There is a lot of rotten guff going around,that if you are a true feminist,you are a liberal Democrat,and you voted for Hillary ‘Clinton for president.That is not true,as I am a real old feminists from long ago,and I can tell you,,Hillary is not friend of feminists or other women..

Despite the fact that Pres. Trump is a man,and probably sexist,and married a young beautiful woman ,not someone his own age,he was the better candidate for several reasons. We are going to be unemotional and logical and rational about this article.And NOT sink to the level of resent ass-hole hyped=up entertainment and news which is verbally asassinating the president of the United States every minute of the day in the media.

President Trump is really right about that;the Media is completely biased,.acting like tratiorist ass=holes,and no longer telling the people of the USA the real news.Instead,they are acting on their own private personal agenda of trying to screw over the public who voted the president in,and trying to get the president recalled, and thrown out.

Let’s face it,the liberal Democratic party is no longer the friend of any of us,and they have the Media screwed to their side-arms.(So to speak.)_They ARE the friends of huge massive corporations,that own every thing, so they are really traitors to the rest of us.(I wish the damn spell check would put the right spelling in,if it is going to really correct me;I have forgotten a lot of spelling over the years.)And they are in this mess to be friends and employees of the huge corporations and liberal fascist traitors ,so they can benefit from their -power and money.–they are NOT OUR FRIENDS ANY MORE. They stopped telling the real news a long time ago.

To the opposite opinion of the fat crooked politicians we have,the public is NOT STUPID. They can tell what is happening,and examine who does what,and who says what,and what happens to their taxes and money.I have heard and talked to many plain working or retired ORegonians,and know that they can make sense out of what happens in the world.–And in the United States.But apparentaly Hillary Clinton does not realize that.

That was her downfall; a woman who stays married to a convicted assaulter of women,and is even convicted for it_(he was)_and still stays married to him,and supports him in every way,and even threatens the women he assaulted,with death threats if they tell, is not a woman who is a feminist or anyone we want in the White House.

A lot of women who voted,saw that,and voted for the other side.(It’s called”jumping party lines,and voting for the cause,and the facts,not politics.”And a lot of voters do it, contrary to the polls reasoning.) Mrs. Clinton also completely ignored all the states’ ordinary people and their real concerns,and Trump did not do that; he went to all the little states,and real people,and he addressed their real concerns.He did not stay up in an ivory tower,and ignore the real voters.He listened to people talking about how scared they were,about national security in this very dangerous and criminal world;and how people had no jobs,and how all the financial state of the USA is so bad,and only getting worse.He also listened to people complaining about illegal aliens invading our borders,while people who were going thru legal immigration had a much harder time.–And it was not fair.(Many people still believe in “it should be fair”and vote that way._)

Mrs. Clinton is really not very smart;she is clever and devious,but not smart.That is a big flaw in a candidate for President of the USA.It was also very apparent to a lot of watchers of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign,that as secretary of state,she screwed up and let diplomats of ours in dangerous countries,get murdered,and she did nothing. And she did not even try to deny it;she saw nothing BAD ABOUT HER BEHAVIOR.

SICK SICK SICK. Yeah,how sick is that? Would you want her for president?Even if she was sainted by God,I would not want her in the White House.It was also clear to people who listened to her speeches,and watched her debate,that she is a very very angry person.–And when she talked about men,she really hated them. The huge amt. of hate was very clear in her speeches.If women picked up on that,don’t you think that MALE VOTERS picked up on that?If I were a male voter,I would be scared to put a woman in the White House,.who very much hated men–and yet she stayed married to a male rapist,for political and power reasons.

Liberals and women who voted for her,should be ashamed of themselves.It’s like putting Hitler in power, while you are aware that he and his buddies were very sick perverts, not caring that you put people like that in office.(Yes,they were sicko perverts;history has that on record._)And I am going to make something clear,as an old fashioned feminist:

You may be the type of feminist who really hates men,but that is a problem because you are doing that same thing that men do;hate and fear women,and make sure they never become equal and have any power.

Yes. There are a lot of men like that,and the ones in power are very difficult to deal with.However,you have to admit as a woman, that for most women,having men in their lives is a necessary thing.You cannot become a nation of amazons,with no men at all. It is true that men have a different way of looking at power;to many of them,there is no compromise,they defeat other men,and take over the situation,and do not share it equally..They are like male lions;one of them is the head lion,and the others are the 2nd level of protection.But,there is only one head lion.Other younger lions battle him,and take over when he is too old.That is nature at work.  Unfortunately,there are still a lot of men that think the same way and practice it.

However, with contemporary males,you find a much more reasonable type who see women as not “the little woman in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.”Among more intelligent younger men,that idea of being the all-powerful,only provider and only power in the family, has become outmoded.Sure,there are still plenty of macho,PLay-boy magazine-adjusted,ego-inflated men around.

