“IS IT REALLY SO MUCH EASIER TO BUY ITEMS ONLINE? Or has it become the proverbial PAIN IN THE ASS? and especially Amazon.com?maybe we seniors should go back to buying stuff the old fashion way! – – In Eugene Oregon here comes Fourth of July! SO WHAT? Fourth of July means what?”

706.jpg landscape river rd

(another painting stolen off the web , this one from Oregon forest)

another Fourth of July, which doesn’t mean anything anymore, even if we could all remember, why we got this holiday off. Everybody got this holiday off. Great! WHY do we have this holiday? If you younger people can’t remember or don’t know, and you older people have forgotten, so did  I, because it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Forget it!.

it does mean that, unless you have family, if you are a senior, and your other seniors are already dead, today you are alone. If I were you, I would join a very busy church, doesn’t matter what kind; there is a very nice Mormon church in the next block. It’s really disgusting to have to be alone when you’re old.

(And since I’m wrestling with a huge amount of black computer cords, and both microphones set don’t work, I’m going to just dump this whole thing.)one of my best friends is really whining about how Trump is going to cut all her Healthcare Services. But she doesn’t want to admit that the last Democrat in office already did that! So why she worrying about the Republicans doing it?

I tried to tell her in a very nasty and blunt way, “Obama already cut all your Medicare why are you crying about the Republicans? Why don’t you cry about the Democrats? They already screwed you over!” But I guess I’m not very diplomatic (and I’m in a lot of pain myself, so I don’t feel like listening to other people whining about political parties.) And I already almost  junked this episode,trying to get this STUPID fuckingsoftware and microphone system to work.

(excuse me while I try to go find some extremely powerful painkillers, but that just means I’m going to swallow a  whole lot of Tylenol.)


but that’s the way human beings are,,, they label one group HORRIBLE,, even though the other group did the same nasty things to them. And they don’t look at any logic or what happened in reality.so nobody cares that Mrs. Clinton is a  crook, and that her husband is a rapist. Since the Republicans have a bad reputation for cutting everything (even though it’s the DEMOCRATS that.gave them the reputation.)everybody is eager to label one side evil, and the other side angelic, even though BOTH SIDES are pretty much the same.

I don’t really care one way or the other.. It doesn’t make any difference which political party is in the White House, they’re both going to screw you over,, and your taxes are going to get higher. And they’re going to give away all your taxes TO OTHER people!in truth, my friend is looking for a savior,, and she’s not going to find one.

And if she thinks I’m going to be sympathetic when she’s whining, I’m just not a very sympathetic person anymore. Too bad, I guess I’m really an asshole.you think a friend would be more sympathetic but, I don’t really look at things that way. I like the truth a lot better, even though it’s more painful. And it always looks grim. That’s because the truth is grim! I probably am the only one in the universe who wants to say it or hear it!

0H,, I forgot, my sister looks at the absolute truth and gets very depressed. You can tell we’re both very Germanic.

but I have forgotten that the subject of this stupid episode of my blog (that nobody reads it anyway) is “is it easier to buy stuff online as you think it is?”

The answer is NO, it’s not easier anymore.. Every time you try to buy something on Amazon.com, you’re talking to somebody in the Philippines who has no English!And., you’re going to stop buying anything from Amazon anymore, because of all the outsourcing they do, that makes all your buying harder and worse!(and once again the Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn’t want to work! I wish I could get out of work that easily!)

THAT’S THE END OF THIS! Because this stupid Dragon NaturallySpeaking isn’t working anymore, the microphone cords are NOT working anymore, none of the WordPress software is working,and I am especially not working anymore!

Cold, bare, lack of heaven, here I come!I am not putting up with this fucking pain forever, and all this FUCKING DAMN BAD SOFTWARE!and rotten AMAZON.COM!

.and yes, my sister, the world is not very nice, and afterwards you’re just dead.OK, this fucking software doesn’t want to work, often on, so I’m going to leave it OFF. The hell with COMPUTER SOFTWARE! May the devil take it! He’s already here in this dimension, just let him have it!I do sound like a very grumpy bad natured old senior don’t I?

and it doesn’t do much good to write to people who are never going to read this or ever going to care about it. The Mormons are starting to sound really good by now. At least they stick together..








Author: whattodowhiletheplanetdiesblog

I am an old lady on Social Security, and I live in Eugene Oregon, the Mecca of the West. I will be transferring all my files over from "blogger blog" of the same name. My original blog here was shut down,, and I could not get in it, because word press decided to put a new plug-in, on, and I could no longer get into my own blog..I asked for all their help, and they refused to help me.. But then they're nothing but machines anyway, what can you expect from them. A lot more than they give you.don't you really wish that word press actually had human beings in charge, instead of machines? so do I. Not going to happen.

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