HAVE YOU, a senior, had your life ruined, or part of it, by hi-tech?Let us review the many splendored-ways hi-tech can mess up a senior’s life.

OK, we know the GOOD THINGS about hi-tech that can help a senior–cell phones that get you an ambulance when you get hit by that  heart attack or stroke–advanced medical treatments(if you can afford them-)-being able to chat or email with that far away grandchild  or kid(unless you are a total dork at computers–FLASH NEWS!!-There is even now a super-simple computer  any senior can use!)–

We have not personally checked out that computer, guys.Any more news on that?\

What, however, can a senior point to, and say “hi-tech is wrecking my life!”? Are there many DISADVANTAGES OF HI-TECH, for seniors?(I will have to stop now, and come back when my tendon-bone-hand pain, from too much ‘puter work, has gotten calmed down.A moot point.  YES, we seniors type or draw,or surf,chat, and over-do it, the old hands and arthritis get bad.–over doing work on the computer gets done even by SENIORS. 

We are only human;and we get fascinated, and HURT.WE ARE OLD. OK?)DID it ever occur to anyone, seniors can become “puter-addicts”too?Guys, we are old, not dead, and a lotta seniors are very intelligent.

)OUCH!! I now limit my time on a mouse,keyboard,ect, cause of the above problems.BUT  HAVE you noticed the crash of social  interaction,and funneling all social contacts onto FACEBOOK?AND little tiny hand computers? 

The city of Eugene has the “social-disabled”who walk and go everywhere with their faces glued to a screen.Would you like to interact with people like that?only thru a lit screen?Imagine a date,or going out to dinner with younger people(true story)–and they all have their faces glued to a tiny screen?–even the WAITER??.IS THIS EVEN HUMAN any more?

HOW do people take a class on the computer?you have no fellow students,no face-to human teacher, not even any illusion that you are taking a class.

You may as well be serving life in a prison, taking an online course to make life less boring–trying to avoid looking at the bars on windows.NO DIFF!! 

Remember when people used to have HOBBIES,knit, sew , make dolls, bake, and various interests?i did try to buy a digital camera–the $100. dollar one did not work,was shoddy–instead of a reas0nable  priced camera, i was told, digital cameras start at $400. to at least $600. to start. JUST FOR A DAMN HOBBY CAMERA??

THERE goes my dumb leisurely hobby!!!I can’t afford it!!only rich people can buy decent cameras.

Carolyn, as usual, watched me typing;”OK, no camera,no socially–sane people, too much f—ing FACEBOOK–and anything simple, has been DIGITIZED, so its no longer simple.–you forgot–your medical files are on computers, that go online, and can be hacked.”

OH,yes, “financial insecurity is hi-tech.”your MONEY CAN GET HACKED online, its no longer safe–what happened to real retailers and safe real stores??Someone just hacked my debit card, and my bank discontinued it–I have no debit card.(I am in vain waiting for a new one.ho-hum)–and the digital age makes my MONEY UNSAFE, and ANYONE can get you, online. 

WHAT was so great about online shopping again?I don’t usually get robbed at gun point when i go to a store.–not until now. Plus, hackers who get a whole store’s shoppers, can steal every one’s debit cards–retail is not safe. This explains why I have started to use CASH to buy stuff.

THE DIGITAL BILL FOR SERVICES–has become huge.Comcast phone,tv,and internet (the only local I can get) costs a fortune.Forgeet heat and water costs–basic digital needs rack up the real big price tag every month.

I remember when T.V. WAS FREE and it was much better shows than now.With digital, i have more commercials, more t.v. cable fees, ect ect ect. –and all the tv shows STINK NOW.Most of them.i don’t bother with–movies only.AND THOSE same movies rotate endlessly, with any newer movies. —re-runs-re-runs-re-runs, Comcast t.v. is ALL RE-RUNS.and OLD STUFF!!!

There are no choices any more, just digital-this and that.If I could get a real camera, and use that,I would–but do I really have a choice??WHO HAS real cameras,and real film any more?I have to look locally.

And we have those close to us,–you have to call them long distance–they can’t write letters any more.(this is a very “gone: senior who should know better.)–they are too busy at home, going online, and only socially-interacting, online.–They have disappeared from the real world. THAT is bAD. Seniors who forget how to interact, unless its on a computer. You just named my sister.

