It is summer—I think.is it summer?what happened to summer in Eugene Oregon? I look out the window, for at least a week it is raining, cold, overcast skies,anD NO SUN, NO SUN, NO SUN!! NO LIGHT AT ALL!  NO WONDER my back  is killing me, cause it is cold,and the worst is, it is dark and no light outside._free__rainy_day_icon_by_toxic_fox_girl-d6kpkrk

OOPS, it is 2:27 AM. OK, it is dark summer and also early in the morning. Early in the morning in Oregon is the best time of day, the squirrels are all out early, and wave to you, thru the window(no they actually hate out guts, we kill them with cars_)so my cat likes to watch them thru the window, and drools a lot.appleteaseb78822000b51c28a36d559a5d3f012e4

(Suspended until we watch Trump talk to the head of north Korea, and messy Canada;and they Trump, wants north Korea in the UN or the united country bunch._karma__by_darkmoon3636

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”ahoy

Meanwhile, how is Lane county and Eugene going to HAve a real summer???HOW???MOVE THE WHOLE STATE TO CALIFORNIA?? OH YEAH. GIVE CALIFORNIA ALL OUR WATER? NOT a good idea. _Carolyn had come over, unable to sleep, and came over to sip coffee and try the weather channel trying to find if we could have ANY SUMMER IN OREGON??wE decided to ask some of the new comers who had come to Oregon for “mild weather.”5398.gifredsun

One of them we knew was online, at this time, trying to get meteorologists to cough up a prediction for July and the Fall.”We used to have Indian Summers here,”I typed,”and it meant hot, warm, beautiful Falls and Summer right into the beginning of cool weather.” My friend had heard of that;”but what happened?I also was told about Oregon, that it had had hot summers too.” “Yes,” I typed, “it used to. We relied on them, we had so much water and rain from the winter and the spring was also wet.April was wet,and even in May we had rain and hail. Ouch.But this year, we had lots of sun in May, and then—“_rain__by_cubicinsanity-d51ju2r

“We hit June,” I typed, “and all the summer LEFT OREGON. EUGENE became dark,wet,cold,and no sun no sunlight NO SUN AT ALL.”It looked like Alaska,and everyone started taking more Vitamin D with fish oil.I have to go look at Portland City,and other areas of Oregon, and report back.How is the coast?How are the other areas of Oregon?”I decided to sign off the chat room with Oregonians,and try to find this out.game_evolution_by_cubicinsanity-d5m5feb

But the days went by,and little by little, the spring and summer creeeped in.Just like the damn ivy I had to go out and kill,climbing up my trees killing them. We still kept having overcast days, and the meteorologist answered my email very nicely and gave me the information the athe had.\google_is_your_friend_sign_by_mirz123-d6m8j22

Summer was coming but it was coMing in slow, and Carolyn said,:”It is supposed to start getting hot in July,and then the months after ward it gets hot.”But what was going to happen now,was we were always going to have OVERCAST SKIESL AND SMOG,AND FOG,AND DIRTY ALLERGIC AIR IN SUMERS IN LANE COUNTY IN THE WILLAMETTE VALLEY. NO SUN SHINE ALL THE TIME,EVEN IF IT WAS WARM.5397.gifnusun

YES, older peoplle know that this valley used to be great for gardening,and that is over, because of the weather change over the years.No longer tons of rain,and then very hot hot sunny summers.Now we have overcast skies a lot of the year,a lot less rain, and during the June and July we had no sunshine, so gardens were no longer easy and great to raise.

HOW are you supposed to grow food, when there is NOT SUN ALL SUMMER AND SPRING??tHE answer, is, go grow them somewhere else.Oregon was never easy to grow gardens in,and now it is even harder.It used to always have snow into May and hail,and ruin everything in the middle of growing season.I know that myself.You have to be an excellent overly skilled miracle worker now to grow stuff here WITHOUT ANY Sunsh8ine shining on your garden!!

Yes, if you come here to grow gardens you will have to get green houses and grow lights.I know that,and so do all the other gardeners who live here.I drive by sometimes and see greenhouses and imitations of green houses,in the backs of people’s homes cause they need to protect their gardens from this weather, and even give the garden light which is electric.

Welcome to the new Lane county and Willamette Valley gardening. get your own grow lights and put up a green house,and even try growing mushrooms instead cause they grow well in basements cause there is no sun and it’s damp. Weeds and grass,and lots of blackberry bushes grow well,without any berries,so the BAD PLANTS all grow very well now. NOTHING ELSE. tRY GROWING GRASS SEED.the farmers do that here,and they used to burn the fields all summer long, smoking and gassing all the air, and giving everyone sinus infections colds and flu,and bronchitis.

