(artwork taken off of Internet)

in the interests of all those seniors, who refused to give up their REAL APPLIANCES, and not buy any new junk made in China( or other similar invading army country, was taken over all our work and manufacturing) I called up all the sewing machine repair places, in Eugene Oregon, because Sears no longer even sells or services, its own sewing machines. Mine is a very old one all metal parts, Kenmore, but Sears practically no longer HAS KENMORE, and is giving up the ghost. – –

– – which means of course that I have to find a real actual good sewing machine repair place, just to get it cleaned! Hundred dollars to get it cleaned!

Hey Democrats, you like your cost-of-living the way it is now?

Hundred bucks, just because there’s no other reputable sewing machine repair shop in Eugene and Springfield!and Sears has gone bye-bye! I found out I cannot get a manual that’s even similar to my old machine from any sewing repair place (I will have to call all of them up and I will get the same reply; “no, go on eBay and try to buy an old manual for your machine, we don’t have it and we can’t get you parts either!”)

– –and all of us seniors used to think that”planned obsolescence” only applied to cars, in our day? Is not just planned obsolescence now it’s, “eliminate all other older appliances of any kind and replace with new junk” thanks to our manufacturing changes in this country.

so forget technology!we don’t really have technology in this country anymore! All we have are CHEAP BAD MICROSOFT PC’s! And similarly “bad software to go with it”!,and that means Windows!  Thank you so much,, Bill Gates! I’m not going to stop saying this in the future years (of any that I have left.)

The heyday of America is over, and that includes our good manufacturing– – that’s what we gave up! Was it really worth it just to make China and Asia rich and Bill Gates rich and powerful? No, it was not!,NOW you cannot buy any kind of decent sewing machine or other appliance, under $1000, and maybe way up to 2000, $5000 for a sewing machine that actually is good. (And do not forget the cameras that you have to pay $600 for, just to take a decent picture!)

not only that, I will have to get a manual from somewhere, that’s similar to my old Kenmore all metal sewing machine, and learn how to use it all over again! I will have to go to ridiculous heights of senior ingenuity, just to avoid buying a crappy new machine  that doesn’t work for crappy new price, for manufacturing in other countries that is increasingly crappy!–

– yes, we have warfare against foreign manufacturing that is BAD BAD BAD!and boy,  was that all metal Kenmore sewing machine really good! I think I bought it during the 80s or was it the 70s?no, it was the 80s I think!or was it the 90s? I have to get the model number..

And boy did I SEW!if I need a special part,  for it, I’m in trouble I will have to learn very good HAND SEWING. I’m not joking about this and at my age with all my arthritis, it probably will not work out.– – or I will have to go to a private doctor, pay cash, and start taking NARCOTICS. I’m not joking about that either! If I can’t get parts in case I need them for this I will have to go and buy an OLD SEWING MACHINE, because the senior in me  is a Boomer, and I refuse is to give up on it!– – and I refuse to BUY NEW CRAP!

To end this overly long episode, in the continuing struggle of the senior Boomer, to not give up,and buy lots of shit from China, I remain yours, sincerely, Sandraminadotty, in Eugene Oregon.

( I can’t help it if they buy the whole country, ours,  and start coming over by the thousands and thousands! – – Which they are already doing..– thank you, Clintons!  All I can say is, “don’t give up your firearms to anybody, you might need them someday for more than just burglars in Eugene!”have fun this weekend, it looks like spring is on its way,;

– –the rain is getting a little bit warmer.)..,,





“HEY,” said Caroline,”Is that the crisper from yer new fridge?Lying on the kitchen floor?” “Yes,” I said;”You notice it has the hardness of wet cardboard?” She looked at it, closely.”Yeah,” she replied,” more like wet tissue paper.And that;s your NEW FRIGIDAIRE FRIDGE?”.

.I was getting used to thinking of it as a “refrigerator”, rather than a “very expensive plastic box.” – – And I use the word PLASTIC, very quaintly, it was a lot more like wet or shredded cardboard,, I mean the crispers, than any old refrigerator I have ever had.

I mean, I have had old refrigerators where the freezer is didn’t work. Okay? But until now, when I have to buy a $700 new Frigidaire, the thing is not even high enough off the floor, for me to stoop down and open the door, without wrecking my back; and forget about cleaning it! If I try to clean it, it literally starts to Wilt. Yes, it wilts.

the fact that we were cleaning it, and it literally broke into 1 million pieces, the big plastic sheet, over the crisper, because we were using hot soapy water, was the last straw. Fortunately, even though it hit Carolyn in the face, it did not hurt her, because all the tiny pieces broke up like safety glass. So they were expecting the whole piece of plastic to come apart when you washed it in water that was hot? That’s why it was structured like safety glass?

So that is the new Frigidaire refrigerator, unsafe at any speed, especially when you wash it in hot water. What are you supposed to wash it in? Are you supposed to just throw it in the garbage instead of washing it and go get a new one? Hey China! I hate your God damn products!would you please shut down your filthy black AIR, and stop making that junk? Sooner or later we’re going to stop buying it, just because we can’t afford to buy plastic junk that falls apart – – as serious real products! – Not little plastic play toys for kiddies– – that you expect to be junk.

I know that I have reiterated this time and time again, but since all these Chinese from the Chinese mainland, thousands and thousands more, are all living here in the United States,  buying or just keeping all our land, and moving into it, I feel I have a right to say something about the quality of your junk.