I will end with “having to learn digital code and language you hate,and can’t waste time on”–its not fun.THAT is a real time killer, when you’d rather be outside,going for ice cream,or doing a hobby.--Even seniors  get ensnared by this.AND, you can HAVE IT!!!  YOU can have the “digital world,” hopefully we will run out of oil,and electricity to run all this junk.  THAT’ would be a senior’s blessing.

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene Oregon, altho no one’s reading my dumb blog.)”SATIRE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME!!!”





SO WHY IS THIS SUCH A BIG SURPRISE? WHAT I AM REALLY SURPRISED ABOUT, is that any actress ever gets in a picture or tv show,without sleeping with any guy who produces the whole thing!!

Alec Baldwin is no nice guy;he can hardly make noises about President Trump, when he also possesses some of Trump’s worst features himself
!!Carolyn and I were trying to look up the “Harvey Weinstein–Kevin Spacey harrassment story” online.

+It was hard to get ahold of it, caUSE, on Twitter, there is Alex Baldwin, standing up for a fellow predator. –and he wants to excuse every Liberal Democrat male,of ever being any kind of predator—(we are supposed to forget all those White House gems.).

Speaking of “White House Gems,” many of we woman will never excuse the Democrat party, for choosing a black man to run for prez, instead of a more experienced White Female.HEY, DEMOCRATS, HOW THE HELL CAN YOU TOUT BEING  PROGRESSIVE, AND KILL OFF ALL THE WOMEN IN YOUR OWN PARTY,. AND STICKING THEM IN THE KITCHEN, BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT? .

Most of we women never forgave the Democrats that,and a lot of moderate demos, and lots of independents, stopped staying in the Democratic party. We were sick of being”very progressive and very sexist at the same time.”–You are supposed to expect the Republicans to be sexist, but the democrats?the Demos have absolutely no excuse for being such rapist, assaulting, female-candidate-denying asshole sexists!!

So when we finally read about Weinstein and Spacey,.(I guess that means Kevin is not gay after all?)–we were just not surprised at all–we were  surprised that it was coming out at all..–NOT SURPRISED, JUST READY TO GIVE OLD BALDWIN HIS JUST DESSERTS!! Ask his ex-wife how Alec will say anything, to get himself close to a beautiful body. –even so far as matrimony. –say “I am a vegan also!!”and then go eat hamburgers on the sly.–very cute, Alec. HA HA.

BUT what you gotta wonder, is, did Rock Hudson do the same thing, in his day? exert a little pressure on some young actor males??–when they wanted to get into pictures?–and tell them”I can get you next to Doris Day, in the movies.”???–or did his co-star in “GIANT”, JAMES DEAN, try to molest or seduce a very young blond actress in the movie(we read that he did) by accosting her during a scene, right under the same table?

We even wonder if the wicked Witch of the West,. with the very long nose,had to audition for her part,and prove that she :”had the charms that it took” to really make some guy feel very magical?Enchanted?–and it required that audition to  be able to play very witchy?

DID PALTROW HAVE TO SIT ON THE CASTING COUCH, TOO?:  HOW did the guys in Hollywood possibly keep their hands off of that blonde bomb??--I don’t think I could even walk by, in those days, and keep my eyes off Paltrow,and I am not even gay!!--Everyone at least, took a look!.

We would be glad to see Baldwin retire from pictures and tv.,and stop acting like the BAD ACTOR AND BAD COMIC he really is.–masquerading as a satirist, when he is only making fun of HIMSELF, NOT THE PRESIDENT. –-“THERE BUT FOR CASTING, GO HE, INSTEAD OF TRUMP!!”  Hollywood is just one big stain on the planet.

*(Sandraminadotty, ignoring and avoiding the pictures i can avoid–do you  spose Emma Thompson would put up with being nuzzled by a producer or director? or would she just start dancing, and kick the guy in the groin with a fancy whirl? Or maybe Ryan Gosling would get hard,and =fast, and get the assialiant out of the picture=—and then do a male-type pirouette?  in Eugene Oregon, sexism never goes out of style here!!!  🙂  )..


342.png greatpumpkin

(ok,. we stole this art off 2draw.net, but it’s legal,they have no site FORCE-FIELD LIKE GERMAN OR ISRAELI SITES!!!)


