Carolyn had just gotten back from seeing a student(a cousin) who went to the University of Oregon,and lived in that neighborhood.To my amazement(truly, I had no idea~) she was robbed right on the street,in the evening,just coming back to her car.

Poor Carolyn; all her ID,CREDIT CARDS(social security card) bank statement,keys, and everything she had, was forcefully robbed by real bad guys, who were a common thing now around the whole university neighborhoods.

Wow,a crime in Eugene  university area, that did not involve rape of a female student!!!  what a relief!!And –it happened to a female senior,not a student!!Well, everyone who lived in the students’ living area,was now apt to be robbed or burglarized.L.A., NYC,and  all parts of California and back east had truly moved right to Oregon behind all the fleeing masses, we have the crime they all were fleeing to get away from. Along with the massive traffic, freeways, and ever constant SMOG.

You move to a nice green Oregon,bring all the trash with you,and suddenly it too becomes the piece of shit neighborhood you moved away from.

The police were so busy,they had to get some out of work local men to help Caroline;she punched her phone tearfully,canceling her credit card,bank acct.,and trying to get the locks changed on her house.–How was she going to cancel her social security number?NO WAY!!”Sit down,Carolyn,” I said,patting her arm,and getting her a drink,”I’ll help you get ahold of Experian,and the credit websites,but we have to change your locks right away.–Otherwise, you’ll get burglarized as well. “

She tried to joke,”Utah and Mormonism is starting to look real good about now,” she chuckled,”or growing potatoes in Idaho.” “Don’t think I haven’t considered Alaska myself,”I replied,sitting down”But Alaska is too  expensive to live in,and I don’t think I could handle the seasonal lack of light.Its bad enough in Oregon. My vitamin D level couldn’t handle it.” I grinned,”But I have talked to some cousins who lived in Alaska, on my mom’s side; they mostly trapped and skinned for furs,I guess you gotta have a good source of dough to go there.–or a good job.”

I didn’t object when Carolyn lit a ciggarette,she hadn’t smoked for many years,but this was a true crisis.Now anyone who walked around the student living neighborhoods could get brutally robbed, including any visitor;Oregon had CHANGED RADICALLY,besides just the major weather changes. Now thousands of newcomers transformed Oregon(we’re including the huge corporation developers) into a place we had trouble living in, with all the major problems of a huge urbanized state, and there was probably no way we could escape the monster Oregon had become.

Besides those changes,the state of Oregon was going bankrupt,with millions of dollars in deficits,trying to sell all it’s state public parks to lumber companies–just to get a couple of fucking bucks.

That sale would still not make up for the state going bankrupt,with civil service employee wages and pensions it was contracted forced to pay-We had just witnessed the legislature passing several new state taxes, including the rediculous bicycle tax. (How was that going to be enforced? We already didn’t have enough police or sheriff’s dept. officers, who was going to become the “bicycle-cops”?)

-sooner or later(probably sooner)even Lane county might go bottoms up,cause of its millions in budget deficits IT had. Everyone was braced for huge cut backs in services from the state, but some were already happening ; Lane county mental health dept. only took schizophrenics,& the worst mentally ill any more,just like northern California had done.

“I guess we could always pick a state that no one else wanted to move to,Carolyn–“I consoled,”Like my friend’s St. Joseph, Michigan.” “Doesn’t she live right next to a huge notorious,dangerous slum?” she answered,grimacing.”Yes,”I replied,” but most of the state is empty!! No one wants to move there,there’s no industry now,and you’re either homeless or very upper middle class,or rich.There’s nothing inbetween!!”

“Except they are getting plenty of immigrants,”she answered.”-from India,and Muslim nations.And that 200 acre new all-Mainland-Chinese community, that’s being built there,remember?-cause all the rich Chinese are buying it all up,in Detroit,so they can all move outta their decimated China, and live here.”

“I’m considering taking Mandarin at the university,”I said.”I miss the sound,since my dad passed away,yah know?Especially the swearing.” “He never taught you any of it?”she questioned.”Nope;he and my mom took a class together,after we kids left home,she went along with it.” I paused.”He always reminded me of an immigrant,like the old Chinese in Flower Drum Song,he never got used to America.” Sigh.

Carolyn was getting ahold of the credit companies,and I was thinking about Nebraska,North and South Dakota,Mississippi, Tennesee, Oklahoma,Georgia and other southern states– who hated any of the North moving in. How difficult would moving to a very unpopular,freezing in winter place,or with tornadoes, hurricianes, huge slums-state be, who’s residents didn’t want “foreigners” moving in?

Michigan was already getting those Chinese,Indians, & Muslims whether they wanted them or not. At least massive populations would not want to wade thru the freezing snow of  Nebraska every winter, or snowed-in (South) North Dakota, unlike the now-moderate weather of Oregon.

Pick any state people had a very hard time living in,and make that your home. Would all those fleeing residents of L.A, San Diego,and NYC balk at following you to a difficult-to-live-in-state,if you could manage it?

But could YOU manage it yourself, without balking? I was a native of Oregon, I sure didn’t want to surrender the damn state to these thousands of Johnny-come-latelys who were busting Oregon at the seams. Why did I have to leave?Why couldn’t THEY turn around,and go back to their messed-up region? Why did I have to be pushed out of MY STATE?

