“CELL FOR CASH”VALLEY RIVER CENTER,EUGENE OR,bilks me out of $175. very easily;and YELP REVIEWS are made by guys”getting discounted for good reviews”by the company. WHY YELP REVIEWS ARE NO LONGER ANY GOOD–THEY ARE JUST “A CUTE $$$$ BUSINESS.”–And why you should really not go by “posted reviews” any more,heh heh!!!–IN EUGENE OR”

r13.jpg not hair cut in months







49662.jpgsmall pikachu(poor pokemon doesn’t know “Local business”will charge him to dry-clean his tail!!)



…”You been getting comments on yer blog,”said Carolyn,reading over my 730ea40da13ab19d21c95c18447bc01e.gifcoffeecupshoulder,again,”that your blog exaggerates all the bad stuff about Eugene Oregon.”

I handed her the phone, so my sister,who was on long distance phone to me,could answer that question.”No,” she voiced loudly to Carolyn,”It’s not an exaggeration that Eugene Oregon has some of the very most DISHONEST TRADESMEN( plumbers,bug-guys,repair,ect) in all of the USA.”firin___mah_lazor_by_soulnova

She continued,”My sister is a native, but she is UNDER-exaggerating the problem!!!  the dishonesty of tradesmen in Eugene is much WORSE than she says!!!I wouldn’t move back to Eugene,unless the rest of the nation was all atom-bombed!–and maybe not then!!”fancydanceplz.giftea

“My sister found “real handy-men”,in California, you think i should move back?”I asked.My sister promptly hung up the phone;she LIKED not living with poor relatives.OH, well,that’s California!!(to be continued soon).amazing_sign_by_mirz123-d5w6k0s

“So what are ye going to do?” asked Carolyn.”You should get a boyfriend, and get him to fix stuff!!–lots of women do that–they even marry them,just to get mokendaeverything in the house(and outside) fixed.,”I used to do that when i was young,”I answered, dourly,”It was easier to get a white,tall Christian guy,who was really good at fixing things.I had a male gay Jewish roomie,years ago,who was a great guy,but not at repairs–the half Japanese guy was talented at that.”ani07.gif wizard

“Are you doing “racial-stereo-typing”?asked Carolyn,looking at my cat throwing up on the floor.”By the way,why do you let yer cat eat grass all the time?It just makes them throw up.””–instead of a hair ball,”I answered,”She won’t let me brush or comb her,so i can’t stop the hairballs,so she just eats grass,and then i also give her that anti-hairball medicine,which she hates me for putting on her.”xookami-kittenx

Aside from my cat,I had to explain to Carolyn that i was not racially-stereotyping my ex friends and roomies;”They were just the way they were, nothing more or less,”I said.”But some where along the line,i gave up repair-man boyfriends, cause I couldn’t handle the relationships.” It was true; San Francisco was not the best place to look for straight, white, wage-earning boyfriends who were not really screwed up.I was screwed up,too, sure and that was an added incentive to go without boyfriends there.faint.gif fainting

WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS?OH,YEAH, the plight of home repair in Eugene Oregon~~Go to Lowe’s hardware, or anything except Jerry’s,ask them how to fix stuff, and buy the stuff to repair it!!START learning to do it yerself!!In Eugene, it seems to be necessary;I could not pay Petersen plumbing any more, cause they would cost me $500. just for replacing a leaky toilet!!!~”What are you gonna do?”repeated Caroline,”Learn plumbing?”xookami-kittenx

My answer was amazing even to me;”Hey, I did lots of other things that are not supposed to be possible; I am a survivor,lots of my former friends are dead,or homeless,or locked up somewhere.If I need to learn elementary plumbing, then THAT is what I will do!!!”I will call up all the hardware stores,some of them have tutorials,or classes to learn home repair._PatLightBulb__by_DEVlANT

They realize that in Oregon,Lane County,you better learn to repair and fix stuff in your own house, cause if you hire any tradesmen in Eugene,Oregon, you are in trouble.–Either they will “fix it” so yer toilet runs riot every 6 months,or charge you $500. for a simple leak.The_Toilet_by_Davidgtza2

What do you think all those huge hardware stores are for?Just for the professionals?no way!! They are selling all those desperate homeowners tools,equipment, and materials so they can fix the fucking junk themselves!!We seniors don’t have much money since we were all FIRED in immense amts. and have not been able to get a job since the big lay-off.It was SENIORS and middle -agers who lost all their jobs–and often could never get another one!!.mailboxhappy

“Yeah,”mused Carolyn,”Seniors did’nt really retire,a lot of the time,they just got permanently laid off!!Your sisters’ partner was one of the few seniors I ever heard of,who got another job in business,after she was fired by that nasty big law firm–cause the company wanted a young cheap person who was less expensive,and would put up with abuse on the job.–And that’s what they hired.-gangnam (1)