“Aren’t you going to stop subscribing to Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar magazines?” asks Caroline, as she rifles thru my new magazines on the coffee(????) table, filled with junk and over the counter drugs.”They aren’t anything but tons of DUMB ADS.”

“yEAH, ” i REPLIED, “i am wasting my money,.I think i have a 2 year subscription to Vogue,I have not paid them anything for about that long—and they keep sending the thing!! It’s like a herd of ANTS COMING AT YOU FROM ALL SIDES.” “ANTS? A FASHION MAGAZINE?”  :”YES, its like herds of army ants, invading your mail box,and yer dirty coffee table,and every available space!!MORE VOGUE, MORE HARPER’S BAZAAR!”

You look inside Vogue and Harper’s and see tons of ads, coming at you, 20 million miles a minute!!MORE GUCCI!! MORE DOLCE AND GABBANA!! MORE VALENTINO!! MORE TOM FORD!!(THERE is an invasion for you, a very gay over agressive ex=actor,who is now making movies(guess what they are about) who made BILLIONS OFF FASHION, that he knew nothing about!! the guy can;t design his way out of a NYC bus stop!!–he literally did not know how to design a circle skirt!!how dumb is that?And he made literally billions off fashion?

So what was Tom Ford’s fashion mantra?SEXY SEXY SEXY!! AND WEAR A GIRDLE!! the guy liked to thrust his hand,inside his female friends’ bras,and fondle their breasts!! they admitted to it.Who says the gay male designers get to reject women, screw men,.but harass women’s breasts?”I remember the fold out, you showed me,.of Tom Ford nude,with Kate MOss,. AS IF he thought that was HUSTLER MAGAZINE FOR GAY MEN!:”said Caroline, sighing.”Not the fashion trends i WAS looking for, really.:”  “Thank God he is “semi-retired,:”I said.”Semi-retired?” :”Yeah, semi retired is code for,:”all the girls and women are sick and tired of SEXY SEXY SEXY!! ok for models, but are WE MODELS?NO WE ARE NOT!”

SPOOKY SPOOKY, BOO BOO BOO! we senior women have enough trouble not going to fat, cause of our hormones.I am still working on getting back into my large size jeans.After breaking my ankle,sitting around, eating cheeze sandwiches, (who can cook with a broken ankle?)The right leg is really sprained,I gotta get my doc to say if the right one is really sprained to hell. ouch.TRICK OR TREAT!! I got my tricks for a whole year.

I think my senior female body is retiring to easy-to-wear trousers, no panty hose,and what ever sneakers are easy on these old worn out feet.Fashion is for young bodies,and my best fashion is COMFORTABLE CLOTHING AND SHOES. HI  HEELS?ARE YOU JOKING? boooooo!!I already wrecked my dumb feet with years of hi heels i should never have bought and worn!!

!GIRLS, DO NOT BUY HI HEELS!!!  TALK ABOUT WITCHES IN SCREAMING SHOES!!!DITCH THE VOGUE AND THE HARPER’S BAZAAR!! maybe better homes and gardens?how about t.v. Guide? sigh.

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, OR, with a left broken ankle and right sprained one,not walking a lot lately–and not aping Fred Astaire on the liv. room floor, any more.)--I did it,that “dance excercise” did me in.)





“HOW ARE YOU going to manage that?”asked Carolyn,who was making lunch for both of us,in my kitchen. I pretended I did not hear her.”Are you making soup?”I replied,as I typed this blog episode.”Yes,chicken soup, you mind?” “No,I love it,why would I mind?” “Are you sure that we’ll have a toilet to use, after we eat our lunch?”she asked.

“Yes,”I replied, I think I finally found an honest plumber,”I said,happily.”Even though he charged me the usual $300. he said, the other guys never cleaned out the main line!!!so this one was HONEST!!!Maybe because he’s young?He hasn’t learned how to really exploit plumbing-owners yet?”

It was a big Eugene Oregon problem–maybe the whole USA—CORRUPTION AND FRAUD of all vital services–you pay plumbers and vital services,and they don’t do the job,and ripp you off–maybe FOREVER–UNTIL you get a service company who didn’t do it!!

And now plumbers and roofers do not take “credit accts,”,they all want CASH.–OFTEN in thousands of bucks,the whole amt.,to put a new roof on.Still, you can try a few things:

If you have the roto-rooter before,who never did the job.and its a new bill,race to your BANK,AND CLAIM YOU NEVER GOT THE SERVICE–PUT THAT CLAIM into your bank!!!fast!!! You are disputing that you ever got the service,you are not allowing your bank (thru check or card) to pay it. If you are fast enough, your bank can investigate, and stop payment somehow. Sometimes it works.