But there are a lot less of them for this reason;mens’ roles have also changed.Being the only strong,responsible, and head of the family used to be derigour for men.Lots of men no longer like,or can,play that extreme game, largely because it is a lonely,stressful,and rigid male role,and it can really be a big pain in the butt.I watched my father do that,and it was awful at times.He had to take a lot more responsibilty than my mother,and he had to be”the strong one”,and do the hardest stuff alone.I would not like that role myself.It can break a person. And your only close friends are other men who are the same way.You can’t easily be an equal friend and lover,and intimate partner with your wife. That old fashioned role is crappy and has an uneven balance of power in the marriage.–Or at work,or any place in society.–And all the big fat male egos in the federal govt.DO STILL DO IT.

But the fact that the fed.govt. and much of power in society, still go by macho=male-supporting,female-discriminating, “good old boy”network. is no excuse for we feminists and women to end up being the same way,and becoming ass-holes in power,who do any dirty thing they want,to screw anyone who gets in their way.I do not like or respect women or men who are that way.If you are a lesbian,that is fine and up to you. But you are going to find out that the majority of women in society still like and have to have men in their lives,and in business and society.at large.And you cannot get rid of,or strangle them all,and throw them in the garbage.

Men are people too. If you know men as friends, acquaintances, business and other associations, you realize that.It is a fact of life.They are not perfect, neither are most of them all bad. Many of them have the same concerns,stresses,and problems in life that we have.Even if the huge powers of macho politicians are bad,you look at Nancy Pelosi, or other big,rich women in power or business (do I have to mention Martha Stewart? No matter how much you like her,she  did that same male thing,and cheated in business like a man. No matter how you justify,that “women can do it, cause men do it too,”it does not justify it.)

It is not a great idea for we women to become just like the BAD MALE EXAMPLES IN BUSINESS AND GOVT. —AND become just like the enemy we don’t want.If we do that,we are only defeating ourselves.It is a fact that younger men don’t see women the way older men do, very often. That series”Mad Men” was a great escapist entertainment for men who dream of the “good old days”when they were kings,women were decoration and for sex,and moms, business was good, and they didn’t have to worry about dealing with women as equals. Men were their only equals. Those days really are gone for most men.

—Unless you are a Muslim male,and insist on the Laws of Sharia,which make women very low 2nd class citizens and posessions. That is one of the main reasons many of we women in the USA do not want Muslims to immigrate to America.It is not just the threat of terrorism; it is the tyranical, despotic,and completely illegal laws of Sharia that Muslim men still hold over their women.They bring it with them when they come to the USA,and they do not give it up. It is a form of Medieval slavery over members of the female sex.–It is bad enough that it is all over the Middle East,it gets worse when it comes here,does not change,and only multiplies with Muslims who multiply here. WE DO NOT WANT IT HERE. It is even illegal according to the laws of the United States. If you think that ordinary old sexist males in the US are bad,look up all the laws of Sharia,and examples in real life where it is applied.  And, yes, most Muslims still bring it with them,when they immigrate here.

You can tell from the above paragraph,that yes, I am an old hardened Feminist.I do not deny it.And I am not apologizing for it.Go ahead and sneer,I do not care.I don’t want any more sexist,macho,seriously anti-female men in the United States.Importing a whole race of anti-female men and their laws into the Usa is one of the worst ideas I have  ever heard.–Why not just import prehistoric Neanderthal men, while you are at it?–or all the men from the Victorian era?The fact that Mrs. Clinton is not against it tells you something right there.

All the advances that women have made, go right down the toilet when you let those superstitious men into the country who act and think like your grand -dad at his very worst ,sexist, type of egocentric idiocy. Never mind the good old days–do you seriously want to go back to the Bad Old Days?Jane Austen for real? Not moi! Been there,forget it!!

President Trump has plenty of flaws.He would not be the first choice of many voters–if they HAD a choice. But the fact is,we didn’t and we don’t. The United States is in a mess of intrigue, corruption and internal govt. struggle over the power and fate of the whole United States,and it’s people. It is a very scary time.I’m not going to bullshit you about that. But voting an unscrupulous, phony feminist into the White House is a bad idea, no matter how we would like a woman president.

And as for this big Liberal Women’s March against Guns,or Gun Violence, let  em walk,  but I’m not giving up my firearm,school violence or not. There’s a lot worse violence that can happen to a country when they give up any self defense.–Think about all the colonists in the time of 1776,and how they were abused and enslaved by a foreign govt. and King. If you want to take the chance and have us return to that, you’re really crazy. I am not that insane.








