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“”I am too heavy!!!” yelled Carolyn,in a tearful face;”Its the most I have ever been!!” “Whoa,” I said, as  she came in my door, tearful and anxious.”I have to successfully go on a diet!!No more kidding around!!”.

This is truly a bad deal,Carolyn has had out of control eating,of all fast food,ever since her divorce,At last she’s very worried and concerned about her health.But it’s a good sign that she is finally motivated enough to change this.Most people will not admit to a dangerous habit,and do something, until it gets very bad.

Not the first time I have seen a person who just got divorced, go out of control with a new extreme bad habit.Some kids at the divorce, start going after drugs to handle it.But a lot of adults also do this; no more home-cooked meals.Avoid every kitchen necessity, and go out to fast food places all the time.STAY IN ONE SAFER AREA OF THE HOUSE, that has no memories of the Ex. What else?

But Carolyn has cleaned,repaired,fixed up her and her Ex’s old duplex,and Carolyn is moving into it–no more memories of the EX in this place!!–She bought out his part,and now it looks great,it’s HER HOME ONLY NOW!!aND WHAT DID i DO,TO HELP?l LOOKED UP ON THE NET,””HOW TO CHAnge your behavior and get rid of a bad habit!!”and it sounds very good; there are real scientific ways to change old bad habits.I’ve had  to do it myself.

I copied down all of it,on my printer, printed it out.The good thing about it,is, its very practical.IF you want to do it,keep trying.It reminds me of AA, kind of.Anyone can do this, go from step one,take your time; don’t try  to change everything at once.Start easy.From Day one, write all the parts of “Know your motivations,” and “just do one small thing,one habit,at a time.”  Later on, it says, “Do not give up, cause of one or two mistakes. “One Day At A Time”  I would add,”You don’t have to do it all alone.” –Because I know that is true.

(to be continued)–soon!!


Author: whattodowhiletheplanetdiesblog

I am an old lady on Social Security, and I live in Eugene Oregon, the Mecca of the West. I will be transferring all my files over from "blogger blog" of the same name. My original blog here was shut down,, and I could not get in it, because word press decided to put a new plug-in, on, and I could no longer get into my own blog..I asked for all their help, and they refused to help me.. But then they're nothing but machines anyway, what can you expect from them. A lot more than they give you.don't you really wish that word press actually had human beings in charge, instead of machines? so do I. Not going to happen.

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