  togo where you want to go probably due to your God damn new software  browsers!you cannot do art on the art websites all of them are shut down or ruined and have lost all their  artists!.

in fact I have to yell, at the microphone, just to get it to hear me.

I’m sick of having the computer or the browsers tell me where I can’t go on the Internet, and tell me what I can’t do with my God damn computer! Microsoft, you can have your God damn software and hardware back! I’m not buying any more of it.. I might have to buy something online, or send  an e-mail,, or look up some research (which is NOT really very good anyhow) and that’s about it.(well,it still cannot write, i am off this piece of shit!)

there are plenty of other hobbies, and interesting things to do, for seniors, that are not completely frustrating and infuriating and out of our control. You don’t have to do it on a computer..it’s just not worth it anymore. Neither is this word press blog.it is much better to avoid your fucking computer, have  coffee, (and now the Dragon starts speaking Hebrew!) – – Which I never asked it to do – –  go take a nice nap and don’t give the computer a priority anymore.(GO TO SLEEP, ROTTEN DRAGON!!!)

sandraminadotty, go take a long nap,screw the damn computer!!!)












(“warm summer nights”stolen off the web)


I am not bothering to use any dictation devices today;I don’t feel much like writing, no one will miss it.I made a grocery list and crossed out”diet cream cheese” because its like sticky glue,and nothing like real cream cheese.The stuff in the super market is ALSO NOT real cream cheese.Real cream cheese is completely different,full of delicious fat,taste,like fluffy whipped cream  not flat and “super-marketed.”_caveman__by_e_motive

Hence, my “luxury fats” may be peanut butter(the good stuff) ,Tahini,”roasted almond butter” and  especially “real coconut butter.”SOUND FRIVELOUS? (SPELLING)?IT IS. I am old,I won’t be around in a few years to enjoy anything,so I believe that the Israelis and the Swiss are right;”enjoy the things of life, you won’t be here forever.”And since philosophy and religion can not tell us what After-Life there is, and what we know is pretty much NOTHING, you should enjoy THIS LIFE and not postpone it. gangnam (1)

The “new luxury” of our super-rich Masters is FOOD.They eat up everything good (and scarce) in the ocean,Sushi, plus meat, vegies, fruit,and they don’t buy our “discount super-market “junk.No canned food, or freaky-bad imported junk from Mexico, they get “organic,” expensive and well-grown YUMMY food._omgpineappleplz__by_5P_emotes

You can’t really blame them, eating like one of the “non-people” in “Soylent Green” is humiliating and tasteless.Dieting is not hard,because much super-market food is either TOO EXPENSIVE, and the “plebian” calories, such as junky fast food, and the crap from Discount-groceries is  spoiled,bad, or just an imitation of real food. _caek__by_Link3Kokiri

 the CRAP  does not go past the taste buds easily.–However, it can drive you to extreme-sugar and extreme-fat junk food.–just to be able to TASTE SOMETHING good.–something with FLAVOR.PIZZA ; MEXICAN-FAST FOOD. ANYTHING that  tastes REAL. But we former health-food and produce eaters, can’t afford good tasting stuff-I never see REAL BEEF in any super market unless it comes from the “specialty” stores in Lane county, real custom meat markets. c490a-_motivate__by_cmotes-d5kwaqi

SO my grocery bill is much of my total luxury tab. i don’t buy much else, utilities, internet, heat,  Or AIR CONDITIONING .I don’t go anywhere, or eat out.But that is the “new luxury” of America, GOOD FOOD._mycandy__by_reusdesigns (1)

I  don’t go to organic food markets, I can’t stand the badly-over priced stuff that is supposed to be “pure”—which is a real joke, because everything we breathe, has become poisoned any how.OUR AIR is killing us while we pretend to consume “organic-pure” foods.It’s like sticking your mouth up to a car’s exhaust pipes, and taking a big swallow—especially in the very polluted SMOG of Eugene .Why fool yourself that “going organic-green” will keep you healthy?”_cookietease__by_Chimpantalones


I am waiting for my   cancer-shot,   Mr. DeMille._eatingicecubes__by_snowshi-d4tpyqs