“Satire is our middle name!”1276723093602.pngtwogirls(DRAWING FOUND ON OLD WEBSITE I STOLE IT)


I was very deflated when I went to a favorite foot doctor of my friends’,lately,but did not get very much out of it.OK,I did the exercises he gave me;fine. But he could not do anything about my toenail fungus;and he did not try.His whole excuse for being a foot doctor(podiatrist) was that he was going to get me a 3rd pair of orthotics,and get me to use them—which would cure my bad feet forever,.–like magic._betweenarockandahardplace__by_leoleonardo

Ahem–I said, “no, I had had 2 different sets of orthotics,over time,they both hurt my feet too much, I had to stop using them.==and I was not going to get a 3rd set that hurt my feet and cost $300.”–and anyway no podiatrist was going to cure me of having feet with NO FLESH ON THEM,heel spurs, severe arthritis that the orthopedist saw on the x-rays,all thru my feet.I had severe feet problems that American medical science had decided were too much for them –like the massive arthritis, and plantar faciitus which kept recurring._iceclimbing__by_devlant

(See,I have been to a lot of podiatrists.The orthopedists finally told me what I had to do,and told me flat out,”Podiatrists cannot handle very bad feet problems.”And it only worked to follow the orthopedists’s orders.It worked BETTER. NO ONE REALLY wanted to handle very bad feet,if they could not make a fortune off them.(I think I just wrote this very same damn blog entry before.)0gleeful

Podiatrists really only do one thing;cut your toe-nails.They also cannot get rid of toenail fungus,which is what I went there for.He tried to get me to buy a 3rd pair of orthotics,and I had to walk out.I am only JUST SO STUPID, BUT NOT A 3RD TIME.The orthopedists are right; “we cannot do much for feet.Stay off them,do these exercises.”–and I got severe arthritis in them,and hammer toes,any way.(see the blog entry before this.)–and had to take extreme anti-inflammatory drugs.bunneh_rides_chusagi_by_burgerbunny

I began to see what has happened to medical science;NOTHING. Maybe in 25 yrs. they will have artificial kidneys by then.But do not count on your new pair of kidneys doing anything for your WALKING.–You will still be not able to walk very well,or wind up not “going for a walk” anymore.Maybe you will wind up in  wheel chair,cause they are selling those like hotcakes.But helping your feet?_dodgeball__by_leoleonardo

The sum total of medical science has collaborated to tell we seniors,”Do not walk so much, take a cab,drive a car.Sit down.”And you can buy worthless orthotics,but we cannot fix your toenail fungus. wosautos140.gifblupimpsedan


BUT IT IS NOT WHERE THE DOCTORS ARE AT. AND it has delegated medical science back to 30 or 40 yrs. ago,still saying that toenail fungus has no cure;arthritis and bad feet have no better fix.–and “we doctors just have not made any ADVANCEMENTS IN REAL MEDICINE–EXCEPT THAT NOW there is no fix at all for you people on Medicare,and you people who are hurting,pay us a lot of money, cash, at an American hospital over the border in Mexico, and maybe we can help you,.”_hideunderabox__by_kath602-d42915o

I remember when my dad got cancer,he got over it.(HIs doctor later got it,and died.)–We lost our house.But we paid our medical bills–we had to.And my dad got a very excellent doctor._fairylove__by_ayelie_stuff

NOW if that were to happen, we would not be able to GET THAT DOCTOR, again,and my dad would die.He would have some type of insurance,but he would die from the cancer.The medical insurance would not even help, unless he had very expensive Kaiser Permanente insurance,and paid a couple hundred bucks for it every month.—Right, those same doctors would have nothing to do with him now,unless he was rich enough to pay for Kaiser.125.gifpandatree

On socialized medicine,here,you have to go to drop in clinics,cause any doctor or specialists is too crowded for months to see you.And all the psychiatrists have left Oregon or only take rich people.–so you are left kind of with the emergency rooms,when you get sick,that uninsured people have to take.SAME DIFFERENCE.


Is your socialized medicine,going to get you into that ENT?NO WAY.you would have to be one of the super-rich, and get excellent Blue Cross or Kaiser,and they cost.NOW we people on socialized medicine, cannot get into see that doctor,for 2 or 3 months or more.No therapists(mental) can take you on socialized medicine.(Medicare, medicaid.)  zombie19.giftwo

We have become England or Canada.THERE ARE NOW NO DOCTORS FOR PEOPLE ON SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.faint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif faintingfaint.gif fainting

THAT is why my sister lives in North California,next to rich people,and pays a couple hundred a month for Kaiser Permanente,and I don’t know what she lives off.NOT MUCH. She scrapes along. She does not have a full time job,like many seniors,cause they cannot afford to stop working. She just cannot get a job,any job,or a decent paying job any way.She has no car,she cannot replace the old dead one.She buys discount sneakers.But,she manages,with her bad health,just to stay alive. #2_knitting__by_otohime0394-d4v6go6

—but she has to pay a lot, just to do that.If she really gets broke,she will have to get roommates just to pay her mortgage.–or lose her house.She is paying thru the nose for having expensive good medical insurance,and staying alive.Recently,she had to take emergency 911, and it cost her $4,000. in hospital bills.(Maybe she will have to become a MAID for her rich neighbors,in cash,just to eat.)–or go out and do something under the table.(She is teaching jewelry casting,again, but not getting paid much for it.)cynic