I  HATE YOUR PRODUCTS! I cannot emphasize this enough.. If I could, I would actually pay Russia, or even Africa, to make better products instead – – but I know that’s not possible, in this lifetime, so I would just say it again –

– I HATE FUCKING CHINA!I don’t even care, that my dad was born there, and raised their and spoke Mandarin and English bilingualy; I don’t care that, I have a Chinese doctor, because, he’s the best when I can get right now.and I used to be very partial to Chinese food, Chinese home-cooked food, (my dad knew how to cook it)and I don’t even care that I sometimes try to repeat, in Mandarin, what he used to say; all that comes out is a bunch of high-pitched sounds, because he never taught his kids Mandarin Chinese. – – And that I really miss the sound of angrily spoken Mandarin in the house. I just don’t care about all that anymore.

it does not help me,to remember that, all of that, when all I can get of appliances, are the Cuisinart blenders made in China, that have such bad motors, that I can’t even use them to shred ice, and use strong processing, the way the Cuisinart is supposed to do. – – And I do not dare buy a new food processor by Cuisinart, to replace my very old ancient one, because it will be the same cheap junk the Cuisinart is now having made in China.

NONE of the above memories, of my Hon. parent,  are important, because China has completely lost its mind and its head, and it’s killing itself and all the rest of us.It actually bought the federal government of the United States, literally and it owns it. And instead of doing right by it, sends us all these rotten junk products that break down and don’t even work! How is that for Chinese workmanship? No, it’s not even Chinese anymore. It’s some  bad semblance  of Chinese, that any real Chinese person would be very humiliated to make or have or sell.

So every time I have to consider buying any type of new appliance, especially for the kitchen, or TV, or computer, or any minor thing to cook with, I have to think that “there goes my father’s country, it is no longer proud, it is no longer good, it is no longer anything anymore! It is only run by a bunch of filthy rich PIGS who act like a bunch of drunken gambling warlords!”— and I would silently add, “and they do not care anything about their own country anymore they act like a bunch of WHITE ALIENS in a FOREIGN LAND, that is not theirs. – – And that they have only invaded and taken over. But care absolutely nothing about!”

“now that many thousands of mainland Chinese, had slipped silently into the United States, bought up thousands of acres of land of the United States, and also had sent many of their communities very quietly into America, to live, (without any fanfare  or a single piece of type, in any media in the land) I can imagine what my father would say about the Chinese and China and this particular bunch of shit:”

“China has completely LOST FACE!!the country and its people! It has lost face, so badly,  that it has become the enemy it wanted to destroy. The United States. However, the Chinese have become so much EXACTLY LIKE the United States, that it can no longer say that it is SUPERIOR to it.– –”

China and its government and its people have become a country with out ANY DECENT face–just like a bunch of early American hucksters, come here to make a lot of money, destroy our country, and end up destroying themselves along with it.if America has degraded itself into a worthless and useless horde,  unemployed, low-paid, not manufacturing, and not doing anything, then China has become exactly like it.destroying its air, destroying its land, and enslaving its people  into endless damned manufacturing, resulting in JUNK that it forces Americans to buy.

I know that I used to be proud that my father had been born in such a historical, proud, and cultural country, with  such a past of great workmanship, art, and philosophy,  that we saw all their ancient art in museums now. But I can no longer be proud of my father’s heritage and his birthplace.

If he were alive today I would have to show him my very bad Cuisinart blender,and tell him, “no, dad, this thing was not made in Japan, the way we used to make fun of stuff made in Japan all the time. It was made in China, and the label associated with “made in China” is now associated with “made like a piece of crappy junk”.”

I’m sure that my dad would roll over in his grave,, except that he was cremated.and he would probably tell me, as at least one piece of good advice, “do not buy any more new appliances  if you could possibly help it, and go right now and see if you can price a very large mortar and pestle. – – Because I think you’re really going to need it. Ah, and, do not sell,or lose,any of your mother’s old kitchen things–even the beat up ones–if you can.”–AH-SO.

(SANDRAMINADOTTY, still keeping  words from the Kitchen God.)




My friend Caroline has had to go into debt. again–to fix up her old duplex,which required all maintenance and re-=fixing everything; she has a $60, 000. loan,a new mortgage.She WAS RENTING, but the rent in Eugene and Springfield too, is so expensive it was slightly cheaper to fix up the old duplex,and have them all move in there. Caroline’s credit is only good cause her ex-husband, who dumped her, is a contractor, and backs her very personally bad credit.

SOMEONE SOMEWHERE has to be solid enough, to get someone credit backing.that is her Ex.She has lousy wages herself.She’s  the typical dumped divorced woman, who has much less money to live on.

She is slightly better off with a mortgage; but, it’s the same damn thing.EXPENSIVE HOUSING OF THE USA. –And it is the high cost of living, if you want to avoid being on the streets. homeless, you have to; (1.) have a good enough job(it pays her lousy) and good enough CREDIT (CREDIT is that stuff that has replaced all money,all gold,all silver,and all banks’ actual real 3-dimentional VERY EXPENSIVE AND VALUABLE METAL.–OR GOLD,OR DIAMONDS, OR ANYTHING.)