“-but it did turn out,yer sister said, the law firm got what they paid for--the new person could not do the job! .HAH HAH–DON’T YOU just LOVE CORPORATIONS?DON’T you wish the guys from Fight Club would organize, and really blow them all up?–like in the movie?–I love that movie!!” crashcpu

“Me too,”I replied, “It was truly so well written, as a satire of the modern work world–and how all the MEN were so fed up with it!!!I really relate to that movie,and the men in it who are frustrated with the asshole modern world.But now I must leave that hallowed ground of workmen frustrated, and learn how to fix a lotta stuff myself,so i don’t get broke and swindled in this city any more. I am NOT KIDDING. WHAT ELSE should I do with an 140 IQ? be a damn scholar? Crap,I need to fix stuff in the REAL WORLD!!”Cyberpunk_by_Droneguard

“wELL,” REPLIED cAROLYN,”i gotta say, yer new armor-plated mail box looks like a big tank without the wheels.I notice a few of yer neighbors got similar ones.Nice!!I like it!!You are learning a little!!” “Wish me luck,”I say, starting to turn up hardware stores, online, and phone no.s. Altho my SISTER was always the one who was good at every craft under the sun.I am the non-fix-it-sister till now.I will just try this out of need.” We both decided I would do it.toiletman1092

Damn the torpedoes!!!(I love submarine movies,cause you would never get ME into one of those submerged tin-cans!!Men truly do stuff not all we women want to do, also.At least not this chicken!!!)Hah hah!!!  🙂     🙂tards_on_a_bus_by_colorcatcher-d2zitma

(Sandraminadottie, in Eugene,I sewed a dress from scratch,but now I gotta do the same for house-hardware!!!)yay___flying_is_a_big_fun__by_tantetabata-d5ryoy1…..  






117193-v1.jpggetsipadcute(stolen pix of gerbil or something,trying to read an “ipad” manual, cause humans don’t get that !!).


.I had just gotten back from the funny-humorous farm–some where off in a rural area of Oregon,or Portland;I realized my iphone5, used, was not functioning with my Xfinity triple-play cell  phone, net,and cable tv package.like the idiot i was,i .had optimistically signed for a contract on it.I was liable to go broke, trying to get wifi-cell phone service from Comcast!!!–_silentcry____emote_6_of_30_by_blissfullysarcastic-d4ggja6.gifsilentcry


—cause THE DAMN iphone5, would not work.–used phones do not work.,it made you realize, you had to buy the cell phone WITH THE SERVICE, iphone5,and often the used iphones could not be made to work.–and i have no phone,and Comcast customer service is ignoring all my emails!!–ignoring me on their facebook page!!!drugs

I was screwed by the used-cell-phone–from “Cell for Cash,”Valley River Center.-Eugene Oregon.The iphone5 had to be completely restored,and “Cells for Cash”never did it.–I bought a lemon, that Apple co. itself would have to “restore.”–however much $$$$$  it would cost.6d33536dc0ca47e246dbf51ee0bca783-d4l5qrl

Yeah, , cause no one prepares you for this amt. of techie-crooks.AND, the Tripe-play package from Comcast,cuts off yer phone,screws up yer contact to comcast online,and no one from Comcast Xfinity will listen to you!!!_arrrgh__by_dbestarchitect

This 70-yr. old stupid dumb senior probably bought a pig in a poke!!!Once again, yer toilet leaks,and Petersen plumbing fixes it,but costs almost a $1,000.–Cohen plumbing also costs a trillion!!–what_to_do__by_icexdragon-d4toxog

I am broke,,”Petersen plumbing” cost millions!!–Cohen plumbing is unreliable,and costs $$$$$/ Hegerty plumbing is a crook,and rigs yer plumbing to go bad regularly.”The Bug Man” falsifies termites in yer house,and charges you $1,000.-these are all true stories.making_emotes_by_mr_jaunty

-yes, all the tradesmen here costs a million bucks,and squeeze it all out of you.you have to do your own plumbing.–otherwise, it costs millions.(ARE YOU OUTSIDERS ,who moved to Eugene,OR,listening to this,or already found it out? poor babies.)_favbomb__by_cmotes-d5inzwy

Eugene Oregon has so many crooked and/or expensive, tradesmen,bad  plumbers, Comcast huge monopoly that fucks up yer service; don’t get a bathroom leak,it will cost you millions here.Do it yourself with calking or sealant.I will look up somewhere,”How to repair yer house,bathroom,plumbing,yourself handbook.”–if there is one._mindblown__by_perrytheplatypus12-d4hc5xu