—And no one in North California is showing any signs of wanting to hire full time a 69 yr. old for good wages.She never got the good skills that her former partner got.(
Business and computers.)And they worked her partner to death,she never retired,she just got failed kidneys,and died. My sister has to lose a lot of weight,or she will die, also. So she is doing it under threat of death.(Along with having mini-strokes all the time.)_mindblown__by_perrytheplatypus12-d4hc5xu

But me?I still have those very bad feet,and they will not get any better.However,since I was an exerciser,did yoga for years,and even with the bad feet,I am gardening all my big sick trees every day this spring and summer–boy, does that hurt,I have not done gardening for years.(I always hated it.Now I have to do it, no choice.)_vulgarpurplemonkey__by_chimpantalones

_It will probably make me lose weight.I used to keep it off, much of my adult hood.I had no choice,my medical insurance has always been LOUSY..Ditto, so I ate healthy,as a health food freak,and did not smoke;I stopped drinking. I was mostly poor,and had bad health insurance,so I had no choice,I had to take care of myself.I still have my own kidneys.—still got rotten health insurance.1303945328_comiss__blue_tiger_by_kath602-d3eoj3z..

No matter what you do,socialized medicine will not give us the very good service that we demand.–And all the doctors in our state of very socialized medicine, will leave Oregon, .Cause they want the rich patients who live in North California,.—not the old people on Medicare,and the poor noobs who have medicaid.monkey_om_nom_nom_by_nice_spice-d4s6dc5

That kind of tells you WHY they still cannot get rid of toe-nail fungus,and bad feet,but still want to make orthotics and get you to pay $300. for them.And why haven’t they cured cancer yet?(Ok, probably only if you are rich,which makes excellent sense. The rich can get almost anything, now they have all the doctors,)_moneyshower__by_ledmaiden-d2yeadp

Maybe its true that you get what you pay for,and if you don’t pay for it,probably the rich get your doctor–and not you.,celebrate010_2

(Sandraminadotty, ouch ouch, i hurt, oww tree-trimming work is tough.in Eugene OR)  🙂   :(…..wiggltree27b195315183942646a5bd110c4de94e



1153294048.png black white smil cat


Our friend,  Janice, who we  know has issues with depression, finally tried to get a therapist or counselor in Eugene.She even called up the fed. govt.Medicare information line, to find out if anyone in Eugene took Medicare.No_TV_No_Beer_make_Homer_crazy_by_ilaaaria

She found 2 clinics,(nope, just one) that took medicare; there was a 6-month wait list.As for individual counselors who took Medicare?NADA. NONE. She called everywhere.She can’t get into Lane County Mental Health, they said,”You’re not sick enough,we only take most extreme cases now.”(Like the types in state _angry__by_royaba-d33gauehospitals.)Only s senior medical group  With Peace Health would talk to her._ILIKEHOTGIRLS__by_crula

“You’re a native of Oregon,”I asked her,over the phone,”doesn’t that make any difference?You’re 70 yrs old.”That makes no difference, “she replied.”OOPS, WAIT, I got to go throw up!”and I heard her run,and faint sounds of the bathroom door,and mild noise of vomiting.She came back in a few minutes,”excuse me,”she said,” its just nerves.” “NERVES?”I asked. “Yes, it’s nerves,that’s all.I used to have migraines, too,I got so bad I’d throw up.” This didn’t sound good.ROFL_T_SPAZZ_by_Czathero

But Janice was having those Medicare problems that Oregon has now;sure,you got Medicare, but no mental health pro will take it–not in Oregon,and the chances of getting medicaid to  help, elicited phone calls that all said,”Sorry,we have no one availble,we are all booked up;we have a 6-month wait list,at least.”So what did you do, in an emergency? Go call the hot line at White Bird Clinic(if you can get in.)doughnut_by_poisontouch

To see a real health professional in Lane County, you should be–working, with excellent. non-govt. insurance–or be very rich, buy your own psychiatrist.Or, be so out-of-control-dangerous that Lane County Mental Health has to take  you–in chains or handcuffs.I heard a rumor their 2nd floor is “interestinng.”(??)  crazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_minicrazy_mini

Last thing, I heard, was  Janice asked her main doctor for something to avoid the vomiting from  happening .As for me, I got sinus trouble again, went to drop-in clinic, and was waiting about a month or month and a half, to see my ENT doctor. It’s pollen season,in-between rains and blossoming of  lovely pink flowered trees.flower_bloom_mote_by_sackofsquan-d5z5mqu5399.gifbluflowr5401.gifbluflr

I would advise, get an excellent job with first rate medical insurance, like Kaiser(which is here now)and pay over $100. in monthly payments (plus prescription payments)–or just be very very rich,  to live in Eugene Oregon now and see a mental health person,(Portland just lost .a whole big medical clinic, cause they can’t make medicaid actually pay the $$$ amt.the doctors & clinic need.So they’re bust.  )Grandma_Angry_by_Momma__G