(i USED TO COOK, BUT USUALLY YOU COOK FOR YOUR FAMILY,AND MINE’S GONE.EATING ALONE IS BORING.)_monstercokemachine__by_hayabuza-d2xi5at      emote_sundea_revamp_by_poxkat-d2z8pci _atthebeach__by_stuck_in_suburbia   ice_cream_island_by_stuck_in_suburbia    _moneyshower__by_ledmaiden-d2yeadp    wedding_cake_by_sugarislife28-d59afoo   _ILIKEHOTGIRLS__by_crula    0694658efa3c226e5a242fd353be506c-d52xqvpIAMADOGLOVERSTAMPGIFIFpopcorn2



“IS IT REALLY SO MUCH EASIER TO BUY ITEMS ONLINE? Or has it become the proverbial PAIN IN THE ASS? and especially Amazon.com?maybe we seniors should go back to buying stuff the old fashion way! – – In Eugene Oregon here comes Fourth of July! SO WHAT? Fourth of July means what?”

706.jpg landscape river rd

(another painting stolen off the web , this one from Oregon forest)

another Fourth of July, which doesn’t mean anything anymore, even if we could all remember, why we got this holiday off. Everybody got this holiday off. Great! WHY do we have this holiday? If you younger people can’t remember or don’t know, and you older people have forgotten, so did  I, because it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Forget it!.

it does mean that, unless you have family, if you are a senior, and your other seniors are already dead, today you are alone. If I were you, I would join a very busy church, doesn’t matter what kind; there is a very nice Mormon church in the next block. It’s really disgusting to have to be alone when you’re old.

(And since I’m wrestling with a huge amount of black computer cords, and both microphones set don’t work, I’m going to just dump this whole thing.)one of my best friends is really whining about how Trump is going to cut all her Healthcare Services. But she doesn’t want to admit that the last Democrat in office already did that! So why she worrying about the Republicans doing it?

I tried to tell her in a very nasty and blunt way, “Obama already cut all your Medicare why are you crying about the Republicans? Why don’t you cry about the Democrats? They already screwed you over!” But I guess I’m not very diplomatic (and I’m in a lot of pain myself, so I don’t feel like listening to other people whining about political parties.) And I already almost  junked this episode,trying to get this STUPID fuckingsoftware and microphone system to work.

(excuse me while I try to go find some extremely powerful painkillers, but that just means I’m going to swallow a  whole lot of Tylenol.)


but that’s the way human beings are,,, they label one group HORRIBLE,, even though the other group did the same nasty things to them. And they don’t look at any logic or what happened in reality.so nobody cares that Mrs. Clinton is a  crook, and that her husband is a rapist. Since the Republicans have a bad reputation for cutting everything (even though it’s the DEMOCRATS that.gave them the reputation.)everybody is eager to label one side evil, and the other side angelic, even though BOTH SIDES are pretty much the same.

I don’t really care one way or the other.. It doesn’t make any difference which political party is in the White House, they’re both going to screw you over,, and your taxes are going to get higher. And they’re going to give away all your taxes TO OTHER people!in truth, my friend is looking for a savior,, and she’s not going to find one.

And if she thinks I’m going to be sympathetic when she’s whining, I’m just not a very sympathetic person anymore. Too bad, I guess I’m really an asshole.you think a friend would be more sympathetic but, I don’t really look at things that way. I like the truth a lot better, even though it’s more painful. And it always looks grim. That’s because the truth is grim! I probably am the only one in the universe who wants to say it or hear it!

0H,, I forgot, my sister looks at the absolute truth and gets very depressed. You can tell we’re both very Germanic.

but I have forgotten that the subject of this stupid episode of my blog (that nobody reads it anyway) is “is it easier to buy stuff online as you think it is?”

The answer is NO, it’s not easier anymore.. Every time you try to buy something on Amazon.com, you’re talking to somebody in the Philippines who has no English!And., you’re going to stop buying anything from Amazon anymore, because of all the outsourcing they do, that makes all your buying harder and worse!(and once again the Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn’t want to work! I wish I could get out of work that easily!)

THAT’S THE END OF THIS! Because this stupid Dragon NaturallySpeaking isn’t working anymore, the microphone cords are NOT working anymore, none of the WordPress software is working,and I am especially not working anymore!

Cold, bare, lack of heaven, here I come!I am not putting up with this fucking pain forever, and all this FUCKING DAMN BAD SOFTWARE!and rotten AMAZON.COM!

.and yes, my sister, the world is not very nice, and afterwards you’re just dead.OK, this fucking software doesn’t want to work, often on, so I’m going to leave it OFF. The hell with COMPUTER SOFTWARE! May the devil take it! He’s already here in this dimension, just let him have it!I do sound like a very grumpy bad natured old senior don’t I?

and it doesn’t do much good to write to people who are never going to read this or ever going to care about it. The Mormons are starting to sound really good by now. At least they stick together..