So that is it; you wanna garden, go to CAlifornia,and use up all their water there.At least they have the fucking sunshine to do it.

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene Oregon with over cast skies and green houses up the ass. ha ha ha )   :)….






Carolyn had just gotten back from seeing a student(a cousin) who went to the University of Oregon,and lived in that neighborhood.To my amazement(truly, I had no idea~) she was robbed right on the street,in the evening,just coming back to her car.

Poor Carolyn; all her ID,CREDIT CARDS(social security card) bank statement,keys, and everything she had, was forcefully robbed by real bad guys, who were a common thing now around the whole university neighborhoods.

Wow,a crime in Eugene  university area, that did not involve rape of a female student!!!  what a relief!!And –it happened to a female senior,not a student!!Well, everyone who lived in the students’ living area,was now apt to be robbed or burglarized.L.A., NYC,and  all parts of California and back east had truly moved right to Oregon behind all the fleeing masses, we have the crime they all were fleeing to get away from. Along with the massive traffic, freeways, and ever constant SMOG.

You move to a nice green Oregon,bring all the trash with you,and suddenly it too becomes the piece of shit neighborhood you moved away from.

The police were so busy,they had to get some out of work local men to help Caroline;she punched her phone tearfully,canceling her credit card,bank acct.,and trying to get the locks changed on her house.–How was she going to cancel her social security number?NO WAY!!”Sit down,Carolyn,” I said,patting her arm,and getting her a drink,”I’ll help you get ahold of Experian,and the credit websites,but we have to change your locks right away.–Otherwise, you’ll get burglarized as well. “

She tried to joke,”Utah and Mormonism is starting to look real good about now,” she chuckled,”or growing potatoes in Idaho.” “Don’t think I haven’t considered Alaska myself,”I replied,sitting down”But Alaska is too  expensive to live in,and I don’t think I could handle the seasonal lack of light.Its bad enough in Oregon. My vitamin D level couldn’t handle it.” I grinned,”But I have talked to some cousins who lived in Alaska, on my mom’s side; they mostly trapped and skinned for furs,I guess you gotta have a good source of dough to go there.–or a good job.”

I didn’t object when Carolyn lit a ciggarette,she hadn’t smoked for many years,but this was a true crisis.Now anyone who walked around the student living neighborhoods could get brutally robbed, including any visitor;Oregon had CHANGED RADICALLY,besides just the major weather changes. Now thousands of newcomers transformed Oregon(we’re including the huge corporation developers) into a place we had trouble living in, with all the major problems of a huge urbanized state, and there was probably no way we could escape the monster Oregon had become.

Besides those changes,the state of Oregon was going bankrupt,with millions of dollars in deficits,trying to sell all it’s state public parks to lumber companies–just to get a couple of fucking bucks.

That sale would still not make up for the state going bankrupt,with civil service employee wages and pensions it was contracted forced to pay-We had just witnessed the legislature passing several new state taxes, including the rediculous bicycle tax. (How was that going to be enforced? We already didn’t have enough police or sheriff’s dept. officers, who was going to become the “bicycle-cops”?)

-sooner or later(probably sooner)even Lane county might go bottoms up,cause of its millions in budget deficits IT had. Everyone was braced for huge cut backs in services from the state, but some were already happening ; Lane county mental health dept. only took schizophrenics,& the worst mentally ill any more,just like northern California had done.

“I guess we could always pick a state that no one else wanted to move to,Carolyn–“I consoled,”Like my friend’s St. Joseph, Michigan.” “Doesn’t she live right next to a huge notorious,dangerous slum?” she answered,grimacing.”Yes,”I replied,” but most of the state is empty!! No one wants to move there,there’s no industry now,and you’re either homeless or very upper middle class,or rich.There’s nothing inbetween!!”

“Except they are getting plenty of immigrants,”she answered.”-from India,and Muslim nations.And that 200 acre new all-Mainland-Chinese community, that’s being built there,remember?-cause all the rich Chinese are buying it all up,in Detroit,so they can all move outta their decimated China, and live here.”

“I’m considering taking Mandarin at the university,”I said.”I miss the sound,since my dad passed away,yah know?Especially the swearing.” “He never taught you any of it?”she questioned.”Nope;he and my mom took a class together,after we kids left home,she went along with it.” I paused.”He always reminded me of an immigrant,like the old Chinese in Flower Drum Song,he never got used to America.” Sigh.

Carolyn was getting ahold of the credit companies,and I was thinking about Nebraska,North and South Dakota,Mississippi, Tennesee, Oklahoma,Georgia and other southern states– who hated any of the North moving in. How difficult would moving to a very unpopular,freezing in winter place,or with tornadoes, hurricianes, huge slums-state be, who’s residents didn’t want “foreigners” moving in?