Getting Medicaid and Medicare to pay you tax payers back for the billions you gave to the fed. govt.,when you get old,and need it,is not something that will happen.  I know and see 65 yr old and 70 yr old people still working at full time jobs at Sears, or huge hardware stores,or for Fast Food places, until they fall over. _lag__by_Link3Kokiri

  The next time I ever give the fed. govt. most of my money over the years,from work, so senate and congress (and other fed. govt. depts.) can steal it all,and leave ME with nothing in my old age–NOT DOING IT AGAIN.I’m not planning re-incarnation, guys.bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13

I am NOT coming back to abouncewallsact13 human life,on this planet again—while the planet is DYING!I have had enough of being a human being! It pretty much sucks!!Ask Janice,before she  goes into smoking or taking “medicinal marijuana”just to get her nerves to stop jangling for 5 minutes  bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13    ._depression__by_punkybbouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13bouncewallsact13

(Sandraminadotty,in Eugene, OR,— maybe I should fall off the wagon to celebrate Fetzer?Fetzer would do it!—Fetzer forever,in red for sure.Fetzer is the only mental health help that really does the job.Get depressed, anxious,Fetzer solves all stress and problems!–no more anxiety, and if you DO THROW UP, its really worth it.)   🙂weedbouncewallsact13 weed_jigglypuffattack__by_Edme   ani08.gif livewheelchr  bottle_of_bubbly_by_kath602-d5mnjg3bouncewallsact13   stor01.gifdrugdealdrunkcrazy.gif hopy_drink__by_web5terbouncewallsact13



“CANDIDATE FORUM:LANE COUNTY AND CITY OF EUGENE WARD 5:Both Ward 5 City Councilor,and West Lane County Commisioner up for Election May 5fh 2018.AND maybe you taxpayers get to vote on them!You Seniors don’t need to hurt your brains, its just politics!! its only your MONEY! HAH HAH!–in Eugene OR”(more later)


(Gov. Kulongoswski Democratic Party)


I forgot to vote;i was busy trimming and hacking fungus,bugs,and ivy off my trees, since they have very crooked govt. here, and you keep voting it in,(or you do not kill off the guys who run it,) you got very bad local govt. it’s ORegon, it’s bad.–the end.







I had just tried out my friend’s favorite,great podiatrist,and ran straight into the podiatrist’s lament.—_dogwalk__by_bapity88 (1)

They have not changed in ten,or 20,or 30 yrs.–even when I had much younger feet.Same-old-same-old–“do leg stretches against a wall 5 times a day.”(I used to do those,alla the time,no diff.Very sore legs.–not better feet or less pain.)Putting my feet up,staying off feet,and soaking feet in ICE only way to cut down inflammation. that method works.Runners use ice.-Ice_Skating____by_Waluigi_Prower

But can’t you kill my toenail fungus?”The pills and ointments never kill them off;that pill is dangerous to the liver.”Great,I can’t kill toenail fungus.sadcry239

“Aren’t there pads you can order,to put under feet,to lessen flesh-less feet from walking right on my bones?”No.”I already was wearing Hoka One running shoes,so I beat him to that point.The guy was very nice, but all these “no, you can’t do that!”–were adding up.walk_by_sackofsquan-d5w8ix7

“Stop using artificial sugar,it makes you gain weight”he preached.”You want me to start eating REAL SUGAR?–cause that’s really the consequence with “no fake sugar.I’m a recovered alcoholic,should I go back to sweet wines?Sheesh,why do you think I crave sugar or fake sugar?–What do I do,live with NO SWEETNESS in my life?That’s like commiting suicide! What pleasures does an old lady have?Cut out the Splenda,and I become a werewolf under a full moon!—“cakecookie_by_elicoronel16


Ask me what “hydrogenated” means;I can recite all the different sugars.Dextrose,sucrose,frutose, and lactose.–plus maltose–I forget.But I’d eat them all.No sugar shall lack it’s -ose..I know some nutrition,but its been years.Yes, hydrogenated is Crisco.–if anyone knows what that is,now.BUTTER and “fruit purees” have replaced fat,in baking.But,please,don’t go baking with LARD AGAIN.OK,maybe just at  Xmas time.—with very “antique” recipes.Flyin_mah_little_kite_by_Sinister_Starfeesh

This guy condemns all carbs,all bread,in his fave diet,but even old weight watchers diet let you have a LITTLE BREAD.He does trim my bad toenails,but he’s trying to get me back in orthotics,(no way,they all are so bad,hurt my feet,I stop using em.Another pair of $300. orthoses thrown into your closet.)–just another very amiable, fanatic-old fashioned podiatrist,who will never tell you,plantar faciitus needs ice on it.–or else inflammation don’t get better.ow__it_bit_me__by_joshr691-d50erqo (1)

You have to go to a bone doctor to find that out.And their opinion of podiatrists, is”bunch of phoney,toe-nail cutters;ask me how to help your feet.”And the bone doctor pays off.The podiatrist never does.HOW COME? pulpfictiondance