(EXPLAINING CREDIT: IT IS DEBT. that is the money of the poor, who require massive credit to live,instead of real money.People in the USA do not use money anymore—they have to have CREDIT.–its the only way they get enough money to live—but they owe everything they have, as a DEBT. THAT IS CREDIT. credit used to mean”i have money I can pay you, and I am not flat broke–I can always get you the real money.”–and gives the person he owes, a I.O.U.—which eventually will be called in. Meaning, the debt. holder will not wait forever for you to pay them.–you have to eventually give them enough valuable SOMETHING to pay off your debt.


(The fed. govt. handles the national debt. this way; we owe trillions of dollars, and now more trillions directly to China, mainland China, their govt. They know we can never pay them off in money, gold, silver. precious metals or jewels.

(So, we have sold them our AMERICAN LAND. They are free to come here, buy up all our acres, real estate,.and even come over here. to live in large communities of their own.(Yes, they are doing that now.All research on this subject comes from real brokers, real  Real Estate News Online, and all technically available infor. on the web,in news, real estate news, and very available information,.If I can get it, so can you. I cannot get “secrets of the govt.” I learned these things with FACTS AND RESEARCH. DON’T BELIEVE IT. if you don’t want to.)__________________

(–Thus,  we get credit on out debt., and China owns the USA. literally.-legally.(want to see the contracts? someone has them, in the fed. govt.–I swear on the Bible.)–lock stock and barrel(which is why firearms have replaced teddy bears and dolls for Xmas.) 

(BUT–any time a person or nation, only lives on credit, and not actual gold, ext. in a vault somewhere,. (there is no gold in Fort Knox; ask a broker, I did.)–he is living in very overly-expensive,and high-cost situation.If a country has high national debt. the cost of everything in that nation is expensive; that means the “cost of living” for EVERYONE, is very very HIGH.–FOOD, RENT, HOMES, CARS,DOCTORS,CLOTHING,SERVICES, EVERYTHING IS HIGH COST. –ALL APPLIANCES, ELECTRICITY, FUEL, ECT. ECT. –not the luxuries, the NECESSITIES OF LIFE.  

(AND when a fed. govt. is HUGE, MASSIVE, doing everything for everyone in the nation,  it takes billions just to keep the fed. govt. from going BUST—CRASHING. THUS, you all, all you people working, are supporting a huge mass of debt. in your fed. govt.(notice your taxes of income have gone up 3 or 4 times as much>?OBAMACARE increased the national debt. by several trillion dollars.)

(China  has quietly been collecting on that debt. Many of them have MOVED OVER HERE, IN LARGE COMMUNITIES–and many thousands of acres of land (see: Real Estate News Online) are bought up by the very rich Chinese cauz they need their money in SOLID INVESTMENT. LAND is the back up of all solid investment; you need LAND for everyone to live on.–the more people there are, the more the price of land goes up.

(Also, they are being sold CHEAP LUMBER from Oregon, “below cost”,because of a “little arrangement with our fed.govt.”All our nice limber is cheaply sold to China.)Lumber is only expensive to Americans. WE do not have a “little arrangement with the fed. govt,”The fed. govt,. says,”We own Oregon, we can sell it.”and they do.)

Back to our personal problem; how the cheaply paid worker of the USA, can afford housing, when it is so expensive from “high cost of living.” DEBT. –WE ALL HAVE BIG DEBT. or, we don’t have much money,except for the very rich at the top. we do not get away without having debt. either. Caroline is badly paid,( she has to keep working, as a senior,many seniors have to work, not retire, if they can get a job.)So, naturally, she has a mortgage to pay every month, and taxes too.–and income taxes.She has to pay–gasp–about 300 or 400 dollars a month for her state medical insurance. (I still cannot figure out, how she has a weight problem; but she has to eat cheap fast food a lot.– $$$, remember?)


The local newspaper says that Lane county and Eugene govt. loves the homeless so much( and not trees) they are making them tiny homes to live in,.:”Wow,. can I get that deal?” says Caroline, gasping.”NO,
I reply, “You work for a living, you have to pay for everything; no freebees. ”  “Yeah,” she replies, salivating over the idea of free housing.

“Where are they putting the tiny homes?” “In someone’s back yard, of course,without asking or telling them; this is Lane county, remember!!”(snicker)

So Caroline and I plan to send millions of our homeless,and get them off our country, and onto someone else’s. WHY NOT? GERMANY welcomed thousands of “un-scanned”immigrants,and they honestly don’t mind the upwards crime.Some of the Neo-Nazi groups have an idea about that–and about their prime minister.(But we don’t publish bloody  crime photos on this blog.)

Europe is so compassionate and kind!!  Send them there! GERMANY-MARCH-ONE-TWO-THREE–Camp out in French cafes,and sip great coffee.–get into labor unions–join huge demonstrations right in Paris( get a beret, plez!–and, in Paris, don’t wash yer hair.) Find a lover, and kiss under the Eiffel Tower!  Get thrown out of chic restaurants!–try to camp out in the Tulleries?.(spelling!) OK, they are still homeless, but now they are CHIC HOMELESS.–it rates better for FRENCH VOGUE MAGAZINE,” CEE-VOU -PLAY?”(I speak no French, obviously.)“BUT,” asks Caroline, licking a day-old french fry,”What about RUSSIA? People are leaving there, all the time! why not put them there?”