“Let’s stick to Oregon,”I said to Carolyn,who was recuperating from her crisis.”It’s still our state,good or bad, rich or poor.We’ve been poor here much of our lives(except when we had to work in California)-and our families lived thru the tough times.”

Since the hordes have brought their problems with them,we’re not going to collapse if the state falls,or Lane county defaults on all it’s debt.–we’ve had it tough since we were kids.I know Carolyn never had it easy.-=-neither have I.

If Oregon also became the unlivable Los Angeles,as when the Eugene Public Library got shot up by local gangs(who went to the main library any more except the homeless and gang members?Not us.)–or when we inherited the massive traffic-jams Detroit had (which drove all the whites out of the city)–rendering Detroit broke and into a slum–Carolyn and I were not as likely to cut and run.–

–” I can’t sell my place for enough money to move away,any how,”I said to Carolyn. “You can’t sell yours for anything, cause buyers don’t want to pay enough for it.–Not like we could move away any how–no money. Besides, I can envy my sister living in her rich neighborhood in Northern California all I want-. People live in the place they’re meant to be in.

“We can handle the bad stuff happening, far better than the newcomers can.Shot-up libraries, robberies and burglaries ,University towns torn to shreds.It’s our Oregon,Carolyn,”I said,clapping her on the shoulder, and getting us another drink.”-for better or worse. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We’re here, its our home,let’s get you armed. The Oakgrove Gun Shop in Santa Clara is a good place to start. You have a right to defend yourself.–that robbery could have been far worse on you.–the next time  it could be. “

“Whatever problems that Trump has,he’s still in the White House,and we still have the 2nd Amendment.I just renewed my membership in the NRA( even though the suckers are republicans who fuck up plenty themselves,) cause that’s the bottom line. You don’t have to let yourself be assaulted if you can help it.” “They sell tazers for the public,now,” chuckled Caroline,”I wonder if they really work? ” “If they don’t,”I replied,”we’ll get you something that DOES WORK. –CAN I interest you in a .22 handgun? Statistics say that most burglars are shot with just .22’s. You don’t even need a .38 .Altho–if you wanta to stop someone permanently-“

“I know,I know,the .38 will put em down,”she sighed.” I don’t have to kill one, I’d settle for riddling the guys with bullet holes.” “A wise choice,” I grinned. “It might even improve their looks,”she sneered,”it couldn’t hurt.Ugly is as ugly does.Ugh.”

(Sandraminadotty, says,A word to the wise–don’t move to Oregon,or Lane county,unless you can handle the out of control mess it is becoming. Maybe all those robbers have a tougher time assaulting the folks in Nebraska or South(North) Dakota freezing blizzards every winter. Maybe you should stay in north California,and build a rock garden(like my sister)cause there’s no extra water for an “organic”garden.She’s managing it ok(OK,she just got her back pack filched on the dumb Mass Transit,cause she’s old and nods off,)and it is dangerous on public transportation. She does not want to move;neither do I. Deal with it. You can’t run away from stuff forever.)





mandala_drawing_31___collaboration_by_mandala_jim-d56y4g6(BEAUTIFUL MANDELA I PICKED UP ON THE WEB)

flowering_vine_by_upsguy1997-d4vjey3“SATIRE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME!”5399.gifbluflowr



While we are listening to the strains of “Turandot” on the radio Saturday morning,Carolyn and I, drinking coffee, appreciate the local classical music station here in Eugene.It’s done by the University of Oregon (one of their few real accomplishments)but it is funded by the community and a few choice advertisers. I have to admit, it is a clear better choice over new country-western stations.In fact,this station can be heard on the web,and well over more than Oregon.730ea40da13ab19d21c95c18447bc01e.gifcoffeecup

“A civilized island of good music,in the sea of Eugene Oregon crap.”;are you sick of your friends listening to Country-western yet,singing along in the car?YES.shredding_guitar_by_ledmaiden

But back to the subject at hand; I am shopping for an erogonomic keyboard,orders from my doctor,cause I get too much pain,strain,ect.,from the cheap keyboards I use.I go on Amazon; they got a reasonably-useable keyboard supposed to be “ergo”,and it is $65. Very pricey.xxstrawberryqueenxx

But I find a very good page of ALL REVIEWS OF ERGO KEYBOARDS, WOW,what a selection.And they review them very well(even says a commenter) Sorry for not including that page,but it’s easy to find “ergo” keyboards online,and to see a wide selection with reviews.–Could i manage to use a split keyboard?it’s supposed to be the best for typing,say the Computer nerds,it is what they use…One of them is even recommended by the medical experts.–cause they are HEALTHIER.rub_my_belly_plz_c__by_katataetc

“O.k.,”say I to Caroline,”I already now have so much trouble typing.on this cheap keyboard,and I make enough mistakes not being able to get to the right keys.Old age encourages that.What could it hurt to get a mild ergo keyboard?but split?Look at the prices especially, of the split ergo keyboards.”. $300. for a keyboard? And all the split keyboards are the same,astronomical prices.The Amazon one for $65. is starting to look really good.Damn.._fuckthis__by_crakaemotes