I know that every senior,unless you’re rich, goes thru various annual rituals every season; in Spring, the ritual of buying or trying on the swim suit, seeing if you’ve gained weight and bargaining with Heaven as to HOW MUCH poundage you would allow to be gained, or not.–bargaining as to HOW MUCH FOOD you would cut out to lose said poundage..

Would your diet include a certain amt. of whole-grain bagels every two weeks,or a month? HOW MANY could you get away with–And still lose weight? Whole grain and whole wheat takes more calories to digest,an advantage.

Since most of life is a bunch of merely bargaining for what you will put up with,or you won’t, or bargaining how much you’ll pay for something, (we always lose any how,but its important to tell yourself, you won)or how much trouble,boredom, abuse or crazy co-workers you can get the least of,on a job(while still earning enough to live on) —

–and who you can mate, marry, date,.or live with (includes social ties with friends) that  is at LEAST SOMEWHAT sexually attractive, interesting (but not TOO WEIRD) makes enough money (especially a male) and is affiliated with similar GOOD TRAITS also borne by your family tree,( very mechanically brilliant, academic, upper-middle class–or NOT upper-middle class) and has SOME of those traits to match with yours–

-and ALSO has the same GOALS as you do (or close; number of kids or NO KIDS, VERY ambitious, or very laid back; uptight or very loose) or you’re talking once again, someone who is the LEAST OFFENSIVE, least uncomfortable in close quarters, and the least tyrannical or crazy) and you can still stand the person after ten years, and not run crying to divorce court or outside affairs.

In other words,we slowly learn that in life, its not the very best factors in life that we aspire to, but instead the MOST TOLERABLE factors we can stand, without jumping off the 20-story building. Our goal becomes the MOST TOLERABLE, and LEAST HORRIBLE life that we can manage.

The world is populated by billions who have given up on ANY bargaining, and succumbed to a numb, non-life, existing without the least control over ANY factors in their lives; even to the point of “OK, I had a horrible childhood, so I found out, that gives me a HORRIBLE adulthood, and no matter what I do,I cannot change it.”

Science and psychiatry find more of our lives that CANNOT BE CHANGED, because  we were born into particular types of circumstances, noticing how directly one predicts the other. Diabetic families inherit diabetes, and crazy abusive parents produce totally fucked up children, who have so fucked up lives as adults.So what has this got to do,with bargaining entertainment “packages” every year with Comcast?

You lose no matter WHAT PACKAGE you re-buy.Comcast employees repeatEdly LIE TO YOU, disconnect you, fend you off from promotions over the phone(and their website) and it takes 3 or 4 hours to finally haggle down to a package with LESS MOVIE CHANNELS, for more money, but at least you have the ILLUSION that you’ve won. You’re paying more money, for less services, there is really no choice.

But at least you finally got rid of worthless movie channels full of DULL DUDS, and HBO, that creature of misery and repetitive crap-junk that you are sick and tired of. You after all, watch mostly in the low numbers, with CARTOONS, FUNNY SHOWS of cartoons, cheap kung-fu, old tv show-channels, and the occasional black and white  old sci-fi movies you’ve seen forever,and loved. 

You DON’T WANT SPORTS–OR NEWS–OR DOCUMENTARIES forever, nor do you want “reality tv” or “sales-channels–;you can’t stand “prime-time tv”, cause the best stuff comes on very late at night, or during the day..

If you’re like me,you  want to escape modern, bad tv shows, which slide off your back like garbage off a bum, and you just want “Turner Classic Movies,”cartoons, Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park (satire) and American Dad,, old tv shows, and escape from bad new films(“50 ShADES OF GRAY”?”HOW TO BE SINGLE” the female version of “Ghost Busters” not funny at all, and cops,violence,cops, action, cops, chases-of psychopaths, more cops, gore, blood, torture, perversion,  “science-teams of cops”, cops who analyze all data. computer cops, Miami cops,  and female cops.

It makes you feel so “retro”, when we seniors got very good tv, for NOTHIN’.–BETTER shows!! —-so why should we pay high prices for cable tv? We already HAD the best tv,and it was FREE. COMCAST, GO TO HELL!!!  YOU don’t even know what REAL T.V. IS!!   It sure is NOT CABLE TV!!  And if I knew how to “steal cable” I would do it if I could. You probably deserve it for being such a ROTTEN, BAD entertainment company. –and an illegal monopoly, I am sure.