Michigan was already getting those Chinese,Indians, & Muslims whether they wanted them or not. At least massive populations would not want to wade thru the freezing snow of  Nebraska every winter, or snowed-in (South) North Dakota, unlike the now-moderate weather of Oregon.

Pick any state people had a very hard time living in,and make that your home. Would all those fleeing residents of L.A, San Diego,and NYC balk at following you to a difficult-to-live-in-state,if you could manage it?

But could YOU manage it yourself, without balking? I was a native of Oregon, I sure didn’t want to surrender the damn state to these thousands of Johnny-come-latelys who were busting Oregon at the seams. Why did I have to leave?Why couldn’t THEY turn around,and go back to their messed-up region? Why did I have to be pushed out of MY STATE?

“Let’s stick to Oregon,”I said to Carolyn,who was recuperating from her crisis.”It’s still our state,good or bad, rich or poor.We’ve been poor here much of our lives(except when we had to work in California)-and our families lived thru the tough times.”

Since the hordes have brought their problems with them,we’re not going to collapse if the state falls,or Lane county defaults on all it’s debt.–we’ve had it tough since we were kids.I know Carolyn never had it easy.-=-neither have I.

If Oregon also became the unlivable Los Angeles,as when the Eugene Public Library got shot up by local gangs(who went to the main library any more except the homeless and gang members?Not us.)–or when we inherited the massive traffic-jams Detroit had (which drove all the whites out of the city)–rendering Detroit broke and into a slum–Carolyn and I were not as likely to cut and run.–

–” I can’t sell my place for enough money to move away,any how,”I said to Carolyn. “You can’t sell yours for anything, cause buyers don’t want to pay enough for it.–Not like we could move away any how–no money. Besides, I can envy my sister living in her rich neighborhood in Northern California all I want-. People live in the place they’re meant to be in.

“We can handle the bad stuff happening, far better than the newcomers can.Shot-up libraries, robberies and burglaries ,University towns torn to shreds.It’s our Oregon,Carolyn,”I said,clapping her on the shoulder, and getting us another drink.”-for better or worse. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We’re here, its our home,let’s get you armed. The Oakgrove Gun Shop in Santa Clara is a good place to start. You have a right to defend yourself.–that robbery could have been far worse on you.–the next time  it could be. “

“Whatever problems that Trump has,he’s still in the White House,and we still have the 2nd Amendment.I just renewed my membership in the NRA( even though the suckers are republicans who fuck up plenty themselves,) cause that’s the bottom line. You don’t have to let yourself be assaulted if you can help it.” “They sell tazers for the public,now,” chuckled Caroline,”I wonder if they really work? ” “If they don’t,”I replied,”we’ll get you something that DOES WORK. –CAN I interest you in a .22 handgun? Statistics say that most burglars are shot with just .22’s. You don’t even need a .38 .Altho–if you wanta to stop someone permanently-“

“I know,I know,the .38 will put em down,”she sighed.” I don’t have to kill one, I’d settle for riddling the guys with bullet holes.” “A wise choice,” I grinned. “It might even improve their looks,”she sneered,”it couldn’t hurt.Ugly is as ugly does.Ugh.”

(Sandraminadotty, says,A word to the wise–don’t move to Oregon,or Lane county,unless you can handle the out of control mess it is becoming. Maybe all those robbers have a tougher time assaulting the folks in Nebraska or South(North) Dakota freezing blizzards every winter. Maybe you should stay in north California,and build a rock garden(like my sister)cause there’s no extra water for an “organic”garden.She’s managing it ok(OK,she just got her back pack filched on the dumb Mass Transit,cause she’s old and nods off,)and it is dangerous on public transportation. She does not want to move;neither do I. Deal with it. You can’t run away from stuff forever.)






Caroline as usual,with a deep cough,mucus and stuffy nose, was looking over my shoulder trying to see what my silly little Oregon senior blog was doing.”You think we got an epidemic? already?or it’s going to come?” she said. “How come we don’t really see the CAUSE OF ALL THIS ADVANCED ILLNESS? NOT IN THE NEWS?” “We saw the movie “Contagion,”with Gwyneth Paltrow,what do you think about that film?”I said.boohoo

“It was very realistic and scary,” replied Caroline, “too realistic!!The Rain Forest is hiding all these strange,old,and different bacteria,flora,and  diseases we probably MIGHT NOT have immunity from.They are cutting down all the Rain Forest,anyone could get the weird stuff from there,on  them.and carry a very infectious  thing everywhere on the planet(like the movie)and millions of  people in the world would die, before they ever found a shot to render it harmless,and us immune. I guess it was TOO REALISTIC alright–like a warning “._kaboom__by_cookiestarz