“They also have soft pads to rest your wrist on,”says Caroline,while I hurt my pinky finger trying to backspace,and fix a word.This keyboard is so hard on pinkys,I hate the piece of crap.They really ARE DESIGNED BADLY FOR YOUR HANDS.”But if you are really typing a lot,have a blog, write lengthy emails,you really have to stop hurting your fingers and wrists.(My dad had carpal tunnel, from watch-making, and had to go in the hospital,surgery, for it, many years before computers did the same thing. You could also get damage from playing the piano a lot.)imslow

OUCH!! You suppose Van Kliburn suffered for his fantastic technique? In his case,I guess it was worth it.What a technique!Something I always wanted to do, well before 15 yrs.old, take piano lessons;I begged my parents,my dad said,”NO, it is just a waste on kids,they hate it,and never play.”He could say that,he learned to play the violin by himself, long ago,before I was born.But I loved the piano,and really wanted to play it–another thing in life you never got to do–luigifan-64

–Like taking a trip with my class, to Mexico,another thing my parents would not pay for.They also did not want me in my Girl Scout class, camping outside over night.FOR ONE BLOODY NIGHT!!–We did NOT HAVE ANY BEARS HERE!! What the fuck,that is my life, did not do anything.–never traveled outside the USA,never got married and had kids.(Those last two I do not regret very much.The pickings were very slim,as to men.)_silentcry____emote_7_of_30___plz_by_blissfullysarcastic-d4ggja6

–Forget my unlived life, for now–But if you type a lot,try one of these ergo keyboards,what ever you can handle financially,and if you really can return one,within a short period of time,try one of the split keyboards,and see if it really is better.Your hands, wrists,and your pinky fingers are crying out for relief.–Hey, how many bodies can you get anyhow?ONE BODY. ONE SET OF HANDS. –even Van Kliburn only had one set of fingers.2__love_by_toxic_fox_girl-d37ofv6

Me,I am still shopping, regarding my money, and probably start out conservative ergo. Hell, now we are all trying to be conservative, we realize we got one planet (which we are killing, notice the title of my blog) we cannot replace the oceans, and there are too many people, strangling the planet to death._pillowfort__by_stuck_in_suburbia

That ergo keyboard is in my bucket list,and my bucket is tiny,and my life is fading towards the damn end.–Sorry for the black philosophy;I really never DID GET TO DO STUFF in my life,it was too damn hard. The least I can do, at the 70 yr. end, is buy a better keyboard,and spare my worn out hands.You seniors could do well to consider it too. That is my review. .724329fatcattypecomputer

(Sandraminadotty, ouch, in Eugene Oregon, rain and storms in March,waiting for those May flowers to come out–along with the blackberry bushes I have to trim–really hellish at the end of life.)  🙂   😦_floweromfg__by_helen_baq _foosl__falloffofstemlaughing_by_helen_baq_rain__by_darkmoon3636_kitty_and_music__by_nerdxv wiggltree27b195315183942646a5bd110c4de94e   camping_by_i_is_smart-d4nvocn


“satire is our middle name!”




As I was perusing the likelihood of switching to Linux,I noticed something every Linux user reported;they all said,”After I switched to Linux, my computer started to run very fast.”WHY IS THAT?YES,THE ANSWER IS; WINDOWS IS SLOWING DOWN YOUR COMPUTER SPEED TO A SLOW CRAWLMac_Love_by_Furatix

NO COINCiDENCE; ALL the linux computer users saw their computer run in the Kentucky Derby –and win!I liked the idea, get a faster running computer;I had bought the very good “Linux for Dummies” that the lINUX people online recommended.It even had a CD in the back,that you could (more later..)I decided to postpone this article, as I did not have enough GIGS to put Linux ans Windows on the same computer;yes, if you want both,you can do it but you need about 3 G’S of a pc.I decided that maybe a temp trying it out,here, on my pc, would help. –at least i’d see if I liked SOME OF IT.The_Evil_Black_Cursor_by_KimRaiFan

.I decided to keep reading the Linux book,and see  how to do this;take a temp ride on Linux, even a little,to see how i liked it,the idea of a faster computer, more stable than windows, and the fact that Linux users were very creative and flexible, was something I wanted to try._psycho_cookie2__by_KimRaiFan

But I also had to deal with the senior thingie I had been ignoring;CHANGE. CHANGES FOR SENIORS in everything, your looks,body,even psychological changes–for the better.–and for the worse; with me,forgetting NAMES. ALL THE TIME.I was taking the help–find some thing, learn a craft,skill,system, (like Linux?) sewing, and finally, i had to adjust not only to old age, but i was not the same person.My personality was changing..hardtofindaname

(DID YOU UPDATE THE POST ABOUT LINUX?NO, BECAUSE I became aware rather quickly,that getting Linux with your Windows on the same computer,requires a bunch of about 3 gigs of memory.–for both.And,as I looked over the huge book on Linux, it looked like I would have to spend a year getting familiar with the new system.it was as far afield as an Apple!I can at least say,since I had to get my old computer a new hard drive, I will have to get a separate, not as much rom,old rebuilt computer,just for the Linux system,and put them both on the same internet connection, using one at a time.–_fly__by_KimRaiFan