And–my sister has been very sick,and won’t answer her phone.She has to do “family business”with me;is she DEAD?THAT would screw me up for years!!!I could not “do family business”to pay for ANY HOUSE REPAIRS. I WOULD GO BROKE,and live without plumbing,roof, so she is VERY NECESSARY!!!-_foosl__falloffofstemlaughing_by_helen_baq

-AND EVERY broken-stuff in this house, would never get repaired again.–“the family business”is entrusted to my sister,and her death would screw up the will for years. –and i will be broke, on soc. sec. I won’t have a house to live in”,I explain to Carolyn..”Is yer money situation with repairs,that bad?”asked Carolyn.”It is worse,” I am sobbing,”the old house is falling apart!!!  i better get used to living with leaks everywhere–and no roof!!–and no sister!!!boo hoo!!My sister might be dead!!!”waaaah!!!_poof__by_darkmoon3636

And,also,in the end,the Mormon church never helped me cut blackberries,as i asked,on charity;they never called or emailed.The Lake St. Park and Recreation dept.,Lane County, OR,  never got me that “volunteer high school kids” who were supposed to cut bushes,weeds,ect. for me.Did the Latter Day Saints of the Mormon church, Eugene, OR,  leave the USA, and stop talking tp anyone in Eugene OR, who asked for help??  xmassanta _z_chase__by_leoleonardo _evilsanta__by_leoleonardoskullbones2  

DOESN’T ANY ONE HELP STUPID OLD DISABLED LADIES,WHO LIVE ALONE,AND CAN’T CUT BUSHES OR GRASS?(in Eugene OR?) I guess not.  I got a Mormon church in the next block, a Baptist church across the road,and a Protestant church one door down. WHY the Mormons stopped talking to us (really!!!)–I have no idea.Every group is polarized, only protects it’s members, and ignores any other outside request. arwenpandora

— all this wonderful communication, so that all the requests for help, go completely ignored.Just as long as you youngsters can talk to your mobile-phones,and yer mobile-computers, so you can ignore the real world around you, falling apart.  i hope you get stuck with it all.–I am looking forward to getting turned into ashes–and never coming back here again. roblnhood roblnhood roblnhood roblnhood roblnhoodroblnhoodroblnhoodroblnhoodroblnhood

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon, and this is a true story–unfortunately.I knew getting old would be a bitch–I just wanted it to end and not be here.)abandon_all_hope_sign_by_sanguineepitaph-d36w8mi


“HELLO TO THIS OLD HOUSE!” – – The very old song, “this old House” is repeated again in Eugene Oregon – – because our OLD HOUSE is falling apart! And I’m losing my mind!.AGGHH!!!”





it’s happened again,my old toilet, which is NOT very old,, but the bathroom itself is an ancient antique, is falling apart again. I try not to go into PTSD symptoms, but I’m having them. I have this old house to take care of, and pay for,and it’s become impossible job just like every other seniors old house.—you try to keep an old house updated and fixed and it fights you with every ounce of it’s old wood and rotting roof  (which I am also going to be paying about $7000 for a new one in September,)

–and I don’t think I can fix this God damn house and live here, while I’m paying everything I own to keep it from falling apart!I start screaming and I can’t stop, and I don’t care who is around, trying to put a straitjacket on me, and trying to stuff tranquilizers into me, for the 40th time since I’ve been responsible for “this old House.” Remember the song? Of course you don’t it’s very old

This Ole House Lyrics

Artist: Rosemary Clooney (Buy Rosemary Clooney CDs)

This ole house once knew his children
This ole house once knew his wife
This ole house was home and comfort
As they fought the storms of life
This old house once rang with laughter
This old house heard many shouts
Now he trembles in the darkness
When the lightnin’ walks about

Ain’t a-gonna need this house no longer
Ain’t a-gonna need this house no more
Ain’t got time to fix the shingles
Ain’t got time to fix the floor
Ain’t got time to oil the hinges
Nor to mend the windowpane
Ain’t a-gonna need this house no longer
He’s a-gettin’ ready to meet the saints

This ole house is a-gettin’ shaky
This ole house is a-gettin’ old
This ole house lets in the rain
This ole house lets in the cold
On his knees he’s gettin’ chilly
But he feel no fear nor pain
‘Cause he see an angel peekin’
Through a broken windowpane

This ole house is afraid of thunder
This ole house is afraid of storms
This ole house just groans and trembles
When the night wind flings its arms
This ole house is gettin’ feeble
This old house is needin’ paint
Just like him it’s tuckered out
But he’s a-gettin’ ready to meet the saints

This ole house dog lies a-sleepin’
He don’t know I’m gonna leave
Else he’d wake up by the fireplace
And he’d sit there and howl and grieve
But my huntin’ days are over
Ain’t gonna hunt the coon no more
Gabriel done brought in my chariot
When the wind blew down the door