We need to do research if there is real LAND UNDER ALL THE FROZEN SNOW AND ICE.–people already live  on it, right?______

(is any of the HOUSING IN RUSSIA CHEAPER?? can we send our homeless THERE? I am volunteering for a new group,an organization, “GET THE HOMELESS OUT OF THE USA, AND INTO OUTER SPACE!!” –or just Finland.–Or Russia–where-ever.

Why are there TOO MANY PEOPLE NOW, ON PLANET EARTH?It is called “too much testosterone.”Instead of properly using it for WAR ,RAPE. PILLAGING, MURDER,HEAVY LABOR, and playing the Stock Market ,it gets focused on “SEX WITH NO CONDOMS.”BAD IDEA.–“GOOD IDEA? GET yerself and yer mate sterilized.no more kids!“HOWEVER, most nations and people WANT MORE KIDS-It is a very bad addiction,and we need International “Breeders Anonymous.“–as a requirement for welfare and food stamps–and for homeless.


(Basically,we advise, “stick it in the world’s water supply.–PLEASE!”WHY NOT? WHO’S gonna notice?—less screaming hungry kids?-No ads on tv, late at night.of cute starving kids, who want yer dough.-NO KIDS, PERIOD.–NO DIAPERS, NO BABY FOOD, MORE SLEEP AND MORE MONEY. WOW!”

–Cause the current situation is–“over-population of the world”= -solution is (1.) Soylent Green, the film. (2.) read old sci-fi novels, and create monster-slaveS out of homeless–or just ORCS. (3,) send them to Russia, to join the slaves Russia already has(seen it on documentary, tv, no kidding–)they filmed slaves owned by Russian govt,, working. this was NOT ON FOX NEWS–they were filming tjhe new Olympics in south America, building the set ups for it. the “normal media” of usa filmed this.

(4.) do you have a spare archaepeligo, Russia, or are you using them all? — we know Russia puts their “prize citizens” there, as a reward.

—!!!__F R E E E E E E E E E Z Z Z Z Z Z I N G ! ! !!!_____________________________!!!–

I have read contemporary Russian writers, they detailed it.

___F  R  O  Z  Z Z  Z  Z  Z  Z  Z  Z  Z  Z  E   N_ __!!!!!_______________________________!!!–

–kind of like the Russian version of our “summer camps for kids.”” snicker. –but if there are fat kids in the camp, everyone does not tease them–they try to find out how the fat kid gets all the FOOD.

RIGHT NOW, I read a lot of Russians are planning big medical project, to REVIVE LENIN. –make him a cvborg.–or even Kruschev– anyone to replace PUTIN THE IDIOT–who puts billionaire oil owners, business and oil drillers– in prison to get on their GOOD SIDE. (I read that also. we got real news!! not just Fox news).

Amazing; all these years, we’ve been treating oil billionaires the wrong way!!! –we let them own the US, and run for president–the whole family. Putin is no dummy (hah hah) he’s planning to run Russia only on COAL. –and mass amts. of workers digging coal out, and replacing all energy with COAL–NOT OIL– HE SAYS, All that coal smog is good for yer complexion.

I forgot, it was also RUSSIA WHO INVENTED OIL DRILLING, AND RUNNING EVERYTHING ON OIL– true!!! –not American capitalist pigs!! –we should blame all this shoddy Microsoft on THEM. –AND all the decendants of all the dead dinosaurs (which made oil) can sue Russia for “abuse of remains of sentient beings’ families.” of course it’s a class-action suit.

But Caroline and I are both exhausted from the “necessity of credit”(i.e. “being in debt.”) If you know a family,male,member of that oil-family, the BUSHES? Even if he’s gay?--I wanta marry him! Just look at it,as ” The one percent adopts the Broke-percent” ! Sigh! 😦 )

(Sandraminadotty, eating cheap popcorn and stolen toilet paper, for dinner.–it’s a salad night.)



If you are a senior,.maybe you prefer snuggling up to popcorn,a loved one (or a cat) and a good t.v.show or movie,rather than going out, on Sat. night.But if your t.v, has COMcAST CABLE, prepare to nod off thru the evening,CAUSE THIS BILLIONAIRE-MEDIA-MONOPOLY IS TRYING TO RUIN YOUR EVENING. —on purpose.WHY?.

BECAUSE Comcast is not content making billions on screwing up your channel selection, and over-charging you for “sports channels” you never watch,or ordered; they are also trying to FORCE YOU TO USE “ON DEMAND” and pay extra, cause their Sat, evening fare is nothing but old, boring RE-RUNS.–YEAH, they planned it that way!!It’s enough to make us DUMP COMCAST CABLE, and just hunt the Net for entertainment,(free) and get Netflix.

If you technically HAVE TO eschew satellite t.v., and you are forced onto cable, come Sat. nite, you might be pretty burned up.So WHY IS CABLE TV SUPERIOR TO bROADCAST T.V.?

aNSWER; CABLE AND SATELLITE TV drove free broadcast t.v. out of business!!–because it used to be SO FINANCIALLY FREE for the consumer!! OLD BROADCAST T.V, used to be fabulous!! Even during the hey-day of westerns, and “made-for-t.v.-movies” in the 60’s, t. v. programming was SO SUPERIOR to the junk you get on T.V. YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR, NOW!!.

Ask a bunch of we seniors,baby-boomers; free broadcast t.v. was great!!Even during the 50’s, it was better than what Comcast makes you pay for now!!This idea of “you get what you pay for,” is B.S. now, YOU GET junk tv., and YOU ARE forced to pay for all that junk!!!NO WONDER tv  corporations, the “Corps”, are doing so well; they have us all by the short hairs, and charging us huge prices for the torture!!