-Yeah,so it does take a lot of dedication and curiosity, to get yourself involved with Linux.But here is what will happen to Windows 7 in a year;it will be replaced completely by at least Windows 8,which is even worse than Windows 7.And Windows 10 is so slow,you may as well sleep thru all your computer work.–cause the Windows 10 will be sleeping slower and deeper than you do!!It will be in a COMA!!ce404baeef3da7d8179af1f1caf969cb-d4ohbr4ZZZZZZZZZ

PLUS the new pcs will be made just to throw in the trash,and not even be repaired.does that sound like a future of home computing you want to be a part of?me neither!!So DESPERATION WILL PROBABLY FORCE ME TO SOMEHOW TRY OUT LINUX NO MATTER HOW i DO IT!!1b864e019ce3f59da3efad46d82dc6f0-d4r617a

In the mean time,I will also (get an erogonomic keyboard,OR I WILL HOOK UP AN OLD ELECTRIC TYPEWRITER AS MY KEYBOARD!!(ALL TECHIES,YOU ARE INVITED TO COMMENT,SEND ME MESSAGES,TELLING ME WHETHER OR NOT THIS IS POSSIBLE.–to use an old electric typewriter,and use that as my keyboard.(CAN IT BE DONE?HOW?)redtearriding

SO,not only has the software for pcs gotten worse,thanks to Microsoft,the pcs (hardware) is going to be terrible, if you buy a new one.Thank you very much,Hewlett Packard!!The commercialization and loss of freedom on the web is reported to get much worse also. This makes Linux in the future start to look more and more attractive.–also old computers look better than new ones.free_shrugs____plz_by_sparklydest-d4qm3si

.Are there any white fluffy clouds on the horizon,any with silver or gold linings?Only one;in the future,the “”web” will get replaced by something else,and the Web will start looking OLD.–I am not saying how this will come about;only that it is very likely,no giving exact times and dates.–It is now just being formed in  the minds of man(and woman) and since tech-discoveries get very old very fast,that one will also do the same.Burst up,and run us all ragged for a while.partay___nanoemo___day_3_by_krissi001-d5jypzz

It may or may not, use the same Matrix. How would I know?Am I God?But it is already being used now,for something else,and I have no idea just exactly how the Hell it’s is gonna happen—-but, it will happen.You notice,we get huge bombs of the new tech;all thru the modern ages.The Web is not the final one.–not at all!!So why shouldn’t we think more about Linux, also.—flump_bounce_by_otohime0394-d4pl1xy

We old electric typewriter lovers thought it was the “bees’ knees”,also,and now no one even remembers what it is. Do you?97095e73b4b7dacf77e24f8a9dd02ade-d52o4iz

(Sandramindadotty, prognosticating but not knowing exactly what the damn thing will look like, dang!!)   :(…_hatsoff__by_stuck_in_suburbia-d4h5dle






(art made by local starving bad artist)


I had to laugh,watching the Disney Channel (cause I was watching the cartoon movie”The Incredables:” a favorite) cause I noticed the channel was giving kids the “you can do anything, take your future””-bullshit. Just like everyone gives you the “you can do anything in life!”-bullshit before you get out in the world, and get your nose rubbed in the mediocre society you are forced to live in. Notice this:

As usual, Carolyn and I were sitting around while I was typing my latest under-read,under-appreciated,.and not under-mediocre blog.My favorite (one of) cartoon movie,.”the Incredables” was one,while I was blogging.The little boy in the family has been forced to stay out of athletics,at school cause he is “super-fast” and the super-family genes would  be exposed.(Even a retired super-hero is not allowed to go public,he has too much to fear.–or else the usual;someone with too much talent is hated.)

My usual computer problems were around;no electric keyboard,like the typewriters of old,to keep your hands in good shape.They were SUPERIOR TO WHAT WE TYPE ON NOW.-WHAT,.ARE WE GOING BACKWARDS? I used to type on one,at a job,and you barely had to touch the keys;it was incredibly light and fast,and easier on your hands.A really expert typist could type wowy words a minute;so what are we managing,as speed, on the shitty keyboards we have now?Lots of sprains,pain,and future bad bones,is the improvement we have now.–and carpal tunnel.No one talked about carpal tunnel then,it’s more common now,and not suprisingly the KEYBOARDS HAVE GONE BACKWARDS.–I tried asking about an electric keyboard for computers,I  just got a shrug.

I was talking to Carolyn as I typed,about my recent foray into studying “Linux for Dummies” and saying,”I really am going to keep studying the Linux,cause Microsoft and the hardware people are reportedly (from my engineering source) making much worse hardware(the pc) and much worse SOFTWARE (MICROSOFT new Windows, reportidly from everyone I know,worse than the rotten future hardware will be!!”

“I gotta find an alternative, even if I have to get an extra computer hooked-up with Linux,cause if it is really a better, faster,more stable system,I want it.I am sick of having to go talk to “help boards”on Microsoft about the “new problems and patches,and java mistakes.and errors,and  no longer has java,(or it won’t work,again) that Windows has been giving me for YEARS.–and since everyone who uses it,says Windows new is even WORSE,I need an alternative to keep from going completely crazy some day.–otherwise,I will break the bank and future computer will be an APPLE.–(like my sister,who went Apple lately)–only thing that is stopping me is the cost.” .