But now it’s legal to CHEAT the public,and they have to put up with it. “1984”  is here, and you have  to pay for everything, even the stuff you hate. I’d rather watch LESS CRAP, its not worth it..Bring on the cartoons, cause the world’s gotten very un-funny..As a senior, you need to LAUGH at it all.HAH HAH.

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene Oregon, watching the older shows from “Star Trek:the next generation.”  Isn’t Commander Riker cute?)  🙂  ….




(satire is our middle name!!)

When you are an old person, and it’s inevitable, you might be up late night, watching some very great old but terrible, black-and-white monster movies, the Outer limits, or Boris Karloff – – in other words, really healthy and informative type movies that out do  today’s documentaries. After all, who else is going to teach you about werewolves?

only another werewolf.

but most of all, the commercials that come on really late at night, can bug the hell out of you.it’s not just the sleeping pill companies.It’s also the other unexpected little things – – as I do relate one to you, gentle person.

“now, you don’t need any money, you have the equity in your home!”  Blared the commercial; “and if you don’t have a home, we’re going to tell you the special wonderful new method for getting your own home – – and you don’t need any money!” About that time I sat up and listened..

“first, we will take you down to special mortgage headquarters!” As it went on. “And you will see that the equity in all the apartments you used to rent, had  fed back into the federal government so far, that they can afford to give you special offers on mortgage is, very safe ones, that you don’t even have to pay for anymore!”he paused with a very good toothy grin.

” That’s right, you don’t have to pay anything down,, no deposit, no security, we don’t investigate your credit; in fact, it’s better if you have no credit at all and you’ve always been in bankruptcy!” another pause.

“Former president Obama, has it fixed so that, even though the federal government gets all its money stolen by all of its politicians, they still have enough money in the fed, to give you a free  mortgage!!oh yes, and we’ve taken billions of dollars out of Medicare, that old people don’t really need – – just to give you the spectacularly cheap and wonderful mortgage that you are about to get!.and it’s FREE,FREE,  free!” I glared at the TV screen.

“So here we have the typical person who needs a home and doesn’t have the money!” Showing the white announcer, and the black person who looks poor.” Now, we fixed this person’s whole life so that they can finally afford a home, all the United States  has similar  people, and you don’t have to pay a penny of it!”

“what could be more wonderful than that?a country that has free mortgages and free housing,, and all you have to do is put your entire life and your children’s, on the dotted line!”I thought to myself, I wonder what the hitch is? This was scary.

not the movie I was watching, “the life of a monster” in black and white, but I was watching a real monster – – free mortgages for people who couldn’t pay them – – and wasn’t that why we had that FINANCIAL CRASH in the first place?YES, and it looks like nothing has been fixed. It’s just as bad, all the banks own everything, and they will make it all crash again, simply because– –

the BANKS have become the “monsters” in your retro movie.they are in color not black and white, but there’s no way to stop them.They are just TOO BIG. . out of the humans’ control!!– –   You know the newspapers,! “!its one side only.”(GEE, WHY is that? weren’t there supposed to be MORE than one side?”

  human beings never change they do the same mistakes over and over; and they try to make it look like this is completely new. – –As if they were MUCH BETTER,and  PROGRESSIVE.”

But then if you look at the present government and the present powers, just calling them “PROGRESSIVE” does not make  any sense–what they mean is”BETTER, AND THE ONE AND ONLY.—NO COMPETITERS ALLOWED.”

do you know what they, the Nazis,  called themselves? “Better than any other class of people! The only class of people! Further advanced than any other people!and, the “progressive” advanced super people, who did not need any competition or other governments or philosophy of any kind! “

“Only the Nazi party, could be PROGRESSIVE.so, it was ONE PARTY, and no others than the Nazi party! Wipe out every other party! Get rid of them! Destroy them in the news, on the streets, in newspapers,ARREST THEM ALL, and every sort of public vehicle!(sound familiar nowadays?get rid of all the conservatives!  )

“in fact, find out all their conservative errors, and throw them in prison! Build up the case against them showing that they are evil but not US!” (definitely sounds very familiar.) “They are (notably, then it was Jews, now it’s conservatives) so inferior, we must ARREST them all and throw them in prison! Obviously they are inferior to the SUPERIOR PROGRESSIVE  PARTY.”

then what happened was, one party took over Germany, and there were no competitions anymore. IF the other side got elected, they got “done away with” anyhow.– – you can’t have competition when ONE PARTY is superior and needs to rule the country.-“-THE SUPERIOR, PROGRESSIVE RULERS!!”That was how the Nazi party was presented.”The super-man.”