THERE’S NO MONEY IN FEET.NOT A PENNY! If you were very rich,yes,I am sure your bone-doctors would help yer feet,and charge you big prices.–Probably new stuff they never use on the common man.–The common man with bad feet, has no MONEY.His insurance is paltry!burned_by_caesar_t

–thus,when you go to the podiatrist,you remember once again your orthopedic doctors’ opinion of podiatrists.”They are just bad.Forget them.”–and the only way your feet ever got better,was to follow your past orthopedist’s advice,Use ice on feet,wear air-support athletic shoes.Cut down the inflammation.–accountingsmiley-chores013

–And stop going back to podiatrists except to have your toe-nails clipped.THAT they can do.–as well as tell you,”don’t you dare eat fake sugar,it makes you gain weight.”–and remember why you stopped seeing podiatrists in the first place.Even the AMA does no new techniques or improvements,why should they?The discoverys leading to fake,new kidneys,will transform kidney disease in 20 yrs.YES.Emote_Scream_like_munch_by_MenInASuitcase

But”there’s no money in feet”cause they won’t make doctors wealthy or famous.–not a bit.Shit on you,money-grubbing AMA! May your corns turn into bunions!You have it coming._angry__by_CookiemagiK (1)

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene,Oregon,applying ice packs to inflamed feet—again.OUCH!)   😦  dancetogether _chairdance__by_Link3Kokiri _book_bounce__by_nerdxv  Dance_Avvy_by_xXMandy20Xx (1)   bouncewallsact13  anotherdrugdealstor01










Carolyn had just gotten back from seeing a student(a cousin) who went to the University of Oregon,and lived in that neighborhood.To my amazement(truly, I had no idea~) she was robbed right on the street,in the evening,just coming back to her car.

Poor Carolyn; all her ID,CREDIT CARDS(social security card) bank statement,keys, and everything she had, was forcefully robbed by real bad guys, who were a common thing now around the whole university neighborhoods.

Wow,a crime in Eugene  university area, that did not involve rape of a female student!!!  what a relief!!And –it happened to a female senior,not a student!!Well, everyone who lived in the students’ living area,was now apt to be robbed or burglarized.L.A., NYC,and  all parts of California and back east had truly moved right to Oregon behind all the fleeing masses, we have the crime they all were fleeing to get away from. Along with the massive traffic, freeways, and ever constant SMOG.

You move to a nice green Oregon,bring all the trash with you,and suddenly it too becomes the piece of shit neighborhood you moved away from.

The police were so busy,they had to get some out of work local men to help Caroline;she punched her phone tearfully,canceling her credit card,bank acct.,and trying to get the locks changed on her house.–How was she going to cancel her social security number?NO WAY!!”Sit down,Carolyn,” I said,patting her arm,and getting her a drink,”I’ll help you get ahold of Experian,and the credit websites,but we have to change your locks right away.–Otherwise, you’ll get burglarized as well. “

She tried to joke,”Utah and Mormonism is starting to look real good about now,” she chuckled,”or growing potatoes in Idaho.” “Don’t think I haven’t considered Alaska myself,”I replied,sitting down”But Alaska is too  expensive to live in,and I don’t think I could handle the seasonal lack of light.Its bad enough in Oregon. My vitamin D level couldn’t handle it.” I grinned,”But I have talked to some cousins who lived in Alaska, on my mom’s side; they mostly trapped and skinned for furs,I guess you gotta have a good source of dough to go there.–or a good job.”

I didn’t object when Carolyn lit a ciggarette,she hadn’t smoked for many years,but this was a true crisis.Now anyone who walked around the student living neighborhoods could get brutally robbed, including any visitor;Oregon had CHANGED RADICALLY,besides just the major weather changes. Now thousands of newcomers transformed Oregon(we’re including the huge corporation developers) into a place we had trouble living in, with all the major problems of a huge urbanized state, and there was probably no way we could escape the monster Oregon had become.

Besides those changes,the state of Oregon was going bankrupt,with millions of dollars in deficits,trying to sell all it’s state public parks to lumber companies–just to get a couple of fucking bucks.

That sale would still not make up for the state going bankrupt,with civil service employee wages and pensions it was contracted forced to pay-We had just witnessed the legislature passing several new state taxes, including the rediculous bicycle tax. (How was that going to be enforced? We already didn’t have enough police or sheriff’s dept. officers, who was going to become the “bicycle-cops”?)

-sooner or later(probably sooner)even Lane county might go bottoms up,cause of its millions in budget deficits IT had. Everyone was braced for huge cut backs in services from the state, but some were already happening ; Lane county mental health dept. only took schizophrenics,& the worst mentally ill any more,just like northern California had done.

“I guess we could always pick a state that no one else wanted to move to,Carolyn–“I consoled,”Like my friend’s St. Joseph, Michigan.” “Doesn’t she live right next to a huge notorious,dangerous slum?” she answered,grimacing.”Yes,”I replied,” but most of the state is empty!! No one wants to move there,there’s no industry now,and you’re either homeless or very upper middle class,or rich.There’s nothing inbetween!!”