“wow,” said Carolyn, trying to hold me down while the psychiatric nurse could get her hypodermic into my arm. “You remember that old song?” “No,” I replied, trying to speak through clenched teeth; “before you called the paddy wagon, and took me from home, so I couldn’t/ cut my throat for the plumbers Bill, I got on the Internet and looked up the words for “this old House” because I remember it from a long long time ago.” I did NOT remind her that I had just turned 70, and I was also upset about that.

every time something broke down in “this old House”, it reminded me of that song, whether or not I had any raccoons around, and whether or not I went out hunting late at night.. That was another thing that I didn’t do, get into a shooting class. This summer it was too hot for the workmen to even go outside, and do their work, they’ve been getting sent home to stay out of the  hundred degree, and hundred and 9° heat we’ve been having.

while we were in the hysterical vehicle, going to some kind of hospital clinic or storage unit for the mentally upset,, I reminded her of my new  (although it is used) iPhone five, that I was still trying to get to work also. It Saying “there is no   SIM card.” but online somebody said, it’s not uncommon for the iPhone five to say, “there is no SIM Card.” and I had to figure out WHY this stupid iPhone five was saying that.

Fortunately, I still had a month or a little less, to go back to the seller, at Valley River Center, where they sold and repaired old cell phones, to see what was going on. I didn’t want to give it up and stop trying to get it to work.I sure hoped I got out of the hospital ward before my  warrantee time  was up.

while I was on the ward, and they had taken off the straitjacket, and filled me full of a lot of very tranquilizing nice happy drugs, I noticed they had a piano there. and I had a copy of the lyrics to  “this old House” in one of my pockets.. I asked politely if there was anyone on the ward who could play the piano by ear? Even a Dr.?they found an orderly, very much in order. That is, he could play the piano very well by ear..

“So you actually remember the melody to the whole song?”  He asked, tinkling the keys, warming up. “Yes, it’s very surprising, I absolutely  remember all the tune and the melody.” I said, trying to find a glass of gin “I’m a little rusty in the throat in the sinus has completely disintegrated into mush.. But all try it.”


this old house it drives me crazy,,

from the cradle to the grave!

it’s my only place to live in;;

because money I don’t have!

but my moving days are over, I don’t even have the cash,

and I will not cut the blackberries,

I’m getting ready, to strangle myself,

– with theeeee— win-dowww—sssssash!”

everybody clapped wildly, because the new lines were pretty funny and very apropos;; so much so, that the doctor wrote a prescription to give me an extra shot of Thorazine.

He didn’t like my singing very much.

(Sandraminadotty, finally out of the funniest farm, where all the best people in Eugene go, regularly—and we people who don’t got money!!!)…..

















.Leaving the doctor’s office, i had no plan to steal his new time magazine; in fact,i’ll return it,now that i see its another “Trump-bashing journalism” fest.BIGGEST STORY?TRUMP IS BANNING TRANSGENDERS FROM THE MILITARY!!67147-machinfiresterb020

I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED, but hadda stop cause my new River-Road SMOG asthma(which the Time health section says I have.)Of course I probably have asthma now!!!”WHY DON’T YOU MOVE?”no one wants to live on this road.–try selling it.archery_by_cookiemagik-d4nv7g8

ANYONE forced to live on River road has it by now,and the trees and vegetation all along the road are dying,and coated with weird dead-white goo.Those lungs are the only breathing tools I have left.I’ll die way before my sister, who lives in a rich,healthy neighborhood of North California.(NO, she does not want me there,and I can’t get health care there.)sleep (1)

If you are poor,and in Oregon,you are likely to die before the healthy rich.(snicker.)That’s always been a given.My doctor has no idea I have asthma,any more than he can proscribe antibiotics for my sinus infections.All the docs leave me with infection returning in 90 days!!–Don’t get a hospital-clinic doc here, from Peace Health, they have online reviews calling some of them “SADISTIC.”evil_laugh___totep_by_cubicinsanity-d4zgtzq

I HAVE NO CHOICE, it’s MEDICARE!!sick_boohoo_by_CookiemagiK

“So all the malls everywhere are going under?”asked Carolyn,picking up my magazine,as I choked into a handkerchief.”Yes,”I coughed,”My sister says,in North CA, they’re all empty,all the huge stores, too,she says, no merchants can afford the high rents there.” That omen of California-exodus I was not too surprised at; all the Californacators had moved HERE, to Oregon,despite Portlanders painting “CALIFORNIA PEOPLE, GO HOME!!”–All over a new-comer’s Prius, with house paint.Even Oregon liberals seem to hate CA Liberals!–(talk to “city-data.com, to supposidly get info. on all the states.)