However, its usually too late,months later,when you find out your loyal old fashioned plumber,was ripping you off every 6 months,cause he was “jimmying” your toilet to fall apart.The NEW PLUMBER  will have to do it right,charge you twice as much, and it’ll be too late to put a claim into your bank.

But if you buy something online from a big website,and you never get the object for many weeks, you probably can tell your bank not to pay after all,and put in a claim. In that case, since they NEVER SENT IT, you don’t have to pay it(although they already are on your statement, as having taken the money.)

The WORSE CASES,and these happen a lot,in Eugene and Lane county,are those “plumber- ripps- you- off -for-months- or-years,-on-going”and you often lose THOUSANDS by the time you get wise.Your “bug guy” or old nice plumber, are often SO SWEET, SO NICE, “BEEN IN WORK FOR MANY MANY YEARS HERE”–(you know the ones i mean)–that you almost NEVER CATCH ON!!!!(If you are a senior,you might even get a discount)–

–Isn’t that NICE of them?  AWWWWW.

They are the “bug men-Inc.” who saw signs of TERMITES, and let you pay for the kill-off, in big chunks.–you only find out,termites never HAVE THOSE SYMPTOMS!!! –From a different bug-company, much much later!!!-Which means”Let the buyer beware”you better know all the real signs of real bugs,you cannot trust ANY BUG MEN to know that!!

One of the best ways to find decent, honest services, is to “know people”,thru personal associations, (beware, even of those)like you got ONE HONEST FRIEND,and THEIR FRIEND, can also be counted on as honest.–(but be careful any how;)personal associations” have even come under scrutiny.

Even those “good reviews” on a company site, were recently found to be tampered with,in Eugene, because the premise of “buy used hi-tech goodies cheap” with mostly “good online reviews”blew up in our faces. We figured out,”online reviews” even can be screwed with.Makes you really paranoid, doesn’t it?  

Kiddo, DON’T TRUST SHIT just cause you find it online!!!

“What do you think,we can trust this guy,now?” asked Carolyn,as we sipped our soup,and noshed our cheese-toast.”Yeah,”I replied.”Seems so; but I’ll never buy one of those “test-kitchen-magazine-results” in a cooking magazine, those really are for suckers.Two hours for a simple recipe? I don’t trust cooks who LIKE dirtying every bowl and pot in the kitchen—to make SIMPLE MUFFINS!!!” Carolyn nodded her head in agreement, with cheese toast in her   mouth.

So goes this era–let the buyer beware.–especially in Eugene Oregon, and doubly if you’re a senior.–we don’t have extra money to waste.Do you?

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene Oregon, drop a line, I’ll still be here, dying of Valley SMOG,– COUGH COUGH)





“WHO are those little strange men, in your backyard?” Asked Carolyn, who had just come over again (like she has any other place to go, except hang out at malls, or go to a really drab and expensive (Williamelane in Springfield, thank you!)senior center, where you have to pay for every single thing you do! How do you seniors like that here? You got to pay for everything you do in a senior center, (which kind of negates the whole reason for a senior Center after all). You may as well join a fitness club, and hang out there and chat up the young people.7cd736e0c19d33f67ed893e181070a85

Or, you really wealthy people go out and play golf.I hate golf and I’m not wealthy. After all, I am a native of Oregon, and very few of us are even middle-class, let alone wealthy. – – And if we are forced to retire, like MOI, because of some physical disabilities, then you are kind of out of it.. You shouldn’t be living in Eugene Oregon, it has become for the very rich, and the very poor – – and nobody in between.avatar_garlic_by_aidanasha-d36zz3jmwahaha

But Carolyn just saw the tiny little men,in my back yard, toiling away at my invincible blackberry bushes, which look like they are rolling towards the house, towards my back yard, like a very green tsunami.She looked at them,and said”What the Hell, did you capture a school room of DWARVES? I MEAN, “LITTLE PEOPLE”?Who the HECK ARE THEY?” She was mystified.And suddenly they commenced to start singing the song,they had been singing, before Carolyn arrived.54__tower_by_toxic_fox_girl-d3hgzwq

“Come back into the house,”I told her,and guided her back to the living room.”I’ll tell you the absolute truth.”.thinkingplz

“Carolyn,dear,”I began,”You have to keep this deal very secret.Otherwise, the guys’ real owner will find out I have them.”.”You mean they are SLAVES?.” She replied.”NOOO,” I said hastily.”Carolyn, they are OOM-PA-LOOM-PAS!”