“Yep,” I replied,:”That is why I read all the scientists very public info. that is made public,any way I can get it;on the web, or Scientific American magazine; science websites, ect. science magazines.” “How come that famous crippled guy,who wrote a book about the universe,never talks about this?” “I don’t know that he hasn’t,”I replied.”I am bad about latest books coming out,and all the popular stuff–I can’t even keep up with latest news!! _gesundheit__by_Tesslar

But I explained to Caroline, what I had read about all glaciers melting, that have been freezing weird diseases and “other stuff” for a long time,that we have no immunity to,and it is (they say) getting on critters,who eventually get connections to us. AND WE GET IT, if we don’t have immunity to it.–Which we usually do not. “It sounds like an old X-File episode,:” mused Caroline. “That is because real life often copies science fiction. “I replied, smiling. :”So it is really getting on US NOW?”,emoted Caroline, looking scared. “It is very likely, they warned us, didn’t they?”I said, grimly._flee__by_punkyb

The govt. and the Media are probably being told,”There is not Global Warming, so there cannot be any effects on people from it.”–The Media does what it is told,often censors a lot,and you can’t get info. on ,unless someone inside spills the beans.But if you talk to a real epidimoligist, (expert on diseases)(SPELLING!) expert on epidemics, they would probably be honest enough to say this; huge changes in weather,that affect the physical environment we have to live in, can cause huge releases in disease,bacteria, stuff hidden in forests till our huge forest fires, and melting of the glaciers.I_love_nature_stamp___template_by_luckylooke

All of this huge weather change, can affect human beings’ HEALTH.THINK ABOUT IT._IceClimbing__by_DEVlANT

we have to breathe forest fire smoke, from huge fires, in Oregon, & we have Los Angeles literally all burning down, you do’nt think that will release all kinds of stuff from plastics, man-made materials, old buildings, and what ever is hiding in Los Angeles real estate? OF COURSE IT DOES. its logical. Any thing that is released into the air, sooner or later, some human being has to come in contact with it, usually breathed in. –or caught in other ways.flamedyoudamote37 (1)

How is our FOOD BEING AFFECTED? HOW ABOUT ALL THAT LOVELY ORGANIC VEGETABLES? –they usually have to breathe the same air we do.(so to speak unless they are hydroponic.) It is well known, that extreme actions of the weather can cause a lot of unusual illnesses in the human being.If Oregon used to have a very bad storm, all the people would often end up with bad INFECTIONS and had to go to doctors. My mom got caught in that, she got very sick._FireBreathing__by_DEVlANT

All over the United States, the weather has become very upset, hysterical,and extreme , eh?You bet. You think that does not effect all of our HEALTH? YES, IT GETS TO US, ALL OF US. The extreme weather changes are making us SICK.THIS BUNCH OF ILLNESS at least has not killed a lot of people, (yet) and our medical system is very strained, not being able to always deal with all of it, but it could be worse. THIS COULD BE the very infectious disease atmosphere and environment that scientists are very worried about–which could easily happen._Electrocuted__by_DEVlANT

–.where the movie “Contagion” becomes a reality, hitting one person out of 12 in the world, and they all die. Even the FLU has had strains(not mentioning them all here, but you can get that info.)increasing the chances of death. The “winter flu” has become deadly already.firebender_avatar_by_mixedmilkchocolate

I doubt that I am just being paranoid and a worry-wart; all the epidemiologists are feeling the same way.(right spelling).–and they have the facts to back the worry up. What the REAL PROBLEM IS, is that the media, once again, is censored from telling you this. YOUR GOVT. IS COMPLETELY MUM, and denying any type of “extreme weather changes from the changes on the planet.”Oh, it’s just an unusual winter, not a big deal,:” sighs the stupid dumb president,and all his dumb crooked dishonest fed. govt. (that now demands MORE TAXES OUT OF IT;S MIDDLE CLASS. just for trying to get the fed. to be HONEST ONCE IN A WHILE. )fire_extinguisher_rocket_emote_by_joyjoyfultherabbit-d3332g4

If a bad epidemic does happen, here or in the world, all our leaders,and our fed. govt. and president will sit on their hands AND DO NOTHING. LET IT HAPPEN. YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN. They screwed up on Katrina, and they will just be absent during a bad epidemic. Do not count on the world health system to function as well as it did during the film”Contagion.” They really showed the mildest side of an epidemic, even though it was scary. If you want to know how bad epidemics effect the society, nations, cities, look to history. The Black Plague came back on soldiers from the Arabic nations, to  Europe, and it decimated the population.OH_SHI__by_KimRaiFan