-We natives don’t even throw rocks and burn crosses on their lawns!!(writer will return after she coughs mightily, and has to start using her inhaler:Be back later, cough-=cough-cough!!)

“WHY DOES TRUMP-BASHING,BY LIBERAL MEDIA,NOT REALLY WORK ON US?”ok, the reason is, Liberal media will not give the people a choice about their leadersl liberals treat all of us like little kids,and they always know what’s good for us.THAT is where  liberal politics goes wrong.Voters and tax payers do NOT WANT politicians who never ask us,but do stuff to us,and for us,against our will.

So, Media, I refuse to buy yer over-vicious newspapers and magazines/read (1)

.Liberals and their media know what is good for us,and the nation,instead of letting us choose for ourselves.THAT is why Trump is getting so attacked; we were supposed to put Hillary in,and we did not want her.NO, NO, NO. THAT is not freedom!!!   HAVING A CHOICE is essential to a free people.When govt. and political parties tell us what to do,and force us, we do not like that–so we vote for Trump instead.(not much of a choice.)

“OK, Media, news mags, newspapers, and Time magazine, that’s why we hate you; you guys all try to tell us what to do,cause you are smarter than us,and we’re treated like babies.we can’t make our own choices—THAT IS WHY TRUMP GOT IN.Obama forced national health care on us,without us voting for it.WE never got a choice!!

HEY, OBAMA, YOU ARE A FRAUD.–A BIG DICTATOR FRAUD. —also why i stopped being a Liberal years ago.–I am sick and tired of rampant media,the fed govt,Lane County govt,.,and city council, even the crooked legislature of Oregon, all telling me what is best for me–and not allowing me freedom of choice.

There was NOT much choice, it was either vote in the blue-pant suit,who was a super-controller,manipulator,and hider of bribes and info., or vote in the loud blustery business guy,who SAYS he will get rid of Obamacare,and get all the nation jobs again!!–Obama did nothing for us!!!We wanted work,industry,employment,and he forced health insurance on us.–Obama never did what the people wanted, and needed, and it’s WHY there’s a loud,active Trump in the oval office today.

“Shall I tell you,some day,about the transgenders I met,and knew,in San Francisco, some day?” “If it;s not too gross,”Carolyn  remarked.”No, its not gross,just those trans- I knew.I had a roommate for a while,who was,so I learned about it.”–and I could explain why all this “Transgenders not allowed in the military!!:–is so silly.

Any one is allowed in the military if they just keep their private sex life to themselves. I don’t want MY SEXUAL PREFERANCES ALL POSTED ALL OVER MY JOB AND LIFE!!!I don’t want to join and announce it thru a big political group!!”Hetero women who don’t want to get married–or have kids.” All we childless women get treated like we are monsters, cause we never had kids.–all my divorced,crazy women friends, had kids they could not raise,or take care of, or were stuck with alone.

THAT is my idea of Hell on earth.

But I don’t go posting my “childless-choices” all over the nation–I don’t get in a huge political group for it–I do not force others to “accept me this way.”–and I do not legislate for it,to force govt. to like it.NO,and I don’t force people in the country club,to accept me as a member “because I am an old lady with no kids, and I DESERVE TO BE ACCEPTED THAT WAY”.–I don’t care if people do not like it–

And I do not form a “Power group” to force govt. and folks to accept my private choice about sex,and no kids.I would LOVE it if other women stopped having so many kids(they can’t support) and started getting childless also.BUT i do not want to cause a huge American Holy War, about forcing it on society.

I DO NOT WANT TO FORCE CHILDLESSNESS on others. –or let me into the PTA.   HAH. I am really angry about how liberal issues and problems,are forced and legislated on me!!!

You need to use a bathroom in public?Do it,and keep your mouth shut.–it is not the End of the Planet. Gay and transgender people are too God damned over-sensitive–I have a weight problem,often can’t stay lighter. –do I scream and groan about how I need help,or legislation, to force this nation onto a diet?>NO, but Mrs. Obama sure tried to force “healthy food” on school kids.–and they hated it.THAT is a liberal manipulator–forcing you into something “for your own good.”

If I have to vote screwy republicans just to keep the liberal-control freaks out of the White House,I’ll do it.”If I do not accept transgender folk as friends,nobody can force me–or force me to give them “special treatment.”If you transgender folk cannot figure out and live your own lives without legislation, and govt,. interfering, then I and other voters do NOT have to give you”special treatment.

“I was always poor,did I get legislation to fix that??NO NO NO. I had to handle family poverty myself.–just like everyone does. I did not join a task force to rip money off the rich,to give to me.–because I especially deserve it.
“Say, Carolyn,I found out one thing about life.: “What’s that?