I sighed heavily.”I borrowed them from a big chocolate factory in Washington state(I have relatives in WA, who knew about them,in that factory.)So I could not get KIDS to cut my bushes and blackberries,weeds,grass. ect.–and these “landscape people”   here, want a fortune.The maintenance here drives me nuts!!(I probably will still have to buy a clipper,and do more myself,in the future.–even with my BAD FEET.)–So I borrowed these litttle,strong,hard-working OOM-PAH–LOOM-PAS to do a lot of landscape work,on my badly managed small place!!”

Carolyn looked askance at me,as we went in the living room,and sat down.”OOOM-PA-LOOM-PAS? I thought they were NOT REAL!!”54__tower_by_toxic_fox_girl-d3hgzwq54__tower_by_toxic_fox_girl-d3hgzwq54__tower_by_toxic_fox_girl-d3hgzwq54__tower_by_toxic_fox_girl-d3hgzwq54__tower_by_toxic_fox_girl-d3hgzwq

“They ARE real,”I explained.”Anthropology explorers found them,on an otherwise abandoned island; they were a real ANTHROPOLOGY BREAK THRU!! NO ONE had ever dreamed of real little people,and that candy factory owner(you remember his name?)needed economical workers very badly.HE had them first;their island was very dangerous,so they were glad to leave.My relative, who worked in the same factory, saw them,and told me;I offered them a “temp job” by luring them and cooking for them.–letting them bunk down in my spare room.

They REALLY LIKE MY COOKING, so much,I don’t have to pay them;(I offered to).Seems the FOOD in WA state is not so great.Other than the Tillamook CHEESE PLACE, there isn’t much good food around there.–So in return for all this work,I cook, (as well as I can) and feed them very well. They have already hunted down all the CHOCOLATE  IN EUGENE.–so they like eating well,for a while,and I don’t mind playing Snow White and the 7 dwarves temporarily.”.

“Their factory home doesn’t feed them very well?”Carolyn asked.”They get enough to eat,but meals tend to be brewed like a porridge, or stew,in a big pot,never much different, with hard tack bread. I promised them Coq Au Vin,pies, beef roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, roast chicken,rack of lamb,stuff I tried to feed my old roommates with.–its easier priced in BULK,too.,They LOVE WINE,and that grocery outlet discount market, has good imported red wine.(they don’t care for white.)”

“We’ve been having a great time,”I continued”,they are like little kids,very sweet and harmless–They work so hard in that candy factory,for PEANUTS (literally) that a couple days doing landscaping, eating well,and building up a good BEER BELLY,is just what they seem to like.–very disciplined–responsible–some employer will find them,some day,and pay them what their industry is really WORTH.” I sighed.”How they ended up slaving in that chocolate and candy factory, is beyond me!!”

Carolyn stared at me;”I think they outta be in juvenile Hall,or Foster Parent care,”she replied.”Carolyn,they are NOT LITTLE KIDS,They just LOOK that way!!The only slight fault I can see, is they like to SING A LOT,but its usually while they work.–and whistle very beautifully. And ,Boy,can they WORK!!!They make the maintenance-yard people here, look like idling no-good-nicks. WHAT A WORK ETHIC THEY GOT!! I wish I could keep them, but their food supply couldn’t be kept  up–they love to eat!!!–(You should hear the “BEER-DRINKING SONGS!!)”

Sure enough, the OOM-PAH-LOOM-PAHS had transformed not only  my little back yard,they tackled the whole dead orchard,tons of blackberry bushes,swinging machetes all day long,until my whole back-piece of land was clean of blackberry bushes,and their roots.

–The only down side was, way in the back of my place,one of them found a DEAD BODY.We called the sheriff’s dept,they mumbled around, so no clues were ever protected.They thought it was a dead homeless person,who was sick,and had crawled into the blackberry bushes,to have some shelter.–and then died. The far back of my place had gotten trees and wee-d over-taken,a whole group of homeless could have died there,and I would never hear or see them.