Just becaUSE we have very advanced medical help, don’t be stupid about the reality of our medical systems.MEDICAID is failing, Medicare has been cut to the bone, for seniors and disabled,and it costs more to get it, for LESS SERVICES. –Eventually we all will probably have to go to doctors, and PAY THEM CASH. IT IS VERY LIKELY.moneygif3c61d38d617e7e24f45c7ed92473b0da (1)

All the insurance companies are a bunch of crooks,and if you get renal failure, on a very expensive insurance company you have paid into all your life, they will drop you like a hot potato when you get sick.(True story from witness.) No one enforces the laws of the country,or health laws, insurance laws, it is all a slippery slope you slide into, and never get out of. –because the public no longer has any control over the fed. govt. (or often even local govts. like Lane County, OR) and they do not have to follow the laws of the nation they suck money out of. –Insurance companies can do anything they like.(True stories from regular media.).smoking

Do I have to say more?Yes,we got all those tons of brown air from China’s filthy air supply,in the jet stream, and it did slide into us also. WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT WILL DO?MAKE US ALL YOUNG AGAIN ?HA HA. we are breathing it too,and so is all of our environment. I may be a stupid old Oregon native, but at least I am telling you all the truth. The facts are there,and there are scientists to back this up.(They are probably being threatened with death, or prison,if they really say too much.)No, I am not paranoid; I wish it was paranoia,and not just filthy truth. _salvation__by_web5ter-d4kdujg

As the environment gets less healthy,and the weather more extreme, there is every chance of the movie “Contagion” becoming reality. Perhaps the worse the weather, the sicker many of us may get. DEAL WITH IT. I have. It’s not fun, but at least you know the truth,.I am not going to bullshit you like the fed. govt.,and lie lie lie. –They do usually just look at me as a harmless old fart,who never gets any hits or comments.–And it’s true my blog is not popular;I don’t even know if stupid
Google or DuckDuck Go ever lists any of my subjects of my articles._gray__by_darkmoon3636.gifpaintworld

This particular title was meant to be picked up by the web,but it probably won’;t get anywhere but to me. Sigh. I was never cut out for this over-technologied world,and I really do not like it that much.Maybe if all the popular, needed software was not so STINKING BAD AS HELL it would be easier.Once again, humans fuck up everything. It’s an old story.   🙂    _seasons__v2_by_synfull

((..(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon, wishing I had married a doctor after all!–considering the increasing shortage of older doctors,why not cuddle up to your own? ) ;).   act10.gifhugkiss





“satire is our middle name!!!:”

But, no satire of “conservatism” could possible be as “progressive Democrat” as the Pres. Trump tax changes, that put we elderly tax payers right back in the Democrat camp again! We were completely fooled! 

we thought we voted  in republicans who would stop taking all the money away from work class and semi-middle class old people, by fucking  them over, and giving all their tax deductions to the RICH AND HUGE CORPORATIONS!  

WHAT IS the definition of “conservative ” in the USA? IT IS ” the party who reduces taxes on the work and middle class American, and does not further increase badly the national debt.”

We no longer HAVE CONSERVATIVES IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY any more; we have “soak the middle class and work class tax payers, and give all their money to the rich, and raise the national debt, up,further, than even  the Democrats could imagine.” Obama is laughing up his sleeve, right now, and whispering,”You guys  who voted in Trump? Bet you did’t know he is my TWIN BROTHER!1  HAA HAA HEE!”,’ 

“TRUMP is makin poor Hillary,and her raping husband, look like choir boys!–yeah, that is true about poor Hillary–she’s still a Hell of a lot better than voting in “FAKE CONSERVATIVES” who raise up the national debt.(just like me) and then over tax the elderly,middle and work classes, and give all their money to the rich and corporations! (Also like me.)”

“Trump is sure makin those liberal democrats look good now! At least Democrats don’t pretend they are “conservative”!  –and we don’t pretend we’re gonna stop “taxation without representation” like Trump did!–as you suckered middle and work class,and elderly just found out–“

And I am sure Obama and Hillary are on the phone to each other, jokin and laughin about how California voters who are republican, will probably resign from  from the Republican party and become “swing voters” from now on–or just stop ANY party affiliation any more–and do what?–


There IS NO CONSERVATIVE PARTY ANY MORE.  NONE. NOT a real one! There’s just “Democrat party # 1,:” and “Democrat party # 2.” And if we taxpayers stop voting or joining either one, we’ll have more time to rally secret revolutionary groups, make a new agenda of GOING UNDERGROUND, forming gun-practice, military practice, and studying how to become underground future militant troops and deciding when and how, we will over throw the fed. govt.–

–planning to recruit ex-and present US Military -members to secretly join us–and plan the day we take over by force.have a  successful coup,and get rid of those nasty dictatorial politicos–who are only a bunch of rich Banana Republic  CROOKS IN HIGH OFFICE—NOT REPUBLICANS–NOT DEMOCRATS–AND NOT CONSERVATIVES at all.