And, yes,typing seems to be going BACKWARDS into the stone age!!Dragon naturally  speaking dictationware is not very good,and that used to be better version.—but 11 version is much worse.–and the coffee clatch says,”oh,no,the number 12 is so bad,you’ll return it to the store!”(and it costs a lot.)Imagine being forced into an even less accurate dragon!!Are we using stone axes and wearing bear skin rugs yet? Almost.God,would I like that electric typewriter again!!

But just look at “the age of Bill Gates”and think about it; here we got this wonderful magical bunch of technology,and what products do we get, to use it?Really crappy, lousy,rotten software,all the time worse, SLOW AS MOLASSES IN FEBUARY.and “what happen to the wonderful computer future of man?”–it’s gone!!It is going backwards cause of rotten Bill Gates  and all his badly made software that we gotta use.–He gets filthy rich,and we just get filthy.–really fucked up.

Even the guys on the camera website,talk about it.”having to use a horrible bad software system that is all around the world,used by everyone.”–because it is a monopoly.It was used just to get really really RICH.–NOT to advance  the science and technology of computer systems.I don’t care if Bill Gates gets this; he is a modern Hitler-of-technology,forcing the only system down  everyone’s throat,but it is also very very BAD. BADLY MADE. IT STINKS.

COMPARE IT  to this example;say, you have the whole French system of cooking and baking,and you know how they do it.The science and art is perfect.–you know from time immemorial,it is the superior way to cook and eat.–it has even been lightened,so you don’t get fat from enjoying it.

But,. WHAT KIND OF FOOD,AND WHICH COOKS does everyone get forced to use?–Say,the French restaurants can only get CANNED FOODS.–and that is what they use.They do not make their own bread,it  comes from a local cheap “Wonder bread”factory.And the cooks themselves? They have not been trained in French cooking from a good school, they are army cooks right out of the army and the navy.–They do not know a single thing about French cooking,baking,and they can’t do it.–So they do it the only way they know how, out of cookbooks,, not knowing any techniques,and not realizing you have to know what some of these French terms mean–so the French cooking is very hapzard all the time, uneven,and mostly not done correctly..It’s like a bad visit to McDonalds instead.

That is the technology which we are forced into using now;instead of superb systems,that are stable,we got windows,the queen of junk.–because it is making a lot of money for someone. Our HARDWARE is from the dark ages,and getting worse;(but we do have super TELEPHONES,WITH LOTS OF FUN BUTTONS!!)HOW IS THAT helping the businesses that are forced to use real computer systems?

You got it, no help.–They are still yoked into using oxen and carts,with bad wheels–Microsoft and Windows,worse and worse. Some very independent computer people come up with Linux,but the negligible amt.of people who use it,does not make it a threat to Microsoft.–only APPLE IS A THREAT. –but not,cause they are more interested into making ipads and pods,and nice entertaining stuff. –they are not a threat.They are too expensive to be a threat.–nobody can really afford them.-

\-and everyone is herded into using Windows cause of all the programs you need–and often work.  Everyone gets the very worst of the worse,and getting worser.( heh.).Apple is not a threat, and neither is Linux.Why? because basically man worships mediocrity,and forces everyone else into it.IT MAKES SOMEONE A LOT OF DOUGH!! The computer guys get filthy rich!!rich and powerful.–no matter how bad the microsoft software.and no matter how bad the future pcs–by being mediocre but monopolies, they can force you into a mediocre technology system.

No flying cars of the future; no instant anything on the computer;it still does not recognize your voice!!–you still cannot command it to do everything, like a Star Trek or “The Jetsons'” future. –and it could be that way by now.So.why is it all mediocre,and even worse keyboards than the electric? Why?

–because man has become mediocre,or maybe he was always that way.Money and power still come way ahead of technology and excellence.If your cuisinart blender has a very bad motor,and your old cuisinart food processor used to be excellent,(and now you are afraid to buy a new one) it is because mankind and nations and people settled for greed, monopolies, lots of power and lots of money,and forget that technology is really excellent.–cause in their hands technology is turning into trash. Bill Gates, you get my middle finger. You took the powers of the Gods,and turned them into patches on software, and systems that get worse and worse—while making you much richer.

Consider the title of this blog–because we realize that mankind will easily kill the planet,and himself,all the animals,,and the oceans we need to breathe–eat all the fish,and poison all the air..–the very earth itself. Even the most brilliant technology will not save him,and the earth he has to survive on.Mankind is mediocre and a failure. The sign of that future is right in our hands, today, Microsoft the mediocre being the really successful technology we all have to use–and it’s junk. But most of us are forced to use it, by the monopolies of power.

Which is why I will make a point of trying to use Linux, if it is superior and I can manage it. Even if it takes more money,study,and lots of time.It will be worth it, just to try and get a real better system–one that,astonishingly, is freeware–

yeah,freeware. It is not widespread cause it does not make all these fat cats billions of bucks who sit in San Francisco, and slurp up gold martinis.I really am going to try it out,and report to you if there is a better system you can use(even in the same machine with windows,but it takes mucho RAM) even in a limited manner.Linux does not have as many programs as Microsoft–remember, it doesn’t make all those billions of bucks?–so its not oozing with ambitious greed to produce.? so far, it is very flexible, and gives the user more CHOICE as to what type of system it is made of,and for.==depending on the user’s needs. That alone sounds very good.  Having a CHOICE.