I cannot FORCE LIFE to be fair.I can’t force govt. to give broke artists “special treatment,.”  “Me neither.”  “Why should we give all these “needy minority=–special-interest groups, all this goddamned legislation??  I get excluded socially, for (1.) being single,no husband,and (2.) not having kids like other women.–And the married-with-kids do often exclude you cause you ain’t like them.”Social rejection.”

Can I force all those women to accept me,as I’m not married w/kids?NO, I cannot. –just like if I try to be Jewish,and join a synagoge,the Jews probably will freeze me out–cause I don’t have Jewish family.–I CANNOT FORCE THEM TO ACCEPT ME! It is their legal right to not take in converts.You can;’t force them.Neither can you convert to Islam,and force Mosques to let you join.—and worship with the men.they don’t do that!!You have to be born into Islam.–all that converting women is to get female labor.–you’ll never really be a Muslim.

Hey,. Media!!You can’t force a nation to accept democrats in White House if they don’t want them.-we’re not voting them in–no more tyranny of the fed govt,–telling us what we can’t do, day and night!!And transgender folk?Go live with it, life is NOT FAIR.–NO, IT AIN’T. No one has to “legislate life to be fair” for you.LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!  Put on a nice dress,perfume, high heels,a purse,and go swishing down the street,but the military doesn’t have to take you in pearls and baby-blue silk.–I would not.

(Sandraninadotty  says,”go do it yerself,stop asking govt. to fix yer life for you!!”)




I was doing some “buying research”,the other day,let’s say,for sequins.summerheg

I went to my sequin-selling favorite of all time,Cartwright’s Sequins.As it had been a long time ago,and I was looking for the same type of sequin, say,”Sedonia Sunset”(or was it Sedonia sunrise?no dif!!)The damn things of course were not available, but I did notice that new thing that has affected all commercial products all over the world’s markets.chaos_gerbil_v3_by_synfull.

They were now all made so badly, there was nothing of quality left.They too had turned into JUNK.–BADLY MADE JUNK. NOW, WHY WAS THAT AGAIN?._gray__by_darkmoon3636.gifpaintworld

The same reason every other product manufactured by man has turned into junk;ASIAN MARKETS. AND you know the Asian I mean!!Thank God I do not own a car!!If I had to buy a car,I would either have to buy that magazine that reviews all products,and go thru tons of time, reading every real human’s reviews, everywhere, or I would just have to do the same with this:_violin__by_brokenboulevard-d4rhli9

TRY TO BUY A USED ONE. And while I was looking for it, take selected used car,and take it to a trusted(is there one? Don’t ask me!!) garage to find out what was going on with every part of the car’s inards.–Or–this other recent development,2heo124.gifpigcar

—STOP BUYING THAT TYPE OF PRODUCT. Which would mean,of course,once you had a half-way decent car,do not ever let go of  it.And if you could never buy a car again, try this; buy trucks,SUVS. skateboards, you name it–ride llamas; ponies;giraffes; elephants, camels and bicycles.—or do what the poor do-which is many and more and more of us—take public transportation. Take a bus. _walking__by_hayabuza-d78xnr9_walking__by_hayabuza-d78xnr9_walking__by_hayabuza-d78xnr9_walking__by_hayabuza-d78xnr9_walking__by_hayabuza-d78xnr9_walking__by_hayabuza-d78xnr9_walking__by_hayabuza-d78xnr9_walking__by_hayabuza-d78xnr9_walking__by_hayabuza-d78xnr9_walking__by_hayabuza-d78xnr9

But, I was still hopeful that SOMEWHERE there were professional-grade sequins even if they cost more.NO. I could not find any on the web.I wondered if sequins which were like the old, good ones, were also all bought up by collectors,or gem and bead  clubs, and were now not to be had.–That was only a couple of years ago I got excellent sequins!!NOW, NONE. JUST JUNK. 75996-_crazyshit__by_a_kid_at_heart-d75zpvv

If ever there were signs of a global disentigration of civilization, it was NO MORE GOOD PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED ANY WHERE.(NO, my spelling is usually bad!) They already ruined all the high fashion with “fashion made in secret factories in Asia.”But I got news for yah; you cannot keep a high level of technical civilization, without SOMEONE MAKING GOOD PRODUCTS SOMEWHERE!! ( even a few years ago, that used to be GERMANY, and that was for cars.I heard,.also maybe all tools.)