They are all just South American  assholes, we tax payers need to exterminate. Stop pretending they are any more than billionaires’ shills.–stop pretending they are even different—just a bunch of crooks and servants of the rich and huge corporations–that is ALL THEY ARE. Europe is having the same problem,we read, big fat greedy dictators–not leaders.

THAT is probably the future, and we need to stop pretending we voters run the fed. govt.–and that we own it. Excuse us, big pig politicians, if several million of we PEONS can’t pay our fucking  tax money  any more–

–its because we have to buy bigger armaments and more of them,ammo, and lay in plans for when we decide to take Thomas Jefferson’s advice:-

“We should have a revolution every 40 years.”.

That’s probably going to happen eventually when people can’t buy food any more or put a roof over their kids’ heads.Don’t say it can’t happen here. –who knows, we old people won’t HAVE TAX MONEY to pay taxes with, at some point, cause Pres. Trump and the republicans don’t even KNOW the definition of “conservative”. –we all stop voting and stop paying  our fucking taxes.  THAT can happen when you can’t even pay the mortgage any more.–but —


(just Sandraminadotty, not voting for anyone any more.)





SO WHY IS THIS SUCH A BIG SURPRISE? WHAT I AM REALLY SURPRISED ABOUT, is that any actress ever gets in a picture or tv show,without sleeping with any guy who produces the whole thing!!

Alec Baldwin is no nice guy;he can hardly make noises about President Trump, when he also possesses some of Trump’s worst features himself
!!Carolyn and I were trying to look up the “Harvey Weinstein–Kevin Spacey harrassment story” online.

+It was hard to get ahold of it, caUSE, on Twitter, there is Alex Baldwin, standing up for a fellow predator. –and he wants to excuse every Liberal Democrat male,of ever being any kind of predator—(we are supposed to forget all those White House gems.).

Speaking of “White House Gems,” many of we woman will never excuse the Democrat party, for choosing a black man to run for prez, instead of a more experienced White Female.HEY, DEMOCRATS, HOW THE HELL CAN YOU TOUT BEING  PROGRESSIVE, AND KILL OFF ALL THE WOMEN IN YOUR OWN PARTY,. AND STICKING THEM IN THE KITCHEN, BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT? .

Most of we women never forgave the Democrats that,and a lot of moderate demos, and lots of independents, stopped staying in the Democratic party. We were sick of being”very progressive and very sexist at the same time.”–You are supposed to expect the Republicans to be sexist, but the democrats?the Demos have absolutely no excuse for being such rapist, assaulting, female-candidate-denying asshole sexists!!

So when we finally read about Weinstein and Spacey,.(I guess that means Kevin is not gay after all?)–we were just not surprised at all–we were  surprised that it was coming out at all..–NOT SURPRISED, JUST READY TO GIVE OLD BALDWIN HIS JUST DESSERTS!! Ask his ex-wife how Alec will say anything, to get himself close to a beautiful body. –even so far as matrimony. –say “I am a vegan also!!”and then go eat hamburgers on the sly.–very cute, Alec. HA HA.

BUT what you gotta wonder, is, did Rock Hudson do the same thing, in his day? exert a little pressure on some young actor males??–when they wanted to get into pictures?–and tell them”I can get you next to Doris Day, in the movies.”???–or did his co-star in “GIANT”, JAMES DEAN, try to molest or seduce a very young blond actress in the movie(we read that he did) by accosting her during a scene, right under the same table?

We even wonder if the wicked Witch of the West,. with the very long nose,had to audition for her part,and prove that she :”had the charms that it took” to really make some guy feel very magical?Enchanted?–and it required that audition to  be able to play very witchy?

DID PALTROW HAVE TO SIT ON THE CASTING COUCH, TOO?:  HOW did the guys in Hollywood possibly keep their hands off of that blonde bomb??--I don’t think I could even walk by, in those days, and keep my eyes off Paltrow,and I am not even gay!!--Everyone at least, took a look!.

We would be glad to see Baldwin retire from pictures and tv.,and stop acting like the BAD ACTOR AND BAD COMIC he really is.–masquerading as a satirist, when he is only making fun of HIMSELF, NOT THE PRESIDENT. –-“THERE BUT FOR CASTING, GO HE, INSTEAD OF TRUMP!!”  Hollywood is just one big stain on the planet.