But after the OOM-PAH-LOOM-PAHS Had rehabilitated my landscape,and I had kissed the bald spots good-bye,on their little balding heads,I did feel more alone.Who says a female can’t live with several “little people” in the house,feed em,(manage their paychecks a bit) try to do their laundry,(everything was SMALL,it was like toddler clothing!)–instead of living alone?Some of them tried to find jobs locally that PAID BETTER,but Eugene does not have that!! So most of em went back to the chocolate factory, in WA, where they merely got a scolding from the owner,but who was relieved to get them back. 

After all, they DID GET PAID REAL PEANUTS!!Carolyn and I looked at their triumphant work;the whole place,and farther back,was clean of blackberries,weeds,ect. It was a BLOODY MIRACLE. Who says that miracles can’t happen,and you can’t get some real little people,to work for meals,stay in yer house, and do the jobs high school kids refuse to do in Eugene now!?Sigh.

It sounds like a bloody miracle,and if they did exist, the OOM-PAH-LOOM-PAHS  would challenge the “unknown work ethic” in Eugene and Lane county,and would work for something I could AFFORD. Even the MORMONS don’t go around,now,doing good deeds for people in the neighborhood.–THEY QUIT. SIGH.I would have the OOM-PAH-LOOM-PAHS BACK, should my back yard go to overflow,again, any time.–and not charge extra for PIE. LOTS of pie!

(Sandraminadotty, flummoxed by Oregon mad blackberry–“Day of the Triffids”–type-over-growth,and trying to keep em back, NO success!!!)


n Oregon



(remember we almost got this witch in the white house?we barely escaped every man in the USA LOSING HIS BALLS!!!)


..I DO NOT customarily sit in the living room, constructing time bombs and using plastic explosive. But since this very vexed senior has lost complete control over her purchases at Newegg,com, where you can’t even buy a damn surge protector, (THEY STOLE OR LOST IT)or a new telephone, without the UPS,OR the USPS,or whatever Newegg uses, —

—so you have to BE HOME AT THEIR DATE AND HOUR TO GET YOUR PACKAGES, it really makes it necessary for SOMEONE to take responsibility.–to build bombs,alert right wing terrorist groups, to put the United States Post Office out of OUR MISERY.

FUCK YOU, NEWEGG.COM!! And let’s go postal in the worst way.–Let’s bomb the Hell out of every post office in the USA,so we can get rid of the poisonous fungus called THE US POST OFFICE.–deadly and vicious fungus, warping all the mail and packages in the USA!!!

i had just spent all day,literally hours,on the phone,trying to get the transporter used by Newegg.com (neweggshit, that is, no decent chicken would ever claim to have laid that!!!)–and i FINALLY GOT THE REAL 800 NUMBER OF THE UNITED POST OFFICE–who sat on my phone,and calmly told me,in her baby voice, that I could go shit,she would not help me change my package delivery time and day.

I used to hang,in my youth,with very rough people, so I calmly let her know what she could do with herself.Besides that, my dad had been a San Francisco longshoreman,in his youth, so I knew how to use the word “God.”–in its most effective way.–and slammed the fuckin phone,I had spent a WHOLE DAY,AND WASTED EVERY HOUR OF IT. 

HEY, NEWEGG.COM? Do you want less customers?All we seniors need to avoid yer website in the future(there are online reviews of Newegg.com) Since I am not a techie,obviously, or I wouldn’t be dumb enough to shop there, –But, I am NOT in the groove.I am OUT of it.

Carolyn was obviously nervous around the plastic explosive;”Don’t worry, it doesn’t just go off by itself,”I said.”It needs all kinds of stuff to put it off–and i am getting loads of help from those guys in Oklahoma–you know them? They never got ALL of them.” “Is that where you got some of your unbuyeble supplies?” asked Carolyn.”Sure,” do you think I use all that manure alone,I got more sophisticated plans from the Unabomber (he had friends too)”

“Are you sure his actually went off?” “We always test the plans,Carolyn,first, we don’t take chances!!” I reply.”That new lane of The new EMX will be history in a day or so.And it’ll make a nice cemetary downtown, too.”

Finally the EMX MONEY would really go where it was needed!