WHAT can we do about it? Not much; we are jailed by monopolies in this era. Along with no good choices for Pres. of the U.S., we have NO CHOICES ,much, in home entertainment!! its “dish,”. cable, or buy a lot of very good books every month.–which is not such a bad idea. Too bad the Eugene Public Library was taken over by all the homeless living there.–)thank you, Lane Govt.!!) But there are a VERY FEW THINGS you can do, to show your anger and frustration.

Do not pay your cable t.v, bill on time—make them wait for it.
If they charge you a late fee, make the “late fee” late also!! Remember, you gotta FORCE THEM to pay attn. to your disgust.

DO NOT EVER ORDER “ON DEMAND” cable tv, EVER!–NOT for any event.—we can’t emphasize this enough!!! The MORE EXTRAS you order from Comcast, the more they will cheat you on regular programming. –Get Netflix, or do “pirate-programming” online, for anything free. or even cheap!!  DON’T BUY INTO HUGE CORPORATIONS, if you can possibly avoid it!! Gol out Sat. night, and be with friends.—or be with friends online–PEOPLE are now infinitely better than the “boob-tube” any more.

Some of you do know how to “steal cable”, and I refuse to say anything against it.–its such a bunch of rotten monopolies, its not really a crime any more.–So I really do not see how its morally wrong  or criminal.

There probably are other ways to hit back at Comcast cable monopolies, I have not thought of. Come up with some of your own.As a senior, who’s Medicare has been shredded to welfare level, after seniors have paid huge taxes, to the fed., all their lives, I do not think the laws of the fed.govt. are sacred any more. Obama got away with breaking them all and he never got jailed for it.Neither did leaders who took bribes from foreign nations, against us.—AND BANKS WHO MADE US BAIL THEM OUT!!

its hypocritical to decide that we consumers and tax payers have to obey every law, when the BIG GUYS get away with anything they want.–while they step all over us, and we have to put up with it.DITTO COMCAST CABLE TV AND CORPORATION—You just do not have to put up with all their crap, and pretend its ok– it is NOT. DON’T put up with it,if you can possibly avoid it.

(Sandraminadotty, on sat. nite, falling asleep to comast cable tv re-runs again—oops, did i pay my bill yet? )



37.png fall in oregon


I am thinking about how limited my life has become, now that I do not live in a big city. You cannot call Eugene Oregon a big city – – it is a big PROVINCIAL BURG, GENTRIFIED, OVER – POPULATED,, with  TRAFFIC and SMOG.#2_knitting__by_otohime0394-d4v6go6

but there doesn’t seem to be much else. If you are trying to find any kind of supplies, besides knitting, you will have to look at nearby cities, for anything you want to buy. Start with Springfield – –and you will definitely need a car, truck, or a bicycle, electrified, or some kind of scooter (we are not talking wheelchair here) to get around all the freeways that take the place of the trees that used to grow here..auto_wos6.giftwocars

this can be very frustrating, because for all the talk of Eugene Oregon being so sophisticated,, and high end, organic,, “environmentally chic”, and mindful of the ecology, everyone has a car, and the AIR is so SMOGGY, if you have lung trouble,, you should not live here. (Oh, and I forgot all the allergies mixed up with the smog.)zombie17.gif cloudrain


is amazing that in this tiny BURG, which would be ideal for local bus service to get everywhere, the bus service has been cut drastically (except for the EMX Green Dragon bus service which only goes to specific places, and not many) and you have to have a car to get anywhere. Blame the local residents and government – – wherever they came from, these outsiders, and the local government,have decided that Eugene and Oregon would be delightful for lots of freeways and lots of cars.. That is it._train__for_choo_choo_express_by_Mrichston

so, in the first place you need a car; now, what are you looking for to buy? I am looking for fabric, and I want big places with lots of it, and discount prices, because I’m poor. All I want to do is, makes a very simple dresses and maybe some very wide summer pants, for myself. I’m not going into business. However, all around Springfield and Eugene just about the only fabric store is JOANN’s FABRICS. In Springfield. And if you don’t like that, you have to go way way outside. And I don’t like JoAnn, it is overpriced, badly-made fabric,  and I don’t like going there.abandon_all_hope_sign_by_sanguineepitaph-d36w8mi

.IT is the pits., but then, that’s Eugene..so, where else can you go outside Eugene and Springfield to get fabric for yourself? The answer is: the city of PORTLAND. Yes, the Valley of the hipster, which even had a TV show named after it.”PORTLANDIA”.teevee

You have to get on your computer, (and if you are a senior, no matter how old, it is very necessary for you either to have access to a computer, or at least only a cheap lousy one, because everything is online now )– – a lot of the time, because the civilization of the United States is crumbling,.all the stores of every single supply, jewelry, beads, fabric and textiles, books, everything you can think of,  (even in California!) is going bankrupt, falling apart, exiting the United States, or simply going out of business, and it is much harder to get any kind of PRODUCTS to make something, or to just get something you need..f3dc5ebb5457b31eca4fbae403bd6f0d-d4rhae9 (1)

There is one exception to this rule; SPORTING GOODS..Springfield and Eugene seems to have a lot of, or at least one exceptional, stores of sporting goods.Cabelas’.xmasrudolphSaber_Fight_by_BurgerBunny