*(Sandraminadotty, ignoring and avoiding the pictures i can avoid–do you  spose Emma Thompson would put up with being nuzzled by a producer or director? or would she just start dancing, and kick the guy in the groin with a fancy whirl? Or maybe Ryan Gosling would get hard,and =fast, and get the assialiant out of the picture=—and then do a male-type pirouette?  in Eugene Oregon, sexism never goes out of style here!!!  🙂  )..





“HOW ARE YOU going to manage that?”asked Carolyn,who was making lunch for both of us,in my kitchen. I pretended I did not hear her.”Are you making soup?”I replied,as I typed this blog episode.”Yes,chicken soup, you mind?” “No,I love it,why would I mind?” “Are you sure that we’ll have a toilet to use, after we eat our lunch?”she asked.

“Yes,”I replied, I think I finally found an honest plumber,”I said,happily.”Even though he charged me the usual $300. he said, the other guys never cleaned out the main line!!!so this one was HONEST!!!Maybe because he’s young?He hasn’t learned how to really exploit plumbing-owners yet?”

It was a big Eugene Oregon problem–maybe the whole USA—CORRUPTION AND FRAUD of all vital services–you pay plumbers and vital services,and they don’t do the job,and ripp you off–maybe FOREVER–UNTIL you get a service company who didn’t do it!!

And now plumbers and roofers do not take “credit accts,”,they all want CASH.–OFTEN in thousands of bucks,the whole amt.,to put a new roof on.Still, you can try a few things:

If you have the roto-rooter before,who never did the job.and its a new bill,race to your BANK,AND CLAIM YOU NEVER GOT THE SERVICE–PUT THAT CLAIM into your bank!!!fast!!! You are disputing that you ever got the service,you are not allowing your bank (thru check or card) to pay it. If you are fast enough, your bank can investigate, and stop payment somehow. Sometimes it works.

However, its usually too late,months later,when you find out your loyal old fashioned plumber,was ripping you off every 6 months,cause he was “jimmying” your toilet to fall apart.The NEW PLUMBER  will have to do it right,charge you twice as much, and it’ll be too late to put a claim into your bank.

But if you buy something online from a big website,and you never get the object for many weeks, you probably can tell your bank not to pay after all,and put in a claim. In that case, since they NEVER SENT IT, you don’t have to pay it(although they already are on your statement, as having taken the money.)

The WORSE CASES,and these happen a lot,in Eugene and Lane county,are those “plumber- ripps- you- off -for-months- or-years,-on-going”and you often lose THOUSANDS by the time you get wise.Your “bug guy” or old nice plumber, are often SO SWEET, SO NICE, “BEEN IN WORK FOR MANY MANY YEARS HERE”–(you know the ones i mean)–that you almost NEVER CATCH ON!!!!(If you are a senior,you might even get a discount)–

–Isn’t that NICE of them?  AWWWWW.

They are the “bug men-Inc.” who saw signs of TERMITES, and let you pay for the kill-off, in big chunks.–you only find out,termites never HAVE THOSE SYMPTOMS!!! –From a different bug-company, much much later!!!-Which means”Let the buyer beware”you better know all the real signs of real bugs,you cannot trust ANY BUG MEN to know that!!

One of the best ways to find decent, honest services, is to “know people”,thru personal associations, (beware, even of those)like you got ONE HONEST FRIEND,and THEIR FRIEND, can also be counted on as honest.–(but be careful any how;)personal associations” have even come under scrutiny.

Even those “good reviews” on a company site, were recently found to be tampered with,in Eugene, because the premise of “buy used hi-tech goodies cheap” with mostly “good online reviews”blew up in our faces. We figured out,”online reviews” even can be screwed with.Makes you really paranoid, doesn’t it?  

Kiddo, DON’T TRUST SHIT just cause you find it online!!!

“What do you think,we can trust this guy,now?” asked Carolyn,as we sipped our soup,and noshed our cheese-toast.”Yeah,”I replied.”Seems so; but I’ll never buy one of those “test-kitchen-magazine-results” in a cooking magazine, those really are for suckers.Two hours for a simple recipe? I don’t trust cooks who LIKE dirtying every bowl and pot in the kitchen—to make SIMPLE MUFFINS!!!” Carolyn nodded her head in agreement, with cheese toast in her   mouth.

So goes this era–let the buyer beware.–especially in Eugene Oregon, and doubly if you’re a senior.–we don’t have extra money to waste.Do you?

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene Oregon, drop a line, I’ll still be here, dying of Valley SMOG,– COUGH COUGH)





I know that every senior,unless you’re rich, goes thru various annual rituals every season; in Spring, the ritual of buying or trying on the swim suit, seeing if you’ve gained weight and bargaining with Heaven as to HOW MUCH poundage you would allow to be gained, or not.–bargaining as to HOW MUCH FOOD you would cut out to lose said poundage..