Having a choice for important things is not something that Americans have a chance to get any more.Not even over the most powerful forces of the land.–we get the LEAST choice of all.

(Sandraminadotty, wrecking my hands on lousy cave-man, modern keyboards, instead of enjoying the electric quality of the past.)   :)..,……

“”I WATCH NO NEW X-FILES CUZ FOX WEBSITE SO FUCKED UP,I DUMP IT;I’D LOVE TO DUMP COMCAST CABLE TV ALSO!!! – – a senior has problems with FOX website– – in Eugene Oregon



“okay,”  asked Caroline, to me, when she saw me tack signs all over my living room, saying “don’t watch the new X-Files on Wednesday,  or record them, and store them away for when you want to watch.”– – “what is going on? I thought you wanted to see the new X-Files episodes! What happened?”.

“yes, it started out that way,” I answered”, it did.””what happened?” “I made one little mistake,” I continued to Caroline. As usual, my Dragon naturally speaking software did not understand me, although I’ve done thousands of hours of training.

“I made this mistake; I got interested in the only popular TV show available now, and everybody jumped on the bandwagon all at one time!and I made the mistake of not completely watching the second or third episode, and then I tried to find it free on the Fox network website, it was gone already.”

“you mean they weren’t showing it ANYWHERE for free?” Asked Caroline. “It’s not available for more than a couple days on Fox website, so now it’s gone.” “Can’t you see it free anywhere else?” She ended. “No, you can’t  if you don’t suck it up when it’s available, it’s gone.” “So you have to record it yourself, off your own TV? Or you can’t catch it?” “Absolutely! The one popular show on TV, and it crashed the Fox website completely – – everybody is trying to get the latest version episode – – and they’re crashing the website!”

.you know what the problem is, gentle reader, don’t you? There are not any other very popular TV shows on TV anymore. So when one actually comes back, out of the past, because nothing else is getting people to watch it, everybody glommed onto that one show, and goes crazy over it..you Can’t even get on the website or any free website, to watch it in case you missed it! They’re already selling website memberships, to watch the new episodes!that’s how bloodthirsty they are!

“why don’t you come over on Wednesday,?” I said to Carolyn “and we will make sure we see the latest episode, avoid all other distractions, and cut ourselves off from the world. That’s the only way were going to see it, unless you want to record it.and I’m sick and tired of recording stuff.” (I noticed that the Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11, was not any more accurate, after all that training,, once again, so that training didn’t do any good for accuracy either.)so much for that stupid crap.

otherwise, I was just not interested in trying to watch the latest ONLY GOOD SHOW ON TV ANYMORE.– – and that’s why there is a big run on the new X-Files show..THAT IS IT!!!THERE ISN’T ANYTHING ELSE!!!the only game in town! Nothing else on TV  (except for cartoon shows and cartoons in general) is worth watching on TV anymore especially on COMCAST cable TV in Eugene Oregon

(and I am going to stop dictating, because the stupid software still can’t understand what I’m saying.) GAME OVER. (I have to go out tomorrow, and buy a whole bunch of books,to keep myself in real entertainment..–that and I have decided to go back to baking. The hell with my waistline! I haven’t seen it since the 70s!

(NEWS FLASH FOR X-FILES FANS–GILLIAN ANDERSON after this short season, is retiring from the X-Files, so it will be over.–quitting cause her price for doing the series,was not high enough for the job.-and without Scully, there ain’t any Mulder. They just cannot replace the actors.–oh, well, the new show was not looking good any how. Lotsa fans complained. sigh!!  bye, guys,Catching_Butterflies_by_spring_sky we really love you!!act10.gifhugkiss )

(Sandraminadotty, a senior, in love with books, in Eugene OR, and not much else anymore especially in Oregon.)





Caroline as usual,with a deep cough,mucus and stuffy nose, was looking over my shoulder trying to see what my silly little Oregon senior blog was doing.”You think we got an epidemic? already?or it’s going to come?” she said. “How come we don’t really see the CAUSE OF ALL THIS ADVANCED ILLNESS? NOT IN THE NEWS?” “We saw the movie “Contagion,”with Gwyneth Paltrow,what do you think about that film?”I said.boohoo

“It was very realistic and scary,” replied Caroline, “too realistic!!The Rain Forest is hiding all these strange,old,and different bacteria,flora,and  diseases we probably MIGHT NOT have immunity from.They are cutting down all the Rain Forest,anyone could get the weird stuff from there,on  them.and carry a very infectious  thing everywhere on the planet(like the movie)and millions of  people in the world would die, before they ever found a shot to render it harmless,and us immune. I guess it was TOO REALISTIC alright–like a warning “._kaboom__by_cookiestarz

“Yep,” I replied,:”That is why I read all the scientists very public info. that is made public,any way I can get it;on the web, or Scientific American magazine; science websites, ect. science magazines.” “How come that famous crippled guy,who wrote a book about the universe,never talks about this?” “I don’t know that he hasn’t,”I replied.”I am bad about latest books coming out,and all the popular stuff–I can’t even keep up with latest news!! _gesundheit__by_Tesslar

