i would be remiss,if I did not be fair about it. The pharmacy  Gives me hell, but the pharmacies in other states do the same thing.but in Oregon, in a pharmacy, the only one who actually knows what they are doing (we hope) is the pharmacist. Chemist_emoticon

Otherwise, you have to go over your prescription order, with the people who put it in, and you have to call up and scream at the people who work there, because they had just told your friend, who’s picking up your prescription up, that they don’t have the prescription order at all.mailboxempty

So you call up a couple of doctors, because the pharmacy is saying they don’t have the prescription order from them, and then when you call back, in a few minutes, a different person is saying “yes the pharmacy did refill it’s right here.” But your friend has  just called you, and said,” pharmacy won’t give you your order, they did not phone it in at all, the Dr..”.so you have to check on that, and call your friend back, and say:bbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kf

“these pharmacy employees are some of the worst asshole I have ever met in my life! What am I supposed to do about them? The company hired them because they’re cheap, but they don’t seem to be able to do anything! They can’t even keep track of your prescription from the doctor! They don’t seem to be able to do anything except pick up their paycheck!”6d33536dc0ca47e246dbf51ee0bca783-d4l5qrl

Yes, the pharmacy is ready, and they gave you the wrong information when you went into pick it up! All the technology is so great and now all the people are so damn stupid!crying_in_the_rain___may_emtc_by_mirz123-d51fg88

(also, this software is going on the fritz, and often uses double lettering, instead of what I tell it to do.  It also gets put on “go to sleep” and then it comes back on, without me telling it to. In fact, it does this all the time also!)_tardpat__by_crakaemotes

there seems to be some kind of relation, between employees in the United States,California, Oregon, getting stupider and stupider,, and the software getting worse and worse. What is the connection?  Maybe it’s  because they get so reliant on computer machinery, and software, and all the stuff that’s going right into the toilet, because we have a international “collapse of technology”– – and all the employees in the United States have decided to go down with it!and copy it!crowbar_glomp_by_asmodiel-d369aq3

.so I call up the main office of bi-Mart, and I tell them about it, and I complain. It’s not going to do any good, except to get me into trouble with those same employees, because I complained about them to the main office.asdf_llama_by_sweetcreeper132pl-d72jg27

.it’s similar to, if you work in a rest home.in Oregon, and you call up the main organization that enforces the rules, and tell them that “one of the employees is abusing the old people he’s supposed to be taking care of, in this home!”– – and what happens is,  the rest home FIRES the complainer! (True story.)eekIMOattack horror04

So what you have in the United States is this: DON’T COMPLAIN, BECAUSE YOU, not the problem, WILL GET FIRED! You think that Trump was very bad about firing people? The problem is, Obama never fired incompetent people!-he just raised  their wages!-the FBI’s sitting on its FAT butt,and if you’re an inside employee and you blow the whistle, you, the whistleblower, will get in trouble and lose your damn job. (Another true story.)  zombie___emote_by_mdkofdoom

We remember the Boston Marathon Massacre, and we remember 9/11, neither of them should have been ABLE TO HAPPEN.  Our cute little FBI.embarrassed

I also remember, every time I had to call up, some type of tradesmen, like somebody who put in the new air-conditioner, years ago? –, and HE didn’t know how to do it; and bull-shitted me, and told me it was supposed to operate that way and it did not get very cold on purpose. And then one time,later,someone else from another company came in,  to do something else, and he said, “your air conditioner is what is wrong , your air conditioner was never installed properly! Whoever did it, screwed it up!” (this happened in California.)morehorrorrrhorror09

maybe you think that everybody is liable to make mistakes, once in a while; that is absolutely true. But, ALL THE TIME? And not just from one rare person, but from EVERYBODY? so that it is the NORM?– What is that about?_crazyshit__by_a_kid_at_heart-d75zpvv

what is it about, in Eugene, when your exterminator, tells you you have termites, and charges you at least $1000 to get rid of them – – and few years later, a different exterminator tells you, “what you are describing is not termites. Those were carpenter ants in your walls! He charged you for termites you never had!!” GROAN!!!!   _allmymoney__by_cmotes-d5l17kq


–Because you also find out, the old plumber you have been using, has been “rigging” your bathroom plumbing, so the toilet will go crazy, ever 6 months,and you have to call him for work—until you start literally watching him work, and he gets angry, and dumps you, –and the new plumber charges at least $300. to fix all the damage yer good old plumber ignored or did, and finally REALLY FIXED IT.—but in the former time your water bill went thru the roof. icon_confused

YOU ARE NOT PARANOID–YOU KEEP GETTING LIES AND BAD EMPLOYEES, AND CROOKED PLUMBERS!! Angies’ list did not help–you need a real human grapevine, friends, to find out WHO is a crooked-tradesman, AND who IS NOT!!–mwahaha

 stop hiring people off Craig’s list, to fix yer computer.(The good old computer guy, retired.) Do it yourself!! Which is why I get so hysterical lately, cause its so complex, and kills my nerves!!–but it is still better than hiring another Craig’s list guy, who cleverly “liberates” your good spare keyboard, or refused to do the job, and decamped with yer money–job not finished.drugs –Yes, “Savvy Duck” yer a quack.

Maybe the FBI guys know how to install an air-conditioner correctly?–Or what real termites look like?—so you can stop giving the guys you hire, lie-detector tests, every time you hire one? Maybe I would miss interpretting the sheets off the detector, and anaylizing the graphs–but, I don’t think so. Fella_Go_Boom_by_de_Mote (1)

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon, trying to get more exercise, but with very BAD FEET–.so I will do jogging, lying down, on my back.—and of course, that is another “Oregon lie”–just like the one that goes “Oregon govt, loves and protects it’s wild animals!!”—which is why we have so FEW of them anymore. They are getting LOVED to death. )thelittleanimals_FireBreathing__by_DEVlANTarchery_by_cookiemagik-d4nv7g8


Author: whattodowhiletheplanetdiesblog

I am an old lady on Social Security, and I live in Eugene Oregon, the Mecca of the West. I will be transferring all my files over from "blogger blog" of the same name. My original blog here was shut down,, and I could not get in it, because word press decided to put a new plug-in, on, and I could no longer get into my own blog..I asked for all their help, and they refused to help me.. But then they're nothing but machines anyway, what can you expect from them. A lot more than they give you.don't you really wish that word press actually had human beings in charge, instead of machines? so do I. Not going to happen.

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