Would your diet include a certain amt. of whole-grain bagels every two weeks,or a month? HOW MANY could you get away with–And still lose weight? Whole grain and whole wheat takes more calories to digest,an advantage.

Since most of life is a bunch of merely bargaining for what you will put up with,or you won’t, or bargaining how much you’ll pay for something, (we always lose any how,but its important to tell yourself, you won)or how much trouble,boredom, abuse or crazy co-workers you can get the least of,on a job(while still earning enough to live on) —

–and who you can mate, marry, date,.or live with (includes social ties with friends) that  is at LEAST SOMEWHAT sexually attractive, interesting (but not TOO WEIRD) makes enough money (especially a male) and is affiliated with similar GOOD TRAITS also borne by your family tree,( very mechanically brilliant, academic, upper-middle class–or NOT upper-middle class) and has SOME of those traits to match with yours–

-and ALSO has the same GOALS as you do (or close; number of kids or NO KIDS, VERY ambitious, or very laid back; uptight or very loose) or you’re talking once again, someone who is the LEAST OFFENSIVE, least uncomfortable in close quarters, and the least tyrannical or crazy) and you can still stand the person after ten years, and not run crying to divorce court or outside affairs.

In other words,we slowly learn that in life, its not the very best factors in life that we aspire to, but instead the MOST TOLERABLE factors we can stand, without jumping off the 20-story building. Our goal becomes the MOST TOLERABLE, and LEAST HORRIBLE life that we can manage.

The world is populated by billions who have given up on ANY bargaining, and succumbed to a numb, non-life, existing without the least control over ANY factors in their lives; even to the point of “OK, I had a horrible childhood, so I found out, that gives me a HORRIBLE adulthood, and no matter what I do,I cannot change it.”

Science and psychiatry find more of our lives that CANNOT BE CHANGED, because  we were born into particular types of circumstances, noticing how directly one predicts the other. Diabetic families inherit diabetes, and crazy abusive parents produce totally fucked up children, who have so fucked up lives as adults.So what has this got to do,with bargaining entertainment “packages” every year with Comcast?

You lose no matter WHAT PACKAGE you re-buy.Comcast employees repeatEdly LIE TO YOU, disconnect you, fend you off from promotions over the phone(and their website) and it takes 3 or 4 hours to finally haggle down to a package with LESS MOVIE CHANNELS, for more money, but at least you have the ILLUSION that you’ve won. You’re paying more money, for less services, there is really no choice.

But at least you finally got rid of worthless movie channels full of DULL DUDS, and HBO, that creature of misery and repetitive crap-junk that you are sick and tired of. You after all, watch mostly in the low numbers, with CARTOONS, FUNNY SHOWS of cartoons, cheap kung-fu, old tv show-channels, and the occasional black and white  old sci-fi movies you’ve seen forever,and loved. 

You DON’T WANT SPORTS–OR NEWS–OR DOCUMENTARIES forever, nor do you want “reality tv” or “sales-channels–;you can’t stand “prime-time tv”, cause the best stuff comes on very late at night, or during the day..

If you’re like me,you  want to escape modern, bad tv shows, which slide off your back like garbage off a bum, and you just want “Turner Classic Movies,”cartoons, Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park (satire) and American Dad,, old tv shows, and escape from bad new films(“50 ShADES OF GRAY”?”HOW TO BE SINGLE” the female version of “Ghost Busters” not funny at all, and cops,violence,cops, action, cops, chases-of psychopaths, more cops, gore, blood, torture, perversion,  “science-teams of cops”, cops who analyze all data. computer cops, Miami cops,  and female cops.

It makes you feel so “retro”, when we seniors got very good tv, for NOTHIN’.–BETTER shows!! —-so why should we pay high prices for cable tv? We already HAD the best tv,and it was FREE. COMCAST, GO TO HELL!!!  YOU don’t even know what REAL T.V. IS!!   It sure is NOT CABLE TV!!  And if I knew how to “steal cable” I would do it if I could. You probably deserve it for being such a ROTTEN, BAD entertainment company. –and an illegal monopoly, I am sure.

But now it’s legal to CHEAT the public,and they have to put up with it. “1984”  is here, and you have  to pay for everything, even the stuff you hate. I’d rather watch LESS CRAP, its not worth it..Bring on the cartoons, cause the world’s gotten very un-funny..As a senior, you need to LAUGH at it all.HAH HAH.

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene Oregon, watching the older shows from “Star Trek:the next generation.”  Isn’t Commander Riker cute?)  🙂  ….