I guess that’s because men still own the planet. And,  they like sports of all kinds. So if you’re product is not available, anywhere else, you will have to find it in something like SPORTING GOODS. Even rain–gear – – even CROCKS – – the little shoes.Showdown_by_blaahy

Just about anything, if it’s in sporting goods, and men need it, it’s going to be available in Eugene and Springfield. I’m not even mentioning the gun stores. Have fun with that, I plan to check out some of the new ones, and get a new 22 handgun.– – if I can afford it. Oh, and if I can afford to go to a place to SHOOT IT. Ha ha!Lasergun_hoax_by_Furatix

if I do it in my very lengthy and overgrown backyard, my stupid neighbors will call the police on me – – just for shooting a couple of empty tin cans. Boy, I wish we were rural again  really rural truly!shoot_nick_shoot_by_the_titan-d350o1k

the hell with gentrification!let’s hope that GENTRIFICATION it self crumbles into dust. As long as civilization is going to hell, take gentrification with it! BLAH!Don__t_Touch___OoT_Emoticon_by_SchwanX24

so, you don’t have a car,maybe you are a senior, with bad feet,, and you’re not athletically getting around a big city anymore. What can you take, in Portland? It is called the “Tri-Met” bus system. But if you have to go outside Portland, to get to a discount fabric store, once again, GO  BUY A CAR, or steal one, and go get cheap insurance from that rip–off artist on TV, called “the general”.__HO_SHI__emoticon___by_Glittercandy

Screw the God damn insurance! Everybody now requires INSURANCE for everything! And, it makes the society very broken and very expensive.so, we have settled the matter, of how to buy products and supplies you need, in Eugene; you have to go OUTSIDE. – – Even Springfield. Very likely all the way to Portland. And if you can’t get it in Portland, go to Seattle,, and cross your fingers they have it there. 

(I have distant relatives in Seattle, but they’re not crazy about me, and I’m not crazy about them anymore either. However, if you go to Seattle the Sound is very beautiful, go get on the ferry, and take a little toot around, it’s beautiful. Especially at sunset.it’s definitely worth it. Maybe I should go visit my cousin, who is into STEAM PUNK. And has some kind of boat that runs by steam.)

talk about hipsters and their chic little hobbies!that is Oregon and Washington states.

so, what can you actually do while you are in the city of EUGENE? Lane County?here are your basic possibilities. Go to the University of Oregon, and RAPE all the women in Eugene.statistics say that if you live in an area where there is a university or college,, the town is going to have a lot of rape. So what’s new with human beings? Deal with it.

and, if you get raped, you can go to the very good organization of counseling called “SASS”, in town, deals with all kinds of sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, and incest and stuff like that. WE pretty much believe that this organization is here, very likely because of the University of Oregon. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before, here .

we of course cannot leave this out;FIREARMS.for All the anti-gun laws, all over again, from our very sweet dumb asshole legislature, we have firearms all over the place, and you can buy everything you want. There is a very good store, absolutely gourmet, in Springfield.. There is a really great one in Santa Clara Ctr., called “Oak Grove guns”. Very nice people. Very nice guns! SHOOT, bang bang! Go out and make some poor animal in the wild extinct today! They’ve already gotten rid of the Oregon Lynx, that Oregon big– small cat Is extinct in the wild here.so I guess we should label this under, HUNTING and FISHING. 

Next out, COUGARS. We’re shooting and killing cougars like there’s no tomorrow, it’s so God damn much fun! And, guess who is doing it the most? The Department of Fish and wildlife! Go figure.I guess they just really enjoy it.

so what else can you do and buy in Eugene?ORGANIC FOOD and ORGANIC  PRODUCE. But you can expect to pay a very pretty penny for it, and have to put up with all the super hipster organic fiends who occupy Eugene.(oh, also we do have OCCUPY, the organization, or what ever it is).

– – don’t leave that out!)smokingand, we will not leave out lots of MARIJUANA , POT, and dope and other types of drugs. Anything you require. Okay, some of it’s not legal, but that doesn’t stop us here.Eugene rivals any big city for drugs.emote_pill_by_droneguard-d36m8ni

Also to go with your pot, the basic food situation in Eugene, and the County is PIZZA. All kinds of pizza, CHEAP pizza, expensive pizza, my favorite “Abbys’ Pizza,” which is the local pizzeria. – – Any kind of fast food you can think of, “taco time, Taco Bell, Carl’s Junior, and any type of very cheap Chinese food.  There is supposed to be some actual really genuine Chinese food here, but since we’ve never eaten that before, in our history we really don’t know what the hell it’s like.– It might look like a bunch of seaweed and goo, the last time we googled it.