But I explained to Caroline, what I had read about all glaciers melting, that have been freezing weird diseases and “other stuff” for a long time,that we have no immunity to,and it is (they say) getting on critters,who eventually get connections to us. AND WE GET IT, if we don’t have immunity to it.–Which we usually do not. “It sounds like an old X-File episode,:” mused Caroline. “That is because real life often copies science fiction. “I replied, smiling. :”So it is really getting on US NOW?”,emoted Caroline, looking scared. “It is very likely, they warned us, didn’t they?”I said, grimly._flee__by_punkyb

The govt. and the Media are probably being told,”There is not Global Warming, so there cannot be any effects on people from it.”–The Media does what it is told,often censors a lot,and you can’t get info. on ,unless someone inside spills the beans.But if you talk to a real epidimoligist, (expert on diseases)(SPELLING!) expert on epidemics, they would probably be honest enough to say this; huge changes in weather,that affect the physical environment we have to live in, can cause huge releases in disease,bacteria, stuff hidden in forests till our huge forest fires, and melting of the glaciers.I_love_nature_stamp___template_by_luckylooke

All of this huge weather change, can affect human beings’ HEALTH.THINK ABOUT IT._IceClimbing__by_DEVlANT

we have to breathe forest fire smoke, from huge fires, in Oregon, & we have Los Angeles literally all burning down, you do’nt think that will release all kinds of stuff from plastics, man-made materials, old buildings, and what ever is hiding in Los Angeles real estate? OF COURSE IT DOES. its logical. Any thing that is released into the air, sooner or later, some human being has to come in contact with it, usually breathed in. –or caught in other ways.flamedyoudamote37 (1)

How is our FOOD BEING AFFECTED? HOW ABOUT ALL THAT LOVELY ORGANIC VEGETABLES? –they usually have to breathe the same air we do.(so to speak unless they are hydroponic.) It is well known, that extreme actions of the weather can cause a lot of unusual illnesses in the human being.If Oregon used to have a very bad storm, all the people would often end up with bad INFECTIONS and had to go to doctors. My mom got caught in that, she got very sick._FireBreathing__by_DEVlANT

All over the United States, the weather has become very upset, hysterical,and extreme , eh?You bet. You think that does not effect all of our HEALTH? YES, IT GETS TO US, ALL OF US. The extreme weather changes are making us SICK.THIS BUNCH OF ILLNESS at least has not killed a lot of people, (yet) and our medical system is very strained, not being able to always deal with all of it, but it could be worse. THIS COULD BE the very infectious disease atmosphere and environment that scientists are very worried about–which could easily happen._Electrocuted__by_DEVlANT

–.where the movie “Contagion” becomes a reality, hitting one person out of 12 in the world, and they all die. Even the FLU has had strains(not mentioning them all here, but you can get that info.)increasing the chances of death. The “winter flu” has become deadly already.firebender_avatar_by_mixedmilkchocolate

I doubt that I am just being paranoid and a worry-wart; all the epidemiologists are feeling the same way.(right spelling).–and they have the facts to back the worry up. What the REAL PROBLEM IS, is that the media, once again, is censored from telling you this. YOUR GOVT. IS COMPLETELY MUM, and denying any type of “extreme weather changes from the changes on the planet.”Oh, it’s just an unusual winter, not a big deal,:” sighs the stupid dumb president,and all his dumb crooked dishonest fed. govt. (that now demands MORE TAXES OUT OF IT;S MIDDLE CLASS. just for trying to get the fed. to be HONEST ONCE IN A WHILE. )fire_extinguisher_rocket_emote_by_joyjoyfultherabbit-d3332g4

If a bad epidemic does happen, here or in the world, all our leaders,and our fed. govt. and president will sit on their hands AND DO NOTHING. LET IT HAPPEN. YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN. They screwed up on Katrina, and they will just be absent during a bad epidemic. Do not count on the world health system to function as well as it did during the film”Contagion.” They really showed the mildest side of an epidemic, even though it was scary. If you want to know how bad epidemics effect the society, nations, cities, look to history. The Black Plague came back on soldiers from the Arabic nations, to  Europe, and it decimated the population.OH_SHI__by_KimRaiFan

Just becaUSE we have very advanced medical help, don’t be stupid about the reality of our medical systems.MEDICAID is failing, Medicare has been cut to the bone, for seniors and disabled,and it costs more to get it, for LESS SERVICES. –Eventually we all will probably have to go to doctors, and PAY THEM CASH. IT IS VERY LIKELY.moneygif3c61d38d617e7e24f45c7ed92473b0da (1)

All the insurance companies are a bunch of crooks,and if you get renal failure, on a very expensive insurance company you have paid into all your life, they will drop you like a hot potato when you get sick.(True story from witness.) No one enforces the laws of the country,or health laws, insurance laws, it is all a slippery slope you slide into, and never get out of. –because the public no longer has any control over the fed. govt. (or often even local govts. like Lane County, OR) and they do not have to follow the laws of the nation they suck money out of. –Insurance companies can do anything they like.(True stories from regular media.).smoking