“Except they are getting plenty of immigrants,”she answered.”-from India,and Muslim nations.And that 200 acre new all-Mainland-Chinese community, that’s being built there,remember?-cause all the rich Chinese are buying it all up,in Detroit,so they can all move outta their decimated China, and live here.”

“I’m considering taking Mandarin at the university,”I said.”I miss the sound,since my dad passed away,yah know?Especially the swearing.” “He never taught you any of it?”she questioned.”Nope;he and my mom took a class together,after we kids left home,she went along with it.” I paused.”He always reminded me of an immigrant,like the old Chinese in Flower Drum Song,he never got used to America.” Sigh.

Carolyn was getting ahold of the credit companies,and I was thinking about Nebraska,North and South Dakota,Mississippi, Tennesee, Oklahoma,Georgia and other southern states– who hated any of the North moving in. How difficult would moving to a very unpopular,freezing in winter place,or with tornadoes, hurricianes, huge slums-state be, who’s residents didn’t want “foreigners” moving in?

Michigan was already getting those Chinese,Indians, & Muslims whether they wanted them or not. At least massive populations would not want to wade thru the freezing snow of  Nebraska every winter, or snowed-in (South) North Dakota, unlike the now-moderate weather of Oregon.

Pick any state people had a very hard time living in,and make that your home. Would all those fleeing residents of L.A, San Diego,and NYC balk at following you to a difficult-to-live-in-state,if you could manage it?

But could YOU manage it yourself, without balking? I was a native of Oregon, I sure didn’t want to surrender the damn state to these thousands of Johnny-come-latelys who were busting Oregon at the seams. Why did I have to leave?Why couldn’t THEY turn around,and go back to their messed-up region? Why did I have to be pushed out of MY STATE?

“Let’s stick to Oregon,”I said to Carolyn,who was recuperating from her crisis.”It’s still our state,good or bad, rich or poor.We’ve been poor here much of our lives(except when we had to work in California)-and our families lived thru the tough times.”

Since the hordes have brought their problems with them,we’re not going to collapse if the state falls,or Lane county defaults on all it’s debt.–we’ve had it tough since we were kids.I know Carolyn never had it easy.-=-neither have I.

If Oregon also became the unlivable Los Angeles,as when the Eugene Public Library got shot up by local gangs(who went to the main library any more except the homeless and gang members?Not us.)–or when we inherited the massive traffic-jams Detroit had (which drove all the whites out of the city)–rendering Detroit broke and into a slum–Carolyn and I were not as likely to cut and run.–

–” I can’t sell my place for enough money to move away,any how,”I said to Carolyn. “You can’t sell yours for anything, cause buyers don’t want to pay enough for it.–Not like we could move away any how–no money. Besides, I can envy my sister living in her rich neighborhood in Northern California all I want-. People live in the place they’re meant to be in.

“We can handle the bad stuff happening, far better than the newcomers can.Shot-up libraries, robberies and burglaries ,University towns torn to shreds.It’s our Oregon,Carolyn,”I said,clapping her on the shoulder, and getting us another drink.”-for better or worse. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We’re here, its our home,let’s get you armed. The Oakgrove Gun Shop in Santa Clara is a good place to start. You have a right to defend yourself.–that robbery could have been far worse on you.–the next time  it could be. “

“Whatever problems that Trump has,he’s still in the White House,and we still have the 2nd Amendment.I just renewed my membership in the NRA( even though the suckers are republicans who fuck up plenty themselves,) cause that’s the bottom line. You don’t have to let yourself be assaulted if you can help it.” “They sell tazers for the public,now,” chuckled Caroline,”I wonder if they really work? ” “If they don’t,”I replied,”we’ll get you something that DOES WORK. –CAN I interest you in a .22 handgun? Statistics say that most burglars are shot with just .22’s. You don’t even need a .38 .Altho–if you wanta to stop someone permanently-“

“I know,I know,the .38 will put em down,”she sighed.” I don’t have to kill one, I’d settle for riddling the guys with bullet holes.” “A wise choice,” I grinned. “It might even improve their looks,”she sneered,”it couldn’t hurt.Ugly is as ugly does.Ugh.”

(Sandraminadotty, says,A word to the wise–don’t move to Oregon,or Lane county,unless you can handle the out of control mess it is becoming. Maybe all those robbers have a tougher time assaulting the folks in Nebraska or South(North) Dakota freezing blizzards every winter. Maybe you should stay in north California,and build a rock garden(like my sister)cause there’s no extra water for an “organic”garden.She’s managing it ok(OK,she just got her back pack filched on the dumb Mass Transit,cause she’s old and nods off,)and it is dangerous on public transportation. She does not want to move;neither do I. Deal with it. You can’t run away from stuff forever.)




mandala_drawing_31___collaboration_by_mandala_jim-d56y4g6(BEAUTIFUL MANDELA I PICKED UP ON THE WEB)

flowering_vine_by_upsguy1997-d4vjey3“SATIRE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME!”5399.gifbluflowr