Carolyn just looked more nervous;”Why are you using the plans out of a novel called “Red Square? ” she was puzzled, .”That novel was written by a real Russian,”I replied,”Who wrote also the novel “Gorky Park.”He knows the most simple blend of paint,of certain chemicals, when laid on a road,or similar (while you run for cover)blows up horribly, and all it takes are the simplest  explosives of all!!A teenager or kid could do it!!!” “And that novel gets sold in the USA?” “Sure,”I laughed,” its a used paper back,you can find it anywhere!!!”

I am not responsible for the novel;go seek out the NYC publishers.Bomb plans are still all over the web;I think I even picked up one on youtube–next to the lipstick turorial–ok, lipstick tutorials. “Explosive Red.”Go and get em.

And, I am not responsible for the manure sold in large amts, cause the dumb sales people in Oregon, don’t even know what it gets used for.It is supposed to be regulated as to sales; haha, sure, HAH HAH!! HO HO HO!!!

“Where are you going,”asked Carolyn, as I got ready to depart; “I have to meet my friends,obviously I can’t talk HERE–OR make plans!!You think I’m stupid?”

Well,I do buy junk from Newegg.com, so my IQ must be going down. Shit.

“I thought you were going to connect and construct all of them HERE,”replied Carolyn, more worried than ever.”Crap, no,” I said, about to close the door,”We don’t really do the important stuff even in Lane County!!I have to go, he’s honking; don’t worry!!

“If this does not work,all we Conservatives will promise to give Trump a 2nd term, if he just shuts down the US Post Office forever!!–and gives all the mail and packages to a private company!!!That would work;he’d just never allot MONEY to the Post Office, ever again!!no money, no post office!!”  “I guess that would explain the plans to starve ObamACARE,from finances,”she mumbled. I nodded happily;and left her staring at the plastic.

(Sandraminadotty, senior,in Eugene,OR–crap, my blog has been HIJACKED, AND HACKED BY A NEO-TERRORIST GROUP!!!–I NEVER wrote any of the above–I have NO IDEA who wrote it,or is doing this!!I been HACKED!!!(Not for the first time,its true.)–but I take no responsibility for the above junk!!I don’t even know any violent use of manure–raise stinking dasies?And I never read the novel “Red Square,” I don’t even know who Chezchnians are!!(Spelling?) I am not a commie!!(OK, my dad was a a stupid young man,in San Francisco,and carried their card;big deal!!Everyone does stupid things when they’re young!!)–and worse when they’re old,I am not admitting to a damn thing, FBI!!!–In Eugene OR)




 30.png gothelfxmas

(another werid thing on the Web)

pirate_arrr_by_mirz123-d6mw3jo…And here we are.chomping along on black cranky keys, again,just over trying to buy a fuckin little surge protector from good old newegg.com—that splendid carrier by USPS, which dumps yer package on yer door step–CLONK!!!AND LEAVES–OR they just lose it on route.

(incidentally, everyone asks me”who is the artist, of the above “GOTH”?can i get anything made by them?THE ARTIST TOLD ME:”I can no longer do this art work.Zaphy_RAWR_by_ManiacalMuffin

“I was using “2draw.net” and “RYDIA.Taco.net” and these websites are screwed over by Oracle and Java; you would have to be an engineer to get on 2draw now.–and I am only an artist.Ditto for “rateyourdrawings” and other busy art sites,java-screwed-up art sites no one can now use to for art.NO,i do not have “shi-painter Pro” software!!  I wish i did!!! this quality of art work is no longer possible.I will never be able to paint a green ass like that again!”.)avatar_garlic_by_aidanasha-d36zz3j

It is not like Carolyn and I can go out,and buy good hardware in Eugene Oregon;we are in “HICK BASIN” and when you hear all the “new” country western music, it is to throw up. The only electronics is “BEST BUY” which is never your best buy..___I_am_an_Artist____by_fl00fy

As of 30 forest fires raging out of control,in Oregon,and ash falling from a yellow sky,you don’t want to go out,and breathe in the diseases that come from old-tree-smoke–you remember the diseases that the Rain Forest let lose on poor Gweneth Paltow,in the epidemic movie?–where horrrible diseases came out of da rain forest?_FireBreathing__by_DEVlANTtreeeatsfruitgraphics-fruit-998496

GUESS WHAT!!! OREGON FORESTS also hide a mecca of nasty diseases !!–that get right into the burning smoke, and get carried to yer nose and lungs.–all over Eugene Oregon,Lane County,and do not expect the city or county to do a damn thing  to warn you.-foongus_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a49n4