Do I have to say more?Yes,we got all those tons of brown air from China’s filthy air supply,in the jet stream, and it did slide into us also. WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT WILL DO?MAKE US ALL YOUNG AGAIN ?HA HA. we are breathing it too,and so is all of our environment. I may be a stupid old Oregon native, but at least I am telling you all the truth. The facts are there,and there are scientists to back this up.(They are probably being threatened with death, or prison,if they really say too much.)No, I am not paranoid; I wish it was paranoia,and not just filthy truth. _salvation__by_web5ter-d4kdujg

As the environment gets less healthy,and the weather more extreme, there is every chance of the movie “Contagion” becoming reality. Perhaps the worse the weather, the sicker many of us may get. DEAL WITH IT. I have. It’s not fun, but at least you know the truth,.I am not going to bullshit you like the fed. govt.,and lie lie lie. –They do usually just look at me as a harmless old fart,who never gets any hits or comments.–And it’s true my blog is not popular;I don’t even know if stupid
Google or DuckDuck Go ever lists any of my subjects of my articles._gray__by_darkmoon3636.gifpaintworld

This particular title was meant to be picked up by the web,but it probably won’;t get anywhere but to me. Sigh. I was never cut out for this over-technologied world,and I really do not like it that much.Maybe if all the popular, needed software was not so STINKING BAD AS HELL it would be easier.Once again, humans fuck up everything. It’s an old story.   🙂    _seasons__v2_by_synfull

((..(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon, wishing I had married a doctor after all!–considering the increasing shortage of older doctors,why not cuddle up to your own? ) ;).   act10.gifhugkiss





“satire is our middle name!!!:”

But, no satire of “conservatism” could possible be as “progressive Democrat” as the Pres. Trump tax changes, that put we elderly tax payers right back in the Democrat camp again! We were completely fooled! 

we thought we voted  in republicans who would stop taking all the money away from work class and semi-middle class old people, by fucking  them over, and giving all their tax deductions to the RICH AND HUGE CORPORATIONS!  

WHAT IS the definition of “conservative ” in the USA? IT IS ” the party who reduces taxes on the work and middle class American, and does not further increase badly the national debt.”

We no longer HAVE CONSERVATIVES IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY any more; we have “soak the middle class and work class tax payers, and give all their money to the rich, and raise the national debt, up,further, than even  the Democrats could imagine.” Obama is laughing up his sleeve, right now, and whispering,”You guys  who voted in Trump? Bet you did’t know he is my TWIN BROTHER!1  HAA HAA HEE!”,’ 

“TRUMP is makin poor Hillary,and her raping husband, look like choir boys!–yeah, that is true about poor Hillary–she’s still a Hell of a lot better than voting in “FAKE CONSERVATIVES” who raise up the national debt.(just like me) and then over tax the elderly,middle and work classes, and give all their money to the rich and corporations! (Also like me.)”

“Trump is sure makin those liberal democrats look good now! At least Democrats don’t pretend they are “conservative”!  –and we don’t pretend we’re gonna stop “taxation without representation” like Trump did!–as you suckered middle and work class,and elderly just found out–“

And I am sure Obama and Hillary are on the phone to each other, jokin and laughin about how California voters who are republican, will probably resign from  from the Republican party and become “swing voters” from now on–or just stop ANY party affiliation any more–and do what?–


There IS NO CONSERVATIVE PARTY ANY MORE.  NONE. NOT a real one! There’s just “Democrat party # 1,:” and “Democrat party # 2.” And if we taxpayers stop voting or joining either one, we’ll have more time to rally secret revolutionary groups, make a new agenda of GOING UNDERGROUND, forming gun-practice, military practice, and studying how to become underground future militant troops and deciding when and how, we will over throw the fed. govt.–

–planning to recruit ex-and present US Military -members to secretly join us–and plan the day we take over by force.have a  successful coup,and get rid of those nasty dictatorial politicos–who are only a bunch of rich Banana Republic  CROOKS IN HIGH OFFICE—NOT REPUBLICANS–NOT DEMOCRATS–AND NOT CONSERVATIVES at all.

They are all just South American  assholes, we tax payers need to exterminate. Stop pretending they are any more than billionaires’ shills.–stop pretending they are even different—just a bunch of crooks and servants of the rich and huge corporations–that is ALL THEY ARE. Europe is having the same problem,we read, big fat greedy dictators–not leaders.

THAT is probably the future, and we need to stop pretending we voters run the fed. govt.–and that we own it. Excuse us, big pig politicians, if several million of we PEONS can’t pay our fucking  tax money  any more–

–its because we have to buy bigger armaments and more of them,ammo, and lay in plans for when we decide to take Thomas Jefferson’s advice:-

“We should have a revolution every 40 years.”.

That’s probably going to happen eventually when people can’t buy food any more or put a roof over their kids’ heads.Don’t say it can’t happen here. –who knows, we old people won’t HAVE TAX MONEY to pay taxes with, at some point, cause Pres. Trump and the republicans don’t even KNOW the definition of “conservative”. –we all stop voting and stop paying  our fucking taxes.  THAT can happen when you can’t even pay the mortgage any more.–but —


(just Sandraminadotty, not voting for anyone any more.)