I was too sleepy, and too horrified by the similarities.I realized that there would be ONE PARTY, because they were superior and PROGRESSIVE – – and the conservatives would all be done away with very cleverly. There was no need for competition!after all, ONLY one party would rule the government, and should rule the government.–the ones that are only “politically correct.”

And Hitler was very “Media savvy”—he spoke on the radio–had his own rioting, violent “protesters” and rallies, (but in brown shirts, not t-shirts) that went everywhere, physically clobbered any one they hated(thank you,Berkeley and liberal rioters) and physically killed or “made to dissappear” people or groups they hated–the regular police were “supplanted”–now they were the SS not the friendly neutral cops–(as  today,Chicago, regular police are the “bad guys”.)

The public violence and violent “protesters against the “inferiors” got worse.–everyone who wasn’t (progressive) or Nazi), was too scared to speak up.The ordinary citizens stayed indoors,didn’t go out,in cities,because of the “t-shirts–brown-shirts) take over of universities, cities, (Chicago, Berlin).

Once there was only ONE PARTY IN POWER, you had to shut up–( here, the anti-fur people can close down your fur-shop and put you out of business.there, they busted up your newspaper,destroyed your press,and could beat you to a pulp.)

It was the same—voting went out of style.“Progressive and “superior humans”had to rule only.  “No choices” any more. (Sound familiar?no choices?)I went back to my black and white monster movie; I stopped counting the REAL MONSTERS in real life, and tried to forget them. They always show up again, same goose-step, same violence, same rioters and “unofficial P C police,” getting rid of the PAID POLICE, –because they were determined to “make disabled” the real police.

Don’t be “Jewish–or conservative” that makes you EVIL. (everyone knew the JEWS–REPUBLICANS)  had a corner on all the money!!

Yes, then it was “world-Jewish-bankers—now it’s “National-rich-republicans.”the (brown-shirts-democrats-liberals) were the be the ONLY CHOICE. I hate that–living in a “Democracy” with no choice!!?


(SANDRAMINADOTTY, in Eugene Oregon a putsie little “socialist” community, but I can’t say that in public,I’m afraid to.)



“satire is our middle name!!”

first, some jokes!:(number one joke in the nation)

“who lost in the recent election for president?”answer: ” the voters, they didn’t gain anything by voting,, – – and no matter how many times they vote,or for whom, they will never win.”

“what do you call someone who wants to get paid, but doesn’t want to do the job?– – answer,” a civil servant.”

“who is the federal government working for? – – Answer: the federal government.”

“who is the IRS working for? Answer: “the IRS.”

“what do you call someone who hates cleaning, but that’s their job, and they’ve decided to collect their paycheck and not show up for work?” answer: “any civil servant in  “Lane County senior and disabled department..”

“what do you call a doctor, who hates patients, but wants to collect his paycheck anyhow?” Answer:  “A worker for socialized medicine.”“why do they call it “socialized medicine”?” Answer: ” it supports the society but not the patients.”


“who voted for Trump in the recent election for president?” answer: “all the doctors in the United States– – and they won!.

“why are all the doctors leaving Oregon, for other states?”ANSWER!!!”Oregon is very green, but NOT iN greenbacks!!”

“why do they call the Democratic Party “liberals”? Answer: “they are very liberal with other people’s money!”

“what is the official designation for a taxpayer in the United States? “Answer:”Sucker!”

“how can you always get a hold of a policeman when you need one?” answer:  “call up Dunkin’ Donuts.”

“iF YOU PAY TO GO CAMPING, PAY TO GO TO A STAte park, pay for a boating license, pay to go to the beach, pay to fish. and pay when you breathe. WHAT do you surmise about Oregon?”—answer:”we have a sales tax  on nature.”

“Why is Sandramina  quitting computers?” Answer: “OUCH!”

–“What happens when  your computer has spyware from China?” Answer,:“you have a CHINK in your armor.”

(“what is the real reason that Sandramina is quitting  computers?” Answer: “Java!and ORACLE!AND fIREFOX, and CHROME, and MICROSOFT! And GOOGLE!”)