-they won’t even talk about it, till yer kids and seniors all get sick!(and even then,no Eugene Register Guard will tell you about the diseases you are inhaling.)2b7b9109a54215030bc9241085e1ef01-d7n4wil

“I am trying to get a space-helmet from NASA(IS THAT SPELLED RIGHT
? THE SPACE FOLKS?)you know,fly me to the moon!!”La la la la!!”.–so i can breathe in Oregon again!!!” Carolyn says,”Forget about breathing; no one is doing that here,it was suspended!”–COFF COFF-COFF-WHEEZE–“d55a32c0284c9c4cf1e932d646524eb3-d2xfgqgrolltoiletpapr

I know folks in Michigan,think Oregon is a great paradise-hippie land!!!–oh what a joke!!!I mean, CHOKE!!–OREGON used to be beautiful before MAN–and now never beautiful from Invading Californicators”.–leave yer dumb Prius somewhere else!!-fuckin organic greenies!!!-camping_by_i_is_smart-d4nvocn

-everyone no longer can get camp sites, Californers got them all!!. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT CAMPING—WE HAVE NO FORESTS OR STATE PARKS!!!   YEAH, you Callies missed all of Oregon, its one=gone-state-of=-Ore-y-gon!! signquestionani (1) gift_for_mirz123_by_krissi001-d4nht7x

OREGON IS OVER WITH.–OUR new name is Los Angeles..Same conditions completely.–and the SMOG IN WILLAMETTE VALLEY just got enriched by rampaging forest smoke!!–wosautos123.gifhorshedpimpcar10608.gifredhotrodauto_wos20.giftinycarauto12.giftinywhitecarwosautos140.gifblupimpsedan

stop breathing, you idiots, there is no air left here!!WHY ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE MOVING HERE,SO THEY AND THEIR kids can breathe in diseased forest fire smoke??_arrrgh__by_dbestarchitect

bring your scuba-diving-oxygon tanks with you.–and lay in oxygon supplies–you’ll need them!!!(WHEEZE) WHAT A HOOT!!I want to sell these suckers the Brooklyn Bridge!  They already  Bought into the “OregonDream”.Yer realtor forgot to tell you, we do not breathe here,during the late summer and early Fall;

we DIE A LOT.(coff coff)_trash__by_mazka_trash__by_mazka_trash__by_mazka_trash__by_mazka_trash__by_mazka_trash__by_mazka_trash__by_mazka

my parents and sister always said I made an ASH OUT OF MYSELF in life.–they were right to consign me to smoke,ash,and diseases of the forest–fires–and now we try to go around in gas masks like the Japanese and China!!!–Eugene is gas-mask-city!!Carolyn and I can’t even go out for ice cream.–or anything else–but USPS is not going to deliver you GROCERIES. –they can’t even spell it.–much shop or deliver real food.._cake__by_leoleonardo_cooking__  _cookfire__by_poisontouch

I cannot go out,i am expecting a bad sinus infection–although all the drop-in clinics are stuffed with poisoned lungs.–and of course, in Oregon, there are NO ENT DOCTORS ANY MORE. THEY all left the state, or retired.S we recommend, you stop using a sinus,or other ENT equipment.There is no body-shop for them..Try living in a civilized state that actually uses money instead of medicaid,medicare and credit-debt. OREGON IS A MEDICAL-SOCIALIZED STATE. –which is why all the doctors hate it._happypills__by_synfull  _scared__by_MrM4tty

–because THAT IS WHERE all the doctors fled to—AWAY FROM OREGON!!!–MONEY-VILLE USA.COUGH COUGH SNEEZE–CHOKE–WHERE EVER there is still any air!!!–but not in Oregon any more._allmymoney__by_cmotes-d5l17kq  achfoo

(Sandraminadotty, coff coff not breathing in Eugene Oregon)gangnam (1)gangnam (1) dancetogether gangnam (1) dancermoonact21  gangnam (1) dancinwoozieorjnfqgangnam (1) _chairdance__by_Link3Kokiri gangnam (1)  _BeatingMyselfUp__by_MenInASuitcasegangnam (1)  confidentwalk gangnam (1)    romantic_dancing__d_by_katataetc-d37urhrgangnam (1)