Eat that at your own risk. I would say the best pizza here, but it’s very expensive is, Abby’s pizza. It’s your waistline, not mine.there are also supposed to be some sushi places here,, eat at your own risk. In Eugene, you might find a few little chic hipster places to eat, and maybe some vegetarian. Vegetarians really like it here, but we don’t care for them, we used to be one, a semi vegetarian, and now we like to eat steak.. Really really good steak! I cannot produce a place for that, I mean a restaurant.

okay what else can you buy in Eugene?ALCOHOL. Beer of all kinds, cheap and expensive, even Fetzer once in a while. And if it is ORGANIC, all the better they will just charge you a lot more money for it. TRADER JOE’S. And, beer and more beer and let’s not leave out canned beer. All kinds of beer! That is mostly the products you can buy in Eugene – – pizza and beer – – fast food, and cheap.

let’s not leave out, what you can find in Eugene; lots and lots of homeless people everywhere. Watch out for your bicycle, my sources tell me they steal and sell all your bicycles.So much for getting rid of your car.the homeless are EVERYWHERE, and they have taken over the downtown area.– – and just about everywhere else you look. I feel sorry for them, but they do really ruin the business aspect of  a town, and any chance of other big businesses  or industries moving here. They really do not like to live in a state full of lots of homeless. TRY TEXAS.but yes, Eugene has lots and lots of homeless all over the place, pick and choose  the one you want. We won’t miss any of them if you do.

another thing we seem to have plenty of, lately and that is PEDOPHILES.yes, we do seem to have a lot of pedophiles now, and they even tried to snatch kids off their bicycles, in broad daylight in front of their families. And, other devious means.so if you have kids, and you move here be very very careful. Once a pedophile has a child or baby, you’ll never see it again. Of course, maybe you have lots to spare, but it’s still a bad idea to let a pedophile get your kid. It makes you look really really bad.

another thing, a product that we have in abundance, in Eugene is: very very low income jobs. Very! If you’re looking for a job here, if you don’t have a lot of  pull and power, the job that you will be likely to get here will be very very low income, no matter how many degrees from universities you have.once again,, TRY TEXAS.the environment may suck to death, but at least they respect jobs and work and manufacturing.

so what else can you get or by in Eugene Oregon?  Very very EXTREME LIBERAL POLITICS and ORGANIZATIONS. That includes all the newspapers.  Any community organizations, ditto. You’re not going to find very advertised, or public, right wing or conservative guys standing out here, we hide out for our own safety..once you come out in public, that you are not a absolutely extreme liberal political jerk, your safety is in peril, and I mean physically.it Is much better to keep your mouth shut, and vote Trump in  in very large numbers of voters. Okay, he’s not much of a choice, but what the hell do we do with Mrs. Clinton, the big cheat and thief? We’d just have to put her in prison eventually.

How can a leader rule while they’re in prison?only the Mafia can do that.I don’t think we actually have any Mafia here – – yet. And, I’m not sure if we actually have Arabic terrorists, here but it’s very likely there incubating. Oregon used to be the place where all kinds of groups and people went, to hide away from the rest of the world, – – and often be very weird. Speaking of terrorist incubating, I should include the product called  “University of Oregon”.

Yes, Eugene has its own extremely liberal and political, crazy, very very expensive University. Very expensive high-end sports.altho, they don’t actually win. Too bad, what a waste of  millions of bucks, you can throw away on other stuff! Oh, like more organic produce.and you have to realize that  statistically, all those rapes and too loud parties, are a product of this University.

another product of Eugene is “the highest rate of child sexual abuse, and child incest in all of Oregon.” there have been, some very bad cases of child sexual abuse,  and torture, and murder of children, in this County. WHY we have the highest rate in the whole state, is a puzzle. That would give you a clue about Eugene and this County; maybe there is a characteristic here, that promotes it.–think about clearly whether you want to live here among it.I believe that Multinomah County, ( SPELLING!)also Has a very bad famous case of a child disappearing, and everybody blamed the parents and somebody’s boyfriend.– – and of course they never found a kid again.

. Oh well, what can you do, in India, it would  NOT matter at all if you missed a kid or two, there will always be hundreds of others, to take its place.– – and feed and clothe, and love, then keep safe from pedophiles.

Experts say that one of the biggest problems in the planet now, is that it is very very overpopulated with people. We have too many PEOPLE! We can’t feed them, and house them, and find any place for them to live, so they’re all going to be fighting and remain and making war over all the few resources  that the planet has left.

after all, the name of this blog is “what to do while the planet dies” so we are taking that matter under observation. It doesn’t mean we’re doing anything about it. The last thing that human beings do, in all their problems, is actually solve them. Or, even think about solving them!

That would be too logical and rational! And that is against the rules and laws of being a human being. We are very very self-destructive and destructive of everything else that surrounds us.and, that is definitely a feature you can find in Eugene Oregon.just call us the “people who hate TREES and are cutting them all down like crazy.”  that’s one of the reasons we have so many Arborists,and people like Bi-polar Mayor Kitty, and Kate the Oregon governor.these leaders of ours, are very hateful of trees.They take our public state parks, and sell them to lumber companies, and don’t even think twice about it.

here we come to the end of our article, which is sadly much too long,and the last product that you can find in Eugene.. – – Lots and lots of idiocy, stupidness, self-destructism, fascism, racist –anti-white people in local newspapers,and downright terrorist, bomb throwing,  crowd -protest -EVEN-EXTRA-gay-violence, and just plain VIOLENCE, and HATRED. We’ve got a ton of that, hatred for everybody else.WHY we have that so much,, is  moot. Maybe because here they can get away with it, and nobody complains about all the horrible CONFLICT, warfare- politically,and anti-tolerance for other people’s opinions..—

If you don’t like the local political line, you better not live here, they just won’t put up with you.you won’t be able to say anything opposite to the local political junk, or even the local govt.,  they just are not tolerant.We DON’T have a democracy,. I guess you could say they’re not really LIBERAL. They are just POLITICALLY LIBERAL, and that means absolutely CRAP– Like Mrs. Clinton taking big bribes, from foreign countries.and all the liberals here still love her to death..

so if you absolutely think you’re going to move to Eugene, consider all the above situations, products, manufacturing, and style of living.(I forgot to say that we have lots of old people and retired people here, but they’re not doing anything outrageous that I know of.) I hope! No, I hope they do something outrageous! It just would be a lot of fun, ha ha ha! – – Like I get out of writing this stupid blog that nobody reads!.