While we are listening to the strains of “Turandot” on the radio Saturday morning,Carolyn and I, drinking coffee, appreciate the local classical music station here in Eugene.It’s done by the University of Oregon (one of their few real accomplishments)but it is funded by the community and a few choice advertisers. I have to admit, it is a clear better choice over new country-western stations.In fact,this station can be heard on the web,and well over more than Oregon.730ea40da13ab19d21c95c18447bc01e.gifcoffeecup

“A civilized island of good music,in the sea of Eugene Oregon crap.”;are you sick of your friends listening to Country-western yet,singing along in the car?YES.shredding_guitar_by_ledmaiden

But back to the subject at hand; I am shopping for an erogonomic keyboard,orders from my doctor,cause I get too much pain,strain,ect.,from the cheap keyboards I use.I go on Amazon; they got a reasonably-useable keyboard supposed to be “ergo”,and it is $65. Very pricey.xxstrawberryqueenxx

But I find a very good page of ALL REVIEWS OF ERGO KEYBOARDS, WOW,what a selection.And they review them very well(even says a commenter) Sorry for not including that page,but it’s easy to find “ergo” keyboards online,and to see a wide selection with reviews.–Could i manage to use a split keyboard?it’s supposed to be the best for typing,say the Computer nerds,it is what they use…One of them is even recommended by the medical experts.–cause they are HEALTHIER.rub_my_belly_plz_c__by_katataetc

“O.k.,”say I to Caroline,”I already now have so much trouble typing.on this cheap keyboard,and I make enough mistakes not being able to get to the right keys.Old age encourages that.What could it hurt to get a mild ergo keyboard?but split?Look at the prices especially, of the split ergo keyboards.”. $300. for a keyboard? And all the split keyboards are the same,astronomical prices.The Amazon one for $65. is starting to look really good.Damn.._fuckthis__by_crakaemotes

“They also have soft pads to rest your wrist on,”says Caroline,while I hurt my pinky finger trying to backspace,and fix a word.This keyboard is so hard on pinkys,I hate the piece of crap.They really ARE DESIGNED BADLY FOR YOUR HANDS.”But if you are really typing a lot,have a blog, write lengthy emails,you really have to stop hurting your fingers and wrists.(My dad had carpal tunnel, from watch-making, and had to go in the hospital,surgery, for it, many years before computers did the same thing. You could also get damage from playing the piano a lot.)imslow

OUCH!! You suppose Van Kliburn suffered for his fantastic technique? In his case,I guess it was worth it.What a technique!Something I always wanted to do, well before 15 yrs.old, take piano lessons;I begged my parents,my dad said,”NO, it is just a waste on kids,they hate it,and never play.”He could say that,he learned to play the violin by himself, long ago,before I was born.But I loved the piano,and really wanted to play it–another thing in life you never got to do–luigifan-64

–Like taking a trip with my class, to Mexico,another thing my parents would not pay for.They also did not want me in my Girl Scout class, camping outside over night.FOR ONE BLOODY NIGHT!!–We did NOT HAVE ANY BEARS HERE!! What the fuck,that is my life, did not do anything.–never traveled outside the USA,never got married and had kids.(Those last two I do not regret very much.The pickings were very slim,as to men.)_silentcry____emote_7_of_30___plz_by_blissfullysarcastic-d4ggja6

–Forget my unlived life, for now–But if you type a lot,try one of these ergo keyboards,what ever you can handle financially,and if you really can return one,within a short period of time,try one of the split keyboards,and see if it really is better.Your hands, wrists,and your pinky fingers are crying out for relief.–Hey, how many bodies can you get anyhow?ONE BODY. ONE SET OF HANDS. –even Van Kliburn only had one set of fingers.2__love_by_toxic_fox_girl-d37ofv6

Me,I am still shopping, regarding my money, and probably start out conservative ergo. Hell, now we are all trying to be conservative, we realize we got one planet (which we are killing, notice the title of my blog) we cannot replace the oceans, and there are too many people, strangling the planet to death._pillowfort__by_stuck_in_suburbia

That ergo keyboard is in my bucket list,and my bucket is tiny,and my life is fading towards the damn end.–Sorry for the black philosophy;I really never DID GET TO DO STUFF in my life,it was too damn hard. The least I can do, at the 70 yr. end, is buy a better keyboard,and spare my worn out hands.You seniors could do well to consider it too. That is my review. .724329fatcattypecomputer

(Sandraminadotty, ouch, in Eugene Oregon, rain and storms in March,waiting for those May flowers to come out–along with the blackberry bushes I have to trim–really hellish at the end of life.)  🙂   😦_floweromfg__by_helen_baq _foosl__falloffofstemlaughing_by_helen_baq_rain__by_darkmoon3636_kitty_and_music__by_nerdxv wiggltree27b195315183942646a5bd110c4de94e   camping_by_i_is_smart-d4nvocn