WHAT IF the navy and army before WW2, had only  badly made ships, and badly made firearms? Would we have been able to even FIGHT A WAR?NO ONE would volunteer to join a navy or army,.unless they were just desperate men (or women)who could not get any other decent job!!(sound familiar, volunteer USA MILITARY?) WHAT is he level of competence now, in our military, now that only the lower classes are in it?—cause they need the work?  OK, don;t think about it.turboboink

The last time I saw a video of the Chinese military. they looked like an old pict of the Nazi military before WW2; very very together and big.toxic-fox-girl

I used google, then I used duck duck go; there must be good sequins SOMEWHERE IN SOME COMPANY, SURELY!!BUT what I found on google and duckduck go, were, only companies in CHINA. CHINA AND NOTHING HARDLY BUT CHINA.And the few other companies not China, also had junk sequins.I imagine if you are a fashion maker, you have to literally MAKE YOUR OWN SEQUINS. that was a bit beyond my capability. —just to do decoration, make yer own sequins!!Chemist_emoticon

In  vain, I searched for different versions of “sequins”, but I was always steered to Alibaba,. (a Chinese product site that is huge) or some other China=product site, usually in China. NO FUCKING GOOD SEQUINS!!roblnhood

this was going the way of all beads,beading,and jewelry tools and goods; it was all JUNK. I know that even sophisticated beading and jewelry clubs do not  have the capability to get good beads for their members any more. so people who join, stop coming, and stop beading. Stores vanish; (yes, all over the USA, all beading and jewelry stores are going bottoms up.–ditto catalogs; they are all using JUNK TO MAKE JEWELRY JUNK. )bbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kfbbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kfbbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kfbbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kfbbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kfbbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kfbbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kfbbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kf

THAT is the future of beads,jewelry making; all brass and junk. And I guess this is the future and present of SEQUINS. MAKE IT YOURSELF, OR YOU GOT NONE. –cause duckduckgo and Google,and other search engines will only turn you over to Asian sites, and you’ll be thumbing thru JUNK JUNK JUNK.bbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kf

Would you have imagined., that someday Asia would take over all the manufacturing of EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD, AND FORCE YOU, even on computer searches, to only go to ASIAN SITES??–to buy their junk?bbbf2f4188545a559492ac531abaf3d7-d2xf6kf

–that is called “monopoly.”And we got it on the web; the monopoly of Asian sites above everyone else(except Amazon,and they do not MAKE anything.–and they are getting just as bad.) Try buying a “baking stone ” from them,and look at all the millions of complaints about their bad baking stones that stink!! I quit trying to buy a baking stone at all!!!what_can_come_from_ideas_by_fear_the_brilliance-d3b1qbd

The most I can wish to Asia, which is getting grossly rich,and vain about it, is their descendents. If they are rich, and their kids and teens are very rich, I wish for them all the curses of the rich. That their kids take drugs, drink too much, are totally worthless, and really pay their parents Hell for making them spoiled and rich. _moneyshower__by_ledmaiden-d2yeadp

—I could wish White People who are grossly rich. the same thing. May you SPOIL YOUR KIDS ROTTEN, or they see how their parents are only all about money, and hate their parents for it.Whatever the reaction is, on kids who have filthy rich parents, it is not good. Of course a few of them will turn out to be very capable,but that’s beside the point. The percentage of kids from rich families, do  very well in careers, but not everyone does that well all the time._allmymoney__by_cmotes-d5l17kq

For example, Trump came from a well to do family. heh heh. The younger president Bush came from a rich family. Cara Delevigne came from a rich family.Do I need to go on? The most I could wish for rich Asians, who are screwing the USA with all their junk products, is “go ahead and spoil your kids, it will not do them any harm.”


  I am sure there is an apt curse in Mandarin for this.Hey, you know what they say,. though!!! “The rich have fun,and the poor have children!!” Since no money makes for unhappiness, I suppose ALL MONEY MAKES YOU REALLY HAPPY. (??)_happyroll__by_rickyrico-d35ogfi

I sure the Hell hope not._baffled__by_cookiemagik-d47vy37

(Sandraminadotty, once again caught in the throes of global Asian manufacturing JUNK JUNK JUNK, and the weather is way too hot here now!!!screw globalization, may it turn into shit!!!)

serious (1)








Carolyn and I  were trying to read some new fashion magazines, and I was giving up.”I can’t figure out WHY VOGUE MAGAZINE IS ALL ABOUT SEXUAL DIVERSITY NOW,”I groaned,”Isn’t it supposed to be about clothes and fashion?are hems up, are hems down?Are pant-suits new again?” I pointed to an article about how some Vogue models are lesbians, and “that is really ok!” Carolyn looked at Cara Delevigne’s photo–“She could go either way,”she said.”She’s really sexy AND CRAZY.”.magicalkiss (1)

“aND THE other thing; why has Vogue suddenly turned into “Jet magazine”? All the other articles and photos are of black movie stars,and all the models are either black,or wearing “Hijab” scarves” cause some model is a MUSLIM!!!WHEN DID Muslim guys give their women permission to be fashion models??Muslim men hate decadent western fashion!!they think its EVIL!”_mindblown__by_perrytheplatypus12-d4hc5xu