(Sandraminadotty in Eugene Oregon, cause my little shack is here, and I cannot move it to Hawaii. – They wouldn’t take me either. – – I think I’m just too white. Ha ha! Have fun! it’s the only reason to stay alive.).







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Caroline was concerned for me, because I was in so much pain, from damage to arms,hands.elbows(the damn hardware of computer does that, and so they are not responsible for it, they are TOO BIG and powerful!!)”I’ll be ok,” I said, drunkenly,”I took a lot of so-called pain killers, at least they take the edge off.” I am doing better, but any mental change  is stressful.” I did not tell her just how bad it really was.I was going to see my internst next day.)


“Yah know,” I said to Caroline,”Nobody publishes, even the “Senior & Boomer news,Northwest Newspaper,” ever tells you about this stuff; you get depressed, you lose people to death; and you lose your usual reason-for-living you had, all yer life.IT’S GONE.”

“It’s a common thing,” she rep[lied.”Even one of the Ephron sisters, the famous writer, wrote a good article about turning 60; young people wanted her job, & she lost her life-long friend to cancer, in one year, just from a little lump they found on her tongue,..It was a very truthful article. Other articles on becoming a senior,.(old person, with pain,sadness, a crappy body falling apart, and questions about death).

but in this blog, we lay it out,and sock it to you; nobody likes the truth, its always too grim.Which is why we all travel in delusions most of our lives, trying to evade how tough life is,and how “I never promised you a rose garden” is pretty true. SO what  an you do, to make old life reasonably worth living now?

Face it; you probably need NEW REASONS for living, the old ones are gone,kids gone,maybe friends dying, or mate died,the “Thousand natural  shocks of life”(sorry Shakespeare) cannot be denied.Here are some of our finds:

GET A PET: If you do not,or never,had one,consider this great creature, & add them to your life.My cat, Bella, is so sweet (mostly) I love her,she’s my reason-for-living a lot of the time. If you want “dumb-loyalty” try man;s best friend. They take you for walks, necessarily,improving your dwindling health.And with old friends dying off, C;MON, ANIMAL FRIENDS ARE WONDERFUL!! REMEMBER God gave stewardship of the animals to Man, to care for? THAT is true!! Even enlisting in “Save the Elephants from poaching!” is a good idea. Animals rely on us to help them, not kill them all off!!

Consider volunteering; ok, its not for everyone. Some seniors have long-wasted dreams they could never do; small, tiny, businesses are worth considering, maybe you just need the money; retiring can put you easily into poverty. (Tell me about it!! )Seniors work for Wal-Mart, Sears, and hardware stores that are huge now.We are often better than youngsters who work, we won’t “blow it all off”, and not show up for the job.(–A strange phenom of Millenials, we hear, can often just junk their jobs, and decide to skip work, like work ain’t so important. Did we Boomers ever do that? Our generation tended to work ourselves to death.–that ain’t so great either!!)

Consider whether or not your life-long religion really does the job now.If you went to church or temple,all your lives, does it really work any more?Or are you cynical about God remaining silent while yer best old friends die off? DOES YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM really hold up? Or does studying Quantum Physics provide better answers for you now?God never asked us to remain IGNORANT,did he? Not in my prayer book!!Education is even better at our age, we take it seriously now.–and we’re really paying attention, not just passing notes.

Stop trying to keep physical standards of youth you always had; many of us will never be slim and thinner any more.Don’t tell yourself,you have to fit in all your younger clothes. Basic physical changes in old age cannot be denied. SOME SENIORS can stay slim and youthful, its not easy for the rest of us.Abandon the high standards  you had, we’;ll never be able to afford complete plastic surgery, and you probably would not want it anyhow. Martha Stewart may want to desperately get her face stretched to pieces, but she’s a “perfectionist” in everything she does. As long as you are YOUNG INSIDE,  you don’t gotta worry about the wrapper.

Develop a sense of humour about getting old; joke it away.–nasty jokes, satirical attitudes about becoming a bunch of ASH are still worth it.Would you WANT to live forever? NAAAH!! IT’s hard enough for 80-some years–and some bad taste in jokes can always take off the sting–sleep late, eat junk once in a while, and start quoting Hamlet and McBeth at their very most depressing points of life–bad taste in humor is always rewarding. Consider the wisdom of the 3 Stooges!!   HAAH!!

iF THESE LITTLE SUGGESTIONS FOR DEALING WITH OLD AGE DON’T WORK, TRY THE REALLY OLD AGE ONE—COMPLAIN AND BITCH LIKE HELL!! KAVETCH until you drive em all away.Yell about the computer damage you’re getting, cause you will get iitif you’re my age. Kids are good at hardware, but we often  get hurt.–our bones and tendons aren’t so good now.Stop banging on the keyboard, you’re not required to act young. –You’ll just hurt  yerself, like I do–I’m just an old turd any way!!!


(Sndraminadotty, it hurts to get old, where’s my heroin?!!)