“Maybe its only evil if the fashion is from the west,but Muslims doing it are ok!?” answered Carolyn, confused, looking at the photo..The only thing visible was the woman’s head and scarf..–So was she modeling HEAD SCARF FASHION??magicalkiss (1)

Whatever was wrong with Vogue magazine, all our female friends around Oregon, even seniors,were dumping their subscriptions to the magazine.The last time I went to a community meeting,with a lot of women in it,.everyone was gossiping as to”whether or not I am dumping my old subscription to Vogue,because it’s turned into “political,liberal,hip-hop,For Black Ladies only,and street fashion.,and very gay all different versions.” summerheg

“I know there are pressing problems in the USA,”sighed one senior lady,”but WHY IS VOGUE MAGAZINE INVOLVED IN ALL POLITICS IN THE WORLD NOW?”moneygif3c61d38d617e7e24f45c7ed92473b0da (1)

AND what happened to fashion for the Silent Majority?white,plain, hetero, ….not living in NYC,non-greenie-organic- fashion buying women?  Were we supposed to wear very worn out jeans as “fashion”?maybe it looked ok on a 16 yr old,but WOMEN?? NOT bloody likely!!In Eugene, those are called HIPPIES. (EUGENE has always had a “hippie problem”).noir

“At least the Trump women know how to dress,”sighed one lady.”I voted for him cause I couldn’t stand the blue pant suit any more!!(and Obama was taxing me to the breaking point).”magicalkiss (1)

Harper’s Bazaar is not any better, they just had a huge article on “CHINA IS SO GREAT,NOW,YOU SHOULD VISIT AND ADMIRE IT!!”WOW, for a magazine devoted to fashion and the rich,how could they forget China is still a communist country with slavery and repression of freedom?Or do we just forget about that “freedom-thing” now?run_by_web5ter

I guess it must be all the MONEY AND POWER..CHINA has all the money and power in the world, so Anna Wintour,Harper’s Bazaar, and Conde Nast corporation are worshipping LIBERAL and Arabic big money, and China’s big money, But where does that leave the under-paid,broke, worn out American person in the mix??OUT.  We are left OUT._moneyshower__by_ledmaiden-d2yeadp

We had to go with Trump’s big money, cause he at least told everyone before the election—“I will help you working Americans GET MORE JOBS AND MONEY–“so at least you’ll have the dough to BUY a magazine!!Yeah, folks, its always all about MONEY—and power.And Trump’s women dress very well. Who needs a fashion mag, when you can just watch the Trump women in their’s?HAH!!!magicalkiss (1)

AND no one in any magazine, Glenda and Anna, wants to talk about what is really on everyone’s mind—THEIR MONEY.AMERICANS don’t HAVE MONEY,under Democrats,so vote in some guy who claims he will GET EVERY AMERICAN MONEY AGAIN. POLITICS is only fighting over power and money, now, nothing to do with “political thought.”—it has always been so.  _allmymoney__by_cmotes-d5l17kq

The Liberal democrats just do not get it;if you take all the medicare away from seniors, over tax all workers, fail to protect the nation from war,give every tax payer’s money away,and refuse to help workers get jobs,get money again, they are going to vote in the OTHER GUY.–because HE KNOWS WHAT makes Americans run–their pocket books. MOO-LAH–“THE GREEN”. THE BIG PENNY!!! full-up-bank-accts.!! _moneyshower__by_ledmaiden-d2yeadp

Yes, Anna and Glenda, you fashion mavens ought to know that;voters’ MONEY is always in fashion. Never mind Liberal political theory–or conservatives’–all those poor-off workers and unemployed want their MONEY BACK.–JOBS–GREEN BACKS!!!If you espouse taking all the cash away from working Americans, they will stop reading your magazines,and you will be left with very THIN EDITIONS.NEVER MIND CHINA–NEVER MIND SEXUAL DIVERSITY!!!FORGET MERKLE!!! SHE is not concerned with we Americans!!magicalkiss (1) magicalkiss (1)

WE Americans can no longer keep cloth on OUR BACKS.GLOBALIZATION is not fun._allmymoney__by_cmotes-d5l17kq

“Here’s Glamour,”said Caroline,thumbing thru another magazine;”I like it better–no diamonds,not much; denim!!You can’t go wrong with denim.”_caveman__by_e_motive

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, OR, vowing to never buy “spandex-in-clothing” from lousy foreign manufacturers, I am sewing my own. I hate mass=junk-fashion!!!We should all go back,again, in the USA, to making yer own dresses again!!!–screw Chinese junk imports!!)magicalkiss (1)   _power_angry__by_crula  _mindblown__by_perrytheplatypus12-